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  1. Yea, I agree. And that 'Rep" depiction I never bought as a depiction of an extraterrestrial lol. Especially the vase-like neck/face
  2. Interesting. I remember Zecharia Sitchin having interpreted Sumerian and Mesopotamian texts describing the Anunnaki's rockets being like these and landing like these. Back then, rocket scientists and NASA had dismissed the idea, saying landing in such ways was impossible. Great video!
  3. Probably making room for political prisoners and dissenters of the official mantra they have going over there now.
  4. Perhaps her conscience has spoken to her as she may know what agenda Bill is following and helping roll out, and what he's involved with. But, I wouldn't hold my breath for a "tell all" press conference or a tacky Oprah interview. She'll have to sign all sorts of agreements to keep her mouth shut - because there could be an "accident" with her name on it.
  5. What's scary here is that this kind of behaviour seems to be beginning to be accepted as somewhat normal in western society now
  6. If this isn't open and blatant indoctrination of the next generation, then I really don't know what is. https://foxhole.news/2021/04/29/woke-primary-school-that-banned-phrase-boys-and-girls-faces-fierce-backlash/
  7. I was listening to TalkRadio just a few minutes ago and they were talking about that when the theatres are to reopen, the narrative will seem to be grim, virtue signalling wokeness because the arts industry is saying "we need to get the message out there". Looks like they've also become a mouthpiece and moved from entertaining
  8. What or when was it that cause you to "waken" and realise that the reality that we live in and the narrative we're being told is one big lie? When did you start questioning everything? The turning point for me came in around 2008, when I began to understand and see that the justification for war in Iraq was a complete fabrication, which slowly began to reveal the extent of it it, including the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001.
  9. A rather concerning concept. Another step towards total control over your finances by external powers. After all, they've been talking about cashless societies for decades now.
  10. I'd imagine security would be tighter than trying to ram a building into a cats a*s. But, it sound's like a trip someone needs to plan lol
  11. I'm personally interested in the possibility of ET life visiting earth and the existence of whatever craft they may use to travel across the stars and visit here. But for decades, the official line by most, if not all, governments and scientific organisations pretty much laughed off the idea that we may be visited by life from beyond here. Now that they're slowly acknowledging the existence of UFOs and scientific communities are now openly accepting of such ideas, I can't help but feel that there is (as per the norm) a hidden motive behind it. I'm starting to think if it is a form of psychological warfare/propaganda in order to try and deter from the fact that some western powers have highly advanced forms of weaponry and airborne vehicles that have unusual forms of propulsion. What do you think about it?
  12. When I was reading the highlighted part, my first thought was a large cube. But I guess a pyramid fits that description as well, such as those located at Giza. An interesting verse though.
  13. Well, I'm back after... must be nearly 7 years and under a new name. I certainly feel new again lol. Thanks for your welcome. Hi Anam! Yup it's a feather with a glow effect
  14. I've been to those mountains before. If anything, it's the local populace to blame. Never before have I seen so much litter, dog poop bags and broken glass in such areas of natural beauty. It's a shame really. I'd guess started accidentally, either via the broken glass, BBQ's (lockdown restrictions had just eased), or other source of combustion, but the sheep will begin herding around the climate change excuses. I've friends in Northern Ireland and they've been posting about their hikes in the mountains there. Some even drinking and yes - disposable BBQ's too
  15. A hunch that I've had for a while now tells me that we may need to look into the inactive (deactivated) and unknown DNA found in all humans. Could those inactive bits of data in our DNA be the key to longevity?
  16. I dunno... I've noticed that even "religious freedoms" are being eroded away
  17. I've been out of the loop for so long now. What does the 8 pointed star represent and/or symbolise in occult terms?
  18. It's about to kick off almost every week, according to the Daily Express
  19. I've one over my bed and I have to say I haven't really noticed a difference in dreams or sleeping pattern. I'd got mine at a small Native American stall at one of the ridges of the Grand Canyon. It was blessed (presumably) by a native woman and has charms attached to the web. I find that sleeping with crystals like Moonstone, Amethyst and Quartz under your pillow influences amazing dreams. But too many under your pillow, particularly a mixed bag of them, causes nightmares and stressful dreams. When I enquired about this, I was told that that shouldn't be done as it's too much mixed energy in the one place. I'll entertain that idea simply because I've experienced it first hand. TL;DR? Try sleeping with a few third-eye/crown chakra stones under your pillow.
  20. I agree with this guy . For years I've had a distain for celebrities, and I dismay how easily they influence so many people into thought conformity. I've very little doubt that Brand is a sponsored shill too.
  21. Cheers for that. I guess it needed it, really. Thanks for the welcome, Grumpy Owl
  22. Nope! This isn't me promoting religion and certainly not me about to preach to you all lol. There's no ignoring, however, that what was written in the book of revelations, has been slowly unfolding for the last handful of decades and in recent years it feels as though the tempo has ramped up: wars, rumours of wars, no travel or business unless you receive the mark of the beast, etc. You can see the world and society really going bats*it crazy now. So, do you think that these events really were foreseen and scribed down (like remote viewing), or do you think it's more of a case that people in unseen, powerful places are pulling the strings to play it out?
  23. Hi guys! I've had a few yearnings to come back here, and have tried to before. However, the password recovery system here was shocking and never worked. I went to try again only to find my account, 'The Ascensionist", has been erased - presumably due to inactivity. ALAS! I make a new account and start again. A nice clean slate. I look forward to chatting and interacting with you all and seeing what new things I can learn and the twists and turns that are ever present in this so-called reality. Peace
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