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    I think what Seeker is referring to with the spiritual community is the people who are into Yoga, meditation, probably many who are vegetarian or tricked into the whole "vegan" thing, they enjoy crystals and gemstones, astrology, perhaps astronomy too some of them, people who practice reiki, acupuncture, etc. Those kind of people. And yes Seeker, I agree. Some of them, many, are pseudo spiritual people around my neck of the woods and most are democrats who are very ignorant to what's really going on. They believe they are spiritual but immediately will identify as democrat while hating on Trump, which to me exposes them in that they are still mentally enslaved in that political paradigm. A true spiritually enlightened person is well beyond the political construct, and this is exactly what the cabal do not want people doing is escaping the mental enslavement of left vs right and that's why they work very hard to manifest into reality such events and groups as anitfa and blm for example, because it keeps people trapped and fighting/divided. A truly spiritually awakened person does not confine themself to political constructs and labels such as "liberal" or "conservative", they recognize that they may have some of both in them depending on the topic, but overall they have evolved far beyond politics and now practice treating all with respect. A truly spiritually awakened person might also have delved into the alien and UFO topic understanding that we are not alone and that it is very likely that there are other intelligent species out there in the vastness of the universe and perhaps multiverse who are as intrigued by us as some of us are by them and their ability to travel here and manipulate physicality. These type of people who understand the bigger picture seem to be getting more rare as the days go by, people who have become aware of the very high possibility that their soul will go on after they exit their body, but they don't know where, and they are not afraid but curious. It seemed there was a peak of these highly conscious and aware people around the early 2000's but the cabal have done a fairly good job in squashing that growing awakening to higher consciousness and seeing beyond the veil of fallacies foisted upon humanity so as to keep us as slaves, and the cabal's work to keep people down is evident to me with such movements as lgbt, blm, and antifa, for a few examples. The lgbt issue is sensitive though as I believe that some people genuinely feel mixed up and it's not their fault, while other's exploit the situation for their own personal perversions or reasons. I can only hope at this point that people begin to wake up to the bigger picture in massive numbers and not be afraid to explore topics such as UFO's/aliens/encounters, beyond Earth and into space and the consciousness. This is why I sometimes get so frustrated by the flat Earth nonsense, but I suppose it is another construct for fearful people to cling on to so that they don't have to face the unexplained about life and the soul and what happens after we exit the body, or that other life forms are visiting us and even educating some people. The world needs more Graham Hancock's, David Icke's, Delores Cannon's, Zacharias Sitchin's, Whitley Streiber's, Karla Turner's, Alex Collier's, Max Spier's, etc. Alright enough rambling.
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    Very much doubt he's ever worn one......or his boyfriend.
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    Yes, so much is about avoidance and staying passive. On the surface it's all "love and light", then if you push or question, there is defence, ignore and even anger at the mere idea of leaving sunshine and lollypop land.
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    Although todays news here in the UK does not surprise me. When you hear it spoken and put firmly into action there is something really eery about it coming to fruition. I've just listened to Boris's speech and some of the stuff he said was beggars belief. Street 'enforcement marshals' for COVID No more than 6 people gathering or fines and arrest imposed A huge emphasis on 'enforcement' by the police and extra funding so it seems If you are tested and show 'negative' you can go 'back to normal' and do 'normal things' Essentially it seems those who do not buy into this hoax, will now be increasingly marginalised and ostracised. I note the 'rule of 6' comes about when protests are really starting to take off now and gaining some great momentum. What a great way to be able to beat people into submission than make such gatherings illegal and allow the psychopaths to let rip. Now they've done the field testing in broad strokes, it seems they are going to unfold this new lockdown far more individually and penalise those who will not toe the line. Anyone else experiencing a bit of a sinking feeling? this could get very ugly....
