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  1. Found it! Antidote for the jab. I don't know what it says on the page because I don't have an account to read. But it's here. https://www.facebook.com/GrabovoiEternalSpheresOfKnowledge/posts/2487498-new-numerical-sequence-to-harmonize-the-side-effects-of-the-new-vaccines/6078158122198105/ 2487498 - New numerical sequence to harmonize the side effects of the new vaccines, to reduce adverse effects. By Grigori Grabovoi 11/05/2021 https://eternalspheresofknowledge.com/news_community_grigori_grabovoi/2487498_new_numerical_sequence_by_grigori_grabovoi Write it on your body, right it on paper, stick it in the bathroom, by the bed wherever you look. It feels good to hold this number.
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