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  1. I listened closely to the President of Tanzania before he disappeared and died. He recommended artemisia annua in a drink or just open the capsules and chase with juice. I’m not a doctor and this a story only. My husband was very ill after being exposed to whatever it is. Two capsules twice a day for 2 days and he was fine. We have used this so many times now! Note: Artemisia annua is a type of Wormwood. It is NOT Artemisia absinthe. Very different! Of course, ask a doctor even if it’s just for a laugh. Costs $5 per bottle. LOL! I’ve heard it’s a strong cousin to chloroquine, used for malaria.
  2. Thank you for this site. I wonder if anyone has used an EMF counter to measure the radiation emitted by people who have been “vaccinated” and compared it to the unvaccinated. This test might explain a lot!
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