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    We all know it's bollocks. I am seeing people walking down empty streets wearing surgical masks. Some of us think we know what's coming up. I'm quite new to this forum but it's so blatantly obvious to me that we are failing to use our talents and opportunities to make the world better. If this forum continues to be predominantly a doom-mongering moan-fest then we are no better than Them in my view; it could even turn out to be Their advantage if we continue to wallow in this shit. I've put through a query to Gareth about setting up regional groups so that we can start to form networks that aren't reliant on the Internet. Please share anything positive in general. Something you've seen or done. Anything that is part of the solution.
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    How COVID ushers in The New World Order by Spiro Skouras https://www.bitchute.com/video/SU7cSzFs0r7g/
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    I sent this to my local MP the other day----: "Dear Mr Selous, Can you explain why the World Bank were selling "Covid19" test kits, diagnostic test instruments and apparatus-----in 2018?. The term Covid19 was not known until the beginning of this year----it could NOT have been known in 2018--let alone test kits etc etc....unless we are not being told the truth about this. Please see the links ---also a link to the World Bank website page, which will show you it is not faked. Look forward to an explanation." https://wits.worldbank.org/tariff/trains/en/country/CAN/partner/ALL/nomen/h5/product/902780 https://wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade/en/country/ALL/year/2018/tradeflow/Exports/partner/WLD/nomen/h5/product/902780 https://wits.worldbank.org/ He replied and said it was a "bit odd"---but he wasn't sure what I was suggesting by my question! There is also this to consider-----: 1. NO isolation and purification of "covid19-SarsCov2" has ever been made. It has never passed any of the four Koch postulates necessary. 2. The PCR test should NOT be used for this test--so says the creator of test, Karry Mulis. 3. Since no isolation/ purification has ever been made, a vaccine CANNOT be made. 4. Recently, a WORLD BANK document states that they were selling covid19 test kits, instruments and apparatus to most countries (inc UK) in 2018! 4. Deaths to cases ratio is TINY--from official CDC documents. The total world death count from all causes is slightly LOWER than last year up to the present.
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    I can’t be the only person who has noticed this but almost all spiritual people I’ve met in life are totally asleep to what’s truly going on in the world, NWO agenda, depopulation, elite Satanism, non human entities etc. Even on a spiritual forum I sometimes read out of curiosity they are all fast asleep. Is this what the new age movement is about? ‘Raising your vibe’ ‘not looking at negative things’ etc meaning that it results in ignorance to what’s going on... has anyone else experienced this or got any explanations?
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    Surprised they need Marshall’s etc. Thought they’d been trying to create sheeple lynch mobs, ready to crush anyone too stupid to do as their told. Though I am sure the BBC will do their best to help remind people of their civic duty to call out and ostracise the non conformists.
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    That is my favourite bit. I can just imagine the faces of the people too. It's what inspired me to shout Mask Wankers (I also used "Queue Wankers" when the queues at supermarkets were ridiculous).
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    Matt Hancock is atypical politician. NO brain, no thoughts that are his own. He reads like a parrot from a script. They really don't give a flying fuck about your Christmas, you can stay locked in your home, separated from your family, but they can do as they like, they just try not to get caught and if they do, (like Macron) they have some shitty excuse and nothing happens because THEY can do as they like. You can fool some of the people all of the time, You can fool all of the people some of the time, but If you try to fool all of the people all of the time, you are going to fuck everything up. Bojo and Matt Handsonhiscock are a pair of brainless clowns that are playing to the gallery. Gates, Soros and their ilk. I forsee violence and bloodshed if they keep this up.
