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  1. i love this site....every week i get gold.....this is amazing...thanks for sharing
  2. We'v all seen the video's, Austrian parliament been 1 where a coca cola tested positive. The PCR test is an absolute joke, the cultists are a joke, the pandemic is a joke, the problem we have is the general public is a joke. This march at the weekend is a joke....its infiltrated and lead.....and will always lead to hyde park...untill a decent number come together, hold a private meeting and say look we are going to use these numbers and we are going to A, B, C. I was at 1 of these so called protests when a guy covered in tatoos started screaming at people ''this way, this way'' i
  3. are we still questioning whether the pandemic is fake.......and discussing pcr testing and reasons........ i mean fuck me........that boat sailed a long long time ago......... a leaked whistleblower email...il find n put up.........in line with final easing of lockdown....june....the south african variant will be rammed down the throats before unleashing their final blow
  4. if youve got telegram watch the video iv linked above...no idea how to put the vid up. injection site magnetic.....this guy in it is brilliant and you can tell regrets having this injection...i dare say devastated
  5. https://t.me/VIRUSorSCAM/5078
  6. Iv heard Bill Gates is on the market....just a rumour tho
  7. the stuff you put out is really good, i enjoy reading and looking at alot of your research n info........aslong as ur not on zoom dressed as the queen we are safe......i meant more the casual passer by. 2 weapons working together. Bare in mind...no excess deaths...this is key here. no excess deaths........meaning the worst is still to come, theyv planted the cover story. Wev been force fed this shit......the fukin morons are masked n running scared n they should be....the deaths have still to come... when the big 5g switch on. Watch this space
  8. I do not discredit the idea that the vax and 5g are intimately linked. They are. Saline though is highly doubtful. Though even if i knew for a fact it was saline, and the government said you need to inject the saline or else, then id still tell them to fuck off, out of principle. I too feel like smoke and mirrors have been used to disguise the 5g roll out. The Murdered Tanzanian president held up a vial...saying along the lines...Not to be administered to Americans.......iv also seen an Indian vial saying .....similar but for Europeans....... european and american saline? also
  9. drinking, drugs, smoking.........tools to cloud the judgement of men and women. i wonder how many people, today, know somethings not right and believe the ''vax'' could cause harm and long term illnesses, bury there head in the sand with the use of these substances and go ahead n get jab. take china for example...the future the cults wish to push (social credit system and slavery)....we have to assume they had a hand in creating the modern day chinese model. It is also evident that in order to create the NWO they need to dismantle America, which is just about done and complete with
  10. We talk about Nazis and grandparents rolling in graves etc etc etc. The war was created by the schemers, it was fabricated and caused, all hidden hands wanted it, they made sure it happened Hitler and Churchill and Roosevelt were in the same club remember....the Jewish narrative whether over exaggerated,created or as genuine as they say....could quite possibly have been done to give the hidden hand protection in the back ground with the safety bubble that anti-semite brings for the future they planned. European union was Nazi (Freemasonic satanist Plan b) Our Grandparen
  11. Could this a be a way of getting the the reaction in the news.....perhaps this is her way of getting out the truth........ completely unfounded with no evidence to support my claim here.....but how much would you love to see these deaths, leg amputations, fits, all severe reactions splashed all over front page newspapers...n then settle for that little box inside somewhere
  12. That is bonkers....the music makes it sinister as fuck. good find
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