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  1. Well, yesterday I watched "Nash Bridges". Nash I was watching in 90's was set in Miami. Yesterday's one was set in San Francisco. Very strange.
  2. I would say it will be much more difficult to reach to your soul after vaccine. The more strange stuff we are putting into our body, the more we are getting disconnected from our energetic body.
  3. It is not cynicism. I know it works, just it is not something new and he sells old tricks as something he discovered. It is not right for me that's all. Take closer look at kumbhaka pranayama for example or tummo meditation. Exposing to cold it is not new also and people who love to swim during winter are getting same results las Wim Hof method. If you practising something for years, you will get results. Practice makes masters.
  4. Never understood why he is so famous. Winter swimming is popular in many countries for ages. Is adding pranayama to this makes such difference?
  5. Exactly. Fear switches off reasoning and people will blindly follow what others will tell them. No matter how much unreasonable it will be. They create chaos and people will do anything to back to the normal.
  6. My two friends had Covid in December, got better and everything was fine. Then they have decided to had vaccine and now they are all the time tired and really don't look well. I blame vaccine for that.
  7. Not sure if it is the right subforum, but paste anyway... Interesting interview and one of the topic is how pandemic are creating conservative societies...
  8. You are right! Google looks like Yellow Pages these days. Big companies and big websites full of "skin-deep knowledge" mostly. I know, most forums are dead, many blogs also, but really, come on! Yandex has different way of indexing things and most of "English speaking web" is not indexed there... StartPage, DuckDuckGo and Searx help a little, but today's internet it is not as it used to be.
  9. People don't want to be woken up. It is too disturbing.
  10. It is not a theory. It is true. Question is: what we can do about it?
  11. You can try lugol's solution - iodine makes wonders! Garlic has also anti fungus properties, so you can also try.
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