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    We will never see movies starring masked actors, because movies a 'real'… But it's possible that we street people be compelled to wear masks forever… The TV people started it with 9/11 by having the public buy into processed reality not from a movie anymore but from TV news. After having done it for 2 decades they lately switched to the final stage of the operation : having street people feel like or believe THEY are living into a virtual reality… After having denied us basic freedoms one by one and made us pay for everything that stands on Earth including the AIR we now got to breathe through disposable masks, they're now being taking 'ownership' of reality itself as if they could somehow 'patent' it and we now got to PAY for it too… everybody pays for TV one way or another… What we may now see on TV : news speakers AKA 'journalists', other TV show hosts, all TV guests and actors in series and movies all relaxed, smiling and wearing NO MASK… normal people in a normal world… What we're shown in TV news reports : scared and mostly miserable street people painfully talking through masks just to rage or complain about their own fate or their fellowmen's misdeeds and 'bad behavior'… this is the world we now live and work in the all day… The US controlled global TV media network Beast is being literally swallowing reality to process it within its entrails, regurgitating on our screens the image of an outside world our politics and authorities have been working at getting the most surreal and incoherent as possible… the practically OFFICIALLY non-existing 'virus' and 'pandemic' are the tools they've been using for it… the TV news people ostensibly IGNORE 'coronavirus deniers' and their claims as reporting about them isn't part of their agenda… WHY ?... because these deniers speaking out and protesting in the street belong to the outside world, the 'other side', and because as such they therefore DON'T exist, being just part of a virtual and processed reality… The message is quite clear : if you want to see 'reality' then WATCH TV, watch the TV news because TV now IS the 'real world'… They're denying people their own existence and this new attitude you may have noticed since a while by the way citizens see their best documented and backed-up claims get quietly and carelessly dismissed or ignored : we people NO LONGER EXIST… because reality like Earth and the all rest is now THEIR own 'property'… I hope you get what I mean : after having mixed the whole together in movies and TV news for a while they now literally succeeded in REVERSING the principle of reality like they did of everything else… we citizen and our outside world are the 'virtual' while them TV people and their 'news' are 'real'… You may still keep saying well just turn your TV off or don't watch it like you'd have said before, but then you should neither step a foot outside because what you'd see out there is rightly what they WANTED you to see… they got the outside world match what's shown in their processed and faked 'news reports' and not thanks to computing anymore, but to decrees and 'law' enforcement under FINE penalty… Remember when in movie Demolition Man Stallone's cop 'colleagues' listen to stupid old adverts because it somehow 'brings them back' to the 'good old days' when things were still REAL… well they had it in mind then already… Transgenderism, weird beards, tattoos, they got many other ways to make us live in a surreal and incoherent outside world other than through masks and 'social distancing', and they WON'T STOP until people lose all landmarks down to their most basic sense of reality… that's how 'sicko-logists' have been sneakingly explaining self-harming already : people trying to 'prove' themselves they're ALIVE… We really got to deal with sadistic and murderous 'doctors', folks…
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    My grandfather lived to 99.9 (died 2 weeks before his 100th birthday, ate some fishpaste which had gone off and he couldn't smell it because he had a cold! For some strange reason, we didn't try to get fishpaste banned because my (very wise) grandfather died from it. He was the youngest to die in his family. You know (I hope) how good the doctors were back then (leeches, blood-letting and the rest). His family (and mine) have used herbal remedies and added acupuncture plus the odd visit to a chiropractor, rather than drink medical poison. Got to https://www.pdfdrive,com. Look for Herbal Medicine you will find Bertrams Encyclopaedia of Herbal Medicine. There are over 100 books on that site pertaining to herbal everything. Look for your problem most of the stuff you can get from Amazon or on the web. If you can't find it on Amazon.co.uk look on Amazon.de that's where we get most of our needs from. I'm almost 80. I could still outlift almost all the young people in our gym until I had to stop because I'm not allowed in there without a fucking muzzle. I can do biceps curls with 28kg dumbbells and cable crossover with 35kg on each side - try it. I DON'T TAKE DOCTOR'S SHIT, that's why I hardly ever get sick and when I do, guess how we treat it!
