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  1. It occurred to me after a recent visit to a dentist that what is occurring in society right now is a corrosion of individuality in order to replace that with the collective. A corrosion of individual preferences, perspective and values so that groupthink, the hive mind and tribalism can take their place. The problem with this is that the collective are not capable of choosing a set of values which are beneficial to all of us, or even a set of values at all. Rather, they are primarily geared towards a fear-based perspective, and a person like myself, who wants to actually receive dental treatment and look after the teeth I have, instead has to stand by and watch a couple of fully-grown adults behaving like stupid children pretending to be in some sort of danger. The two "dentists" generally behaved insanely, even at one point stating that they would have to wait five minutes to bring my prescription (for an anti-inflammatory I won't be using) out to the reception because they "have to wait five minutes before opening the drawer". This actually happened. Individuality is being attacked in the world right now, so that the horde can usher in the psychopathic values of their masters: fear, suspicion, cruelty, callousness. Someone requiring a filling in their tooth is secondary to the imagined, and entirely bogus threat of the ever present "Covid". It lurks in every corner, waiting to pounce at any given moment, so that it can cruelly and vindictively strike down healthy adults with immune systems. I could tell that the woman who examined my teeth thought she was doing me some kind of massive favour, and she more or less told me so. I showed remarkable restraint, but watching their deranged antics has actually left me feeling unwell. I left there actually feeling faint and tearful, then had to come home and cry, because for some odd reason, watching people behave like fucking insane lunatics is quite upsetting to me.
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