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  1. The middle ground is the territory of cowards.
  2. As long as they dont manage to scrub us from the digital memory Which is also occuring now thanks to such kind groups as the ADL
  3. Are we still using nazis as the yardstick to measure evil intent? Seems we may have some competition
  4. The internet is a double edged sword as it allows for dissemination of knowledge hitherto kept aside however also acts as a means of people venting frustrations alone , in a digital world that for the most part is never seen by those who can or woukd do anything about it. In times gone by people had to meet in person to achieve anything of importance regarding their futures and they didnt get to gas off on the internet and dissipate thier energy. The web has been a disaster for political change. Its worse than the TV in many ways , as now it isnt just programming from one direction into a home its also social pressure from associates , work , future employers and so on. The more technology humans have access to the less free we have become , anyone who lived prior to the internet being the means of social gathering would see what Im saying there.
  5. In any medical experiment there is a control group who either take a placebo or do not take any of the experimental drugs. Declare yourself part of the control group in this experiment.
  6. If you are afraid of living you are all ready dead inside
  7. You don't have to submit to any of this. But you do have to become more ruthless and offensive than the people doing it to you.
  8. Im not new and not impressed with people in general Thank you and have a nice day
  9. Henlo David Icke fans You have a right to refuse medical experimentation Be part of the control group who will stay unvaccinated That is all God bless
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