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    Mask zombies, round em up
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    For those who like data and graphs, this is a good video to watch by Ivor Cummins. He analyses the science and data on Covid-19 and concludes that it is no different from an ordinary flu epidemic. It could be a good video to share with normies. Although there were more deaths in the UK and Europe than the seasonal average during the spring, this followed a period of low death rates and was to be expected. Fewer elderly and vulnerable people had died in the run up to Covid-19 meaning that the excess deaths were from people who had lived longer than expected until the virus caught up with them. He also expresses concerns about development of community immunity being hampered, during the "summer safe period", by draconian measures including isolation, (anti)social distancing and face masks. He hypothesises that the "summer safe period" where the virus could have circulated with very low mortality has, on the basis of poor science, been squandered with the potential effect being the "unintended consequence" of more deaths this winter. Despite the so-called aims of protecting the frail and elderly with such measures, the opposite is ironically likely to play out. I would have to disagree with him on the point of this being an "intended consequence" and would suggest that this is part of the plan from the deranged individuals controlling the narrative.
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    There's going to be no problem filling those positions then eh! Bribery for idiots with authority complexes at its very best! I remember seeing a job for a test and trace moron a little while ago which wasn't far off that!! On a side note I just thought I'd float something I was told at work recently. So a girl I work with has a friend who works for NHS strategy something or other and apparently they've been told the 'second wave' is coming on 21st September! Interesting how you can put an exact date on this... So Boris did that press conference last night after being awol for the last few months, maybe a sign of things to come and next week we'll be told of this 'second wave' on the 21st. Watch this space i guess....
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    Only half?.....It would be ALL of mine. Braindead fucks the lot of 'em.
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    Wonfer if Macron goes down with COVID
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    Oh I know there is no political solution, I was just joking about the fact that we don't really have anyone that conserves. Boris has even stated himself that he is one of the most liberal conservatives for years. All the Tories seem to do is pander to the left.
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    No disrespect intended but please wake up.....Elections are an illusion created so that people think they have a say in matters. If voting changed anything it wouldn't be allowed.
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    the Uk column spent the first 3 minutes of Monday’s show dealing with this .. IMHO, way too much attention has been given to this . Seems to be a little bit of conspiracy candy put out there to distract.
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    Me looking for real conservatives to vote for.
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    No reactions left Danny, but I agree with that^. I still consider myself Christian, but I don't trust the institutions. I'm not the type to rub my faith down peoples throats either. I think the only thread I have started about Christianity on this forum was about the cultural aspect to Christianity like you're talking about. I talked about the fact that I don't think TPTB would be able to push a digital ID/mark on a majority Christian populace, and whether we have abandoned the one thing that shielded us from the technocratic enslavement. It wouldn't be so bad if people adopted another system of values that warns against enslaving people with marks, but unfortunately that hasn't happened.
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    I would be happy if this debate was never re opened. I would be happy with one scrap of proof that the realm spins. I would be happy with one photo of hilly water Wheres the curve,oh where can it be ? Its a lie people,and its a dog that can,t have any sleep still. I love seeing the experiments , I find this debate so exciting,it reasures me that our human race still questions. I would be fine with admitting I have been wrong,its not about beating people who choose a globe over the head with insults. Question everything, learn and move forward.
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    Recently was travelling back from beach near home when we saw an old lady with a large dog. The dog was clearly very old and near death. Back legs couldn’t support weight properly anymore. I got out to help and even though I think cv is bollocks, I respected the Lady’s space and asked it if it was alright to help. We didn’t walk far but she was grateful as she wanted to take her dog for one last walk. I am not writing this to make myself look good, that’s not the point I’m making. It was the right thing to do in my mind now or at any time , especially in these crazy times that have sucked all humanity and dignity from so many. It wasn’t about me, it was intended to help the dog, and to show the lady that people do care. when your young it’s easy to resent and ignore advice from older people, but manners do cost nothing and treating people how you want to be treated in my mind is the right way. At least until the other person turns out to be an idiot.
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    Just to add the final straw for me was when I was reading about how they are more than happy to take the vaccine for covid, I’ve done a lot of research into vaccines recently and if anyone wants any studies or documents then feel free to ask, but comments I’m seeing are like they will take the vaccine ‘so they are protected and don’t spread it to others’ ‘they don’t see why people are against them’ etc... it’s the very tool that is used to shut people off from spiritually by attacking the pineal gland with neurotoxins and frequencies from the nanotechnology, how is their intuition which you’d imagine is at an above par level not screaming at them that something isn’t right?
