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  1. You're right I think Anise. Don't complete it with false information as you've then entered into a 'contract' with 'them'. Just continue to note that there is no expiry date, it says this in large bold letters on the front page "...as soon as possible after...", so really that's when it's possible for you to do so... that could be next Christmas couldn't it!? You can argue you are not refusing to complete it... just not yet, you're not breaking a law or contravening anything as you've said you'll complete it, when it is convenient for you to do so. In fact I don't understand why there isn't a completion date... it would have been easier for 'them'!? SO THERE MUST BE SOME REASON WHY THEY HAVEN'T DONE THAT, ANY SOLICITORS ON HERE WHO CAN ANSWER THAT? Would be really interesting to know that 'they' don't seem to be able to use 'the law' to have an expiry date for completion. DOES THIS ALSO IMPLY that you cannot be forced or tricked into completing it with the threat of a SUPPOSED FINE? Can anyone help with this perspective? Take care Anise.
  2. Spot on! Exactly what I thought! I'm now assuming they'll hack the website and trace us all back via our provided details to sign up... probably an offence on their behalf, but it seems the authorities don't respect their own laws... of course a 'law' might not be a 'legality'... that's another story! :-)
  3. Excellent points, completely agree. Especially the Common Law registration. If people do complete the Census Form, then they are entering into a contract with the State/Government as you've effectively consented to engage and share your requested information with them, again a Statute contract only. People should have a think first. I wouldn't mind so much if it were just confirming a name and occupants, but so many of the questions are completely irrelevant and personal to 'planning local services' as they say. Plus, they can actually get and already have access to many of these questions via your Council Tax, Electoral Register and National Insurance records, so why is so much effort being put into this! It's all a bit odd I think and especially at a time of supposed emergency in our country! Strange they can be so 'efficient' with this, but not with Covid Statistics being flawed and thousands not get cancer treatments etc., etc. Take care yourself.
  4. Re: "Deadline for filling in the Census - 21st March 2021. You can get fined after that but it looks like they are trying to avoid that with the door knockers, getting people to complete." You CANNOT GET FINED, as the form says it is to completed as soon as possible after the March date, THERE IS NO EXPIRY DATE FOR COMPLETION, that's a fact - look at the form - So, I'm completing mine on a rainy Sunday in 2027! Also, the 'Law' statement threatening a fine is not legal statement and is not found in statute law - e.g. there is no legal requirement to complete a census of any kind. It is a perception of penalty (fearmongering again!) if you do not complete the form. It is worth pointing out that the 2021 Census Form (& previous census forms) have the Crown motif displayed on them. This is an illegal and fraudulent use of the Queens Arms as the Census is not a crown commissioned document. Another false perception being perpetrated to fool people into a fear of not completing it! So, to round up 'CommonSense101', if you do trade in facts and attempt to belittled others well founded fears, then check out your facts first... the 'Fine' is the best example from what you have previously contributed. Have a good day and read around a bit - take care.
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