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  1. There're many Mayan calendars. The 2021 one wasn't wrong. It was the end of their calendar and, like other calendars starts again. It never did tell of a disaster, it was just the end of a cycle.
  2. I thought wild camping was already illegal in some areas? Well, I guess the crime is getting caught lol
  3. I doubt this to be so. Simply because the soul/spirit transcends our physical 3D normality. I would guess that the vaccine is more to do with depopulation, by means of adverse effects and sterilisation. I know 2 women who have confirmed become infertile after receiving their 2nd jab and 1 woman lost a healthy, unborn baby in around the 20 something week mark. I know of men who have had strokes and one died from heart failure within 3 weeks of getting their 2nd jab.
  4. I love this video. Very hard to achieve with CGI, especially from the time and on a personal camcorder. Might not necessarily be aliens. Could be living energies that appear near areas like Stonehenge or the Stone circle in Avebury - both in the highly active English county of Wiltshire, home to many supernatural phenomena like Crop Circles, Haunted locations and UFO sightings
  5. I only really get to watch the YouTube snippets from their channel. I disconnected my TV from the aerial almost 8 years ago now. From what I see, I quite like it so far. It gives a healthy balance to debate and perspectives, with both left and right leaning people complaining about it.
  6. Those who blindly accept the fear propaganda usually ae of the same kind of people - mentally ill, pink or blue hair and think the government have the best interests of the people at heart... It'll be an easy battle to win
  7. I sort of agree there. I think those who volunteer to be marshals are the ones who like to have a sense of self-importance in the community to sooth their egos. They're probably the ones who complain to Ofcom because they've read on social media that whatever they aired or published offended someone - even though they themselves didn't see it at the time lol. I know of probably 5 (give or take) people who volunteer for things like that. And if I'm remembering correctly, they were all either bullied or excluded from cliques in school. In fact I could probably bet a month's wages on that lol. Totally agree that they should live and let live. It's just unfortunate that some people just can't get around that idea and can't help but interfere with someone else's lives. It's a sad existence to live, really.
  8. I can't help feel that that is perhaps a slightly unfair generalisation. I'd safely bet that most of them don't really know or understand what the force is being used for. After all, a vast majority of people on any side of warring factions wouldn't see themselves as "the bad guys" or would think that they're doing the bidding of sinister people. The traditional bobby on the beat might still happen in rural areas, but I'd put the ignorance of today's police officers down to being more of a generational thing. The new new generations have been indoctrinated and raised to be more self-centred and now to become more reliant on authority. Admittedly, I've asked a police officer for directions once and they couldn't tell me due to not being from the area. I wasn't threatened with arrest. But that's not to say it doesn't happen. The teacher's pets that you describe that I knew of in school have either become artists, nurses and one, if I remember correctly, became a driving instructor. The "bullies" I know of are, generally, unemployed, working as labourers or something in farming. I don't personally know of anyone who bullied others in school to have made something worthwhile of themselves. Most cops I know don't fit the description you gave. I personally know 2 cops who would be described as crooked. One was running a scam where he'd take the wheels of a police car and replace them with cheaper tyres, whilst selling on the original ones. He was found out and left the police before he was fired. Another was done for having been caught dealing in drugs and accepting "protection money" from other dealers. By the way, I'm not having a go at you. Your opinion may have been formed from going through different experiences. I just think it's an unfair generalisation, is all.
  9. Music to his ears. It was he who cried about not imposing la more authoritative lockdown earlier and lifting it too early. They're all getting hard over their new powers anyway
  10. Oxide

    u Tube

    I haven't had a problem posting yet, despite being vocal about some of the issues you've spoken about too. But I'm well too aware that YT are a bit Orwellian in regards to what they allow on their platform. Ideally, there should be a campaign to launch a new platform to rival YT. DailyMotion and the likes are a stalemate and won't progress any further.
  11. Sweden has long gone to the dogs. It's one of the few nations already past the point of no return, in my own opinion, of course.
  12. The young and gullible will be most affected here :(
  13. I've a friend who's a mason, who's mulling on leaving because he says it's "boring". Still won't tell me what their initiation is like, only "It's easily found online".
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