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    The most hilarious aspect of U.S. made Content is that for a long time, atrocious gun/knife/axe/explosions violence was "OK" and nudity was "Indecent". You could show someone getting shot in the head or falling off a building, but a flash of the female chest, or the use of the F-word or S-word or C-word was "the end of the world". Also, American media misrepresent their CITIES in content. Manhattan is nothing like the show in movies. Neither is LA or other places.
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    The UK government has just released a new training video for health professionals:
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    Boris Johnson in today's Covid-19 briefing kept going on about The Rule of 6. He said it 3 times! The Rule of 6 The Rule of 6 The Rule of 6 I'm not religious, but that was a bit of weird signalling?
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    But Shh Don't tell anyone about the above it's our little secret... Just stay asleep won't you At the end of Men in Brown, such obvious occult vow of secrecy/silence symbolism used to represent a way and means of wiping the minds of the audience. I did post about all this at the time but it was taken down due to the forum attack. You'll see Crowleys depiction with of course Saturn symbolism, wearing the cloak of the evil character from Men in Brown.... This character is seen right before he strangled Dec and Ant also pretends he can't breathe as though he himself is being strangled also. What could this be depicting of all things? If you can't get your breathe reading this, it's probably Covid-19, put your mask on and visit the doctors like all your friends won't you Again, within the piss take of Men in Brown, everyone's got the shits because of a virus. This isn't taking the absolute piss or anything though. Nothing to do with Covid-19 and a rush on bog roll or anything... While, we also have as mentioned above, this is apparently some sort of parasite that takes over the hosts body and wants to kill the human scum... I don't know where that must fit in to all this I mean, it's so in your face I really shouldn't have to break it down but this is for people who won't even spend the time to watch the video and infer to how this relates to what's being discussed as Covid-19. So, those of you who are wondering now, Danny's gone full psychotic again because you can't see what I'm getting at... COVID-19 HOAX SCAM - RITUAL WITH PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING - FORESHADOWING - ZION BABY-LON-DON OLYMPICS https://www.bitchute.com/video/lF7NRuEMf8bC/ ^ Here's a video of the 2012 Zion Olympics which again I made a post about and it was lost... Of the symbolic, ritual nature and depiction of Covid-19, you'll see all the nurses dancing about. But what else do you see? Shh It's probably nothing though right? THE SYMBOLISM BEHIND THE NEW JERUSALEM - ZION OLYMPIC NEW WORLD ORDER RITUAL CEREMONY LONDON 2012 https://www.bitchute.com/video/vSxQsbMDVQGJ/ DAVID ICKE - BABYLONIAN PATH - EU - NEW WORLD ORDER - BANKING SYSTEM - MINISTRIES OF CONTROL - 9/11 https://www.bitchute.com/video/YwwaWymCNekm/ The irony is however, anyone who sees this as taking the piss right before our eyes as I do will be and should be pissed off about this. While those who don't see this as deeply symbolic and ritualistic foreshadowing of the Globalist Death Cult, will take the piss out of me and out of people who say what I'm saying here... It's just the way it has to be. Wake up any time you want, when you're ready to see, you'll see it. Until then, keep taking the piss won't you ✌
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    From what Boris has just said Daily Telegraph asks the PM whether he feels "comfortable making it illegal for grandparents in large families" to meet their grandchildren, and whether he has decided the exact criteria for easing the restrictions. The PM says: "Of course I don't feel comfortable, it breaks my heart to have to insist on these restrictions." But he says young people are "more than capable of transmitting it to the much more vulnerable older generation". asks if people now need to accept they will not be able to have Christmas parties or large gatherings. Johnson says it is "just too early to say". Whitty says the UK is "now in a much better place" but says there are still "constraints". He says there are "more things we could do if we had more testing" The PM says: "I'm still hopeful, as I've said before, that in many ways we could be able to get some aspects of our lives back to normal by Christmas." He says he hopes that people will be able to take "a rapid turnaround test" in the morning and know 15 minutes later whether they are infectious or not. "That gives you a kind of passport... to mingle with everybody else who is similarly not infectious in a way that is currently impossible," he says, adding that this is what the government is "aiming for". Developing rapid coronavirus tests that can deliver results in up to 20 minutes would be a wonderful step. It could lead to regular testing of the whole population, allowing us to get back to normal life. The key will be testing - not just to identify people who have the virus, so they can be told