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  1. I do wonder if covid is caused by the mass vaccination. I had managed to avoid it for 2 years until December (no mask no jabs) then boom got it. 4 days in bed just like the flu during the swine flu times. Only weird side effect was night sweats for a month.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/shanewarne/status/1422236536435773441?lang=en-GB
  3. I've probably posted this before but it's how we are governed. The Jones Plantation 12min https://youtu.be/vb8Rj5xkDPk
  4. I hadn't had anything nor did I know anyone who'd had it. But like everyone else I got it in December. Shivering and a migraine for 3 days in bed. Must be coming from the vaxxed, the booster must have been the catalyst.
  5. Full video here. Slight manipulation to what he really said. https://mobile.twitter.com/borisjohnson/status/1208789388278276096?lang=en
  6. Same here i asked for antibiotics and an inhaler. Start going for small walks and increase the distance.
  7. Interesting I've noticed the same I thought it was just an increase in spastic drivers.
  8. It's never going to happen. Just more FUD for the masses.
  9. Very true we always have the same owner of the plantation just a different boss. https://youtu.be/vb8Rj5xkDPk
  10. I guess perhaps it's because they're not using eggs to grow the "doses"?
  11. Interesting link from the Telegraph on that article explaining how it differs. The "High pulse and fatigue" listed also just happen to be the symptoms of myocarditis. Imagine my surprise.
  12. That's birds nest soup from swallows. The caves are full of bat poo.
  13. I think I read cannabis lowers eye pressure. Could be worth looking into perhaps?
  14. Just do the LFT it's not worth risking your eye health for. If you have to do it on site just do it in the toilet yourself. (Whether you follow the directions for use is entirely up to you ;) )
  15. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/19/richard-madeley-confirms-hes-had-covid-booster-jab-with-wife-judy-finnigan-15445874/
  16. Dark blood comes from a vein. Red oxygenated blood from an artery.
  17. Yes last year. 18th birthday party felt ill for a few days like the onset of a cold. Upped the vitamins and ate more ginger.
  18. If you look closely the tab is already out of the foil and she's hiding it with her finger. Calling bs on this one.
  19. Same here. I find hot toddies work a treat along with vitamin c and ginger.
  20. That's exactly what happened in the animal trials. They all succumbed to the wild virus that they were vaccinated for.
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