isolate - but to find people who are negative, so they can go about their daily lives. Johnson says it is an "ambitious agenda" but the first pilot will go live in Salford next month for audiences at indoor and outdoor venues. "Then we hope to go nationwide," he adds. The PM admits there are "a number of challenges", such as ensuring the technology works and there is a strong distribution network, adding: "We are not there yet." This, Johnson says, could "identify people who are negative" and let them go into venues on the day. "At theatres, we could test all audience members one day and let in all those who are not infectious," he says. "And workplaces could be opened up to all those who test negative in the morning." Other new measures include hospitality venues, such as pubs, having to legally record people's details - and fines will be issued if they don't. Covid secure marshalls will also be introduced in town and city centres that local authorities can draw upon to ensure social distancing is kept to. This is all one big joke isnt it!?
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    From The Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/politics/britains-grip-coronafear-and-dangerous-virus "Well done, Matt 'we’re doomed!' Hancock – Covid fear is now a bigger threat than the virus itself Once upon a time we were Blighty not Frighty. It's time to get a grip or there will be irreversible damage to our national health I despair I really do. The powers of the wretched Coronabeast are waning fast. “It has burnt through the dry grass, mainly those who would have died anyway in the next few months, and now it is infecting younger age groups but not harming them,” says a scientist friend. Admissions are only a fraction of the level compared to peak of the pandemic despite warnings of a second wave rolling across Europe. “Covid has gone from our wards, has been for weeks” reports the head nurse at one of the UK’s largest hospitals, “I can’t understand what the Government are going on about.” Boy, are they going on. And on. England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van Tam - a Chieftain tank in human form - was deployed this week to warn that the public has “relaxed too much”. Relaxed? How much generalised anxiety, cyclists wearing masks, children instructed not to turn around in classrooms, empty trains, cancelled holidays, people solemnly washing groceries in Covid-free areas and all the other pointless pantomime of panic would be sufficient for the Professor? The nation’s a complete basket case and he wants us to keep weaving. And then there’s Matt Hancock. Like Private Frazer in Dad’s Army, our Secretary of State for Health has a lip-smacking relish for doom. As children settle back in the classroom after almost six months without friends or lessons and young people prepare for university, Matt had a few uplifting words to give them the confidence they so desperately need: “Don’t kill your gran!” I can’t believe he actually said that. Either Hancock doesn’t understand the science or he is wilfully misinterpreting the data to keep the population as terrified as possible. Yes, there were almost 3,000 new “cases” on two successive days this week. But PCR tests, like all medical tests, are not perfect and can be unreliable. Covid “cases” sound alarming, but a case can be anyone with a few remnants of virus on a swab test who presents zero risk. ICUs are still, in the main, eerie ghost towns. Corona deaths are down to a handful a day out of a population of 66 million. Basically, I have more chance of marrying Brad Pitt than you have of dying from Covid19. As Dr Carl Heneghan, the director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University, protests, “The norms of clinical reasoning are going out of the window. A PCR test does not equal Covid19, but in some definitions it does.” The Office for National Statistics has resorted to paying people a staggering £450 to have a series of nasal swabs. Those volunteers were never ill. They are among the silent millions who probably had corona without noticing and have boosted community immunity, making us all safer. This news should be a cause for cautious celebration. Just a small glass of Harvey’s Bristol, Marjorie. Yet the remorseless campaign of fear to which the British people have been subjected since March refuses to let up. However infectious Covid19 may be, it is a mere amateur compared to the contagion of dread which has insinuated its way into our lives like a noxious gas. According to a recent poll, the British public believes the death toll from the virus is 100 times higher than it actually is. Forget Keep Calm and Carry On. That defiantly bloody-minded, worse-things-happen-at-sea, cheer-up-love-it-may-never-happen nation we all felt glad to belong to is now an unrecognisable land of paranoia and paralysis. I asked my followers on Twitter a question: “How many people do you know who have been so scared by government behavioural psychologists that they are unlikely to resume a normal life even as Covid recedes?” The replies came thick and furious: Sebastian: “My mother-in-law – 70, ex mayor of her town, strong woman, will hardly leave the house now. Her friends are the same and all their social groups have disbanded.” Lisa: "My sister still requires her husband to strip off at the door after work and get straight in the shower" Sara: “I know someone whose mother even sleeps with her mask and gloves on. Her blood pressure went to 240. She’s killing herself!” Valerie: “Friends don’t read the Sunday papers until Wednesday. And all post and parcels are left for 3 days before opening.” Elsa: “My neighbour goes to her own shed in her own garden with mask and gloves on. I wish I were joking.” Danny: “My mother is panic-stricken. So much so my father has bought a treadmill for the house so she can have some kind of walk.” Hannah: “I’ve not seen my mum in over six months. She only leaves the house at night.” Jason: “My in-laws won’t come out of their house. My boys have all but given up on ever seeing them again. They sit and await a vaccine that is never coming.” Barrie: “I know people in their twenties who haven’t left their house since March.” Alex: “My mum is still washing everything, not hugged my daughter since the end of February until Thursday when I made her. She may have held her breath for the entire 5 seconds non-face-to-face hug.” What the hell have Hancock and the shroud-wavers on SAGE done to us? I really identified with Josiah who joked, “I spent the first month of lockdown persuading my parents to take Covid seriously. And the last 3 months trying to persuade them not to take it seriously!” That’s it, exactly. Fear, like a coffee stain on a cream sofa, is a bugger to get out. Those of us who try to do what Matt Hancock should be doing - offering encouraging facts, persuading needlessly timid people it’s OK to venture out, are often met with incomprehension, even hostility. So successful is the psychological warfare that victims don’t even realise they’ve been brainwashed. Yet was this horrifying obsessive behaviour planned deliberately? On the 22nd of March, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) produced a paper for the Government which must rank as one of the most successful and most damaging documents in our history. Options for Increasing Adherence to Social Distancing Measures laid out ways of bringing about behavioural change in the public to get us to comply with Covid19 restrictions. The Number 1 recommendation was “Provide clear, precise, credible guidance about specific behaviours’’. You can’t argue with that. It was at Number 2 that things began to take a darker turn. “Use media to increase sense of personal threat,” it said. When I first read that sentence I reeled back. It felt entirely un-English, more akin to Stalinism. But that’s exactly what those behavioural experts did. Instead of relying on people’s good sense and altruism (which proved to be remarkably strong) SAGE said: “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.” Scaremongering headlines of a notably apocalyptic nature duly began to appear. “Coronavirus: I’m digging graves for people who are still living,” ran the ghoulish caption under a photograph of parallel muddy trenches in a field in east London. On TV, Government adverts thundered “everyone is equally at risk”. (Yet, we already knew that the average age of the fatalities in Italy was 82.5). Tactics that a nation would use against its enemies were turned against our own families and friends. In a hard-hitting interview for this week’s Planet Normal podcast, the former Supreme Court justice Lord Sumption told me that some members of SAGE have since admitted “this was perhaps overdone” but the use of fear was deliberate policy. “What you have to remember is that when societies lose their liberty it is not because liberty has been crushed under the boot of some tyrant, it’s usually because they’ve been frightened into giving it up voluntarily. And that is what happened. Fear is the number one instrument of every despot. I dare say the intentions of this Government are benign. But their methods have not been.” Who can doubt the good lord’s judgment in this case? Or the malign effect of Matt “We’re doomed!” Hancock, our very own tinpot dictator who accentuates the negative to keep people in mortal fear and achieve what exactly? What’s the strategy, Matt? The destruction of our economy is pretty much guaranteed if you continue to lock down entire regions at the first Atchoo! Other countries are not in the grip of this existential madness. They view the hysterical spasms of our previously phlegmatic nation with amused disbelief. Once upon a time we were Blighty not Frighty. We have to get a grip and summon that spirit again or there will be damage without end. If you know someone who is still really scared please let me know. People are going to need help to be unafraid. A lot of help. The Government’s behavioural scientists must put into reverse the disproportionate campaign with which they stole the people’s reason. Here’s one idea: “Use the media to increase the sense of personal safety.” I’ll go first. The contagion of fear now poses a far bigger threat to our national health than Covid-19. You probably won’t kill your gran if you see her, but not seeing her might just kill her. In my view, you are safe to resume your life. While it is reasonable to be scared of the dark; it’s a tragedy to be afraid of the light." Allison Pearson. It reads like satire. Good, though, that a major rag is going against the grain...
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    Top guy! My faith in humanity is slightly restored.
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    Exclusively on Ickonic, David Icke LIVE-streamed five-hour presentation on September 19th – the who, what, when, why of current events and how humanity can take the world back – and quickly Book tickets here: https://ickonic.com/Events
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    Well there are a lot of knobs out there already wearing fluorescent jackets because life is dangerous. And they are usually the ones telling everyone off for not doing what BBC says. It becomes easier to identify the sheeple doesn't it. Wasn't long ago that human sacrifice was happening regularly ... humans are quite mad.
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    Fingers crossed! May be fatal this time!
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    Quebec City Says it Will Isolate “Uncooperative” Citizens in Secret Corona Facility https://summit.news/2020/09/09/quebec-city-says-it-will-isolate-uncooperative-citizens-in-secret-corona-facility/
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    Guys, this is good news with what happened today. It seems really shit and it is, but this will wake people up on how fucking retarded these changes are. People will start to just ignore the government hopefully...
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    I was over generalising the situation in breaking it down. As we should know the government is a puppet outfit they carry out the orders of the peoples whom are the ones that are scared that I'm talking about and it's those whom are quite clearly losing narrative. This is more of an information warfare than anything else. They don't want to lose that narrative and it's becoming increasingly obvious, that is to anyone who can think for themselves, we are being systematically lied to about this virus, these tests and all these lockdowns are designed for alternative agendas than any virus. Through fear of losing their narrative, it's like we are in a state that they're flogging a dead horse and anyone who fails to see that at this stage, I don't think they ever will. While at the same time, to achieve this Global Agenda we are going to see a systematic destruction of the systems we have in place now to then offer up these new Globalist systems as being that of our only salvation. Between now and then it is state of The Hunger Games Society. This is a process of transformation and they can only achieve this by one way or another, getting society to a state of desiring the outcomes which they want to bring about and we ain't seen nothing yet because right now, we are about as far away as they could be from a mass of people desiring the state of affairs they want to bring about. That's my view and the fact that just because we see so many people wearing these masks and phoney individuals doesn't mean they actually want to be that way. That's what I have to keep reminding myself when they piss me off. Especially morning people, they're the worst I like either silence in the morning or sleep, not a phoney big smile and wave, with the chanting of "morning" thank you very much! The psychopath in me either wants to either drink or smash their face in. I've learnt to ration my mornings
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    It's a mountain of information to strongly consider and cross check. The "evidence" piling up against the corona conspirators is accumulating like a heavy snowfall in January. This was planned long in advance and anyone who believes that this whole thing was a naturally occurring pandemic, is a fool. To ignore all the facts is to do a disservice to oneself and his fellow man woman and child all across the world.
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    Jesus said that we need to be very careful in the time of the end, as there would be many false Christs. I agree with you
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