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    Just felt like sharing; it’s a shit day today; we all know what it’s like.
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    This is disgusting and i am sure this is what all GP practises are doing at the moment. There are a few people in my area also not able to get appointments. Might be lucky to get a telephone call from a doctor in about 2 - 5 days. This is criminal, rightly said @Velma Is this deliberately to inflate deaths as more people are going to die with this non service from GP's. A lot of towns dont have walk in centres and are about 30 miles from a hospital. Government need to be sacked, all of them marched out of the house of commons by the police. On another note i checked out crowd justice today, found loads more interesting court cases in progress against the government. We need to make a new section somewhere on this forum for court cases/legal action and maybe another for petitions.
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    Right. I had a falling out with a fairly close friend recently. There was other stuff behind it as well but part of it was that I "talked about conspiracy theories an awful lot". His perspective was that there was no point having that stress in your life and if you go on about it people will think you're "crazy". I said I totally get trying to just ignore it and do your own thing but it's quickly becoming next to impossible. I've thought about it and I'd gladly be known as the "crazy conspiracies guy" if it helps to plant even one seed of doubt in peoples' minds. If you're going to lose some friends along the way because of that fuck it.
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    On this occasion, my 'cynicism' was entirely justified. But on the other hand, it does highlight what I have warned about before, namely those 'charlatans' who use the same tactics employed here, of "hype" and "build up" in order to get people 'excited' in anticipation of 'something ground-breaking'. A lot of time and effort has been expended in making this satirical production, for which you should be commended. But I doubt it took 'three months', more like 'three days' perhaps. What a waste of your time it turned out to be. Nice prank, "now fuck off"
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    Con-19 Nurse gets a certificate of Bollocks
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    NO healthy child has died from Covid in Britain: Scientists reveal the UK's six young fatalities already had serious health problems when they were hit by virus https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8670287/Government-funded-study-rules-exceptionally-rare-children-die-coronavirus.html What we all been pointing out for months from the NHS stats. Now the media are admitting. What a fake shithole we live in full of abusers & Stockholmed sheep.
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    Interesting theory. My personal spiritual beliefs and covenant with the creator (god) is that i'll be refusing it as it's all of (or at least part of) the mark of the beast. As I say that is totally personal and I wouldn't force that opinion on anyone else.
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    I find it incredulous that it is necessary to state at this juncture the fact that human beings have five senses, which are fundamental to their existence and survival. Not to you astute forum members who know the drill, but the brainwashed proles who are being molded into “transhumans” without their knowledge, only their blind consent. Taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. Basic requirements for pleasure and quality of life. We are being deprived of two, by being compelled to “stay together” by “being apart” and wearing a “face-covering.” Wake up and smell the coffee! Oh wait, you can't! The music ban in public places could include the sense of sound. Love it or hate it, music created the ambiance and an atmosphere, or the vibes. All is sterile. How reasuring is a friendly slap on the back, pat on the head, spontaneous hug, handshake or high-five? Even a helping hand to cross the road. All forbidden! People need mutual support and tactile displays of love or affection, for all manner of reasons. Especially in these times, with a vaccine-damaged generation. They are pre-programming us through social-engineering into becoming a population of souless robots, with neither gender nor identity, emapthy or spirituality. That's not the future I perceive for myself, my children or my grandchildren. Once again, the government have overreached their authority and must be held to account. They are not the law, they are not above the law and they cannot invent the law on a whim.
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    I see that 'Brenton Tarrant' has been given a life sentence without parole. The patsy will probably be sneaked back to Israel with a large bank account-https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8668723/Brenton-Tarrant-jailed-LIFE-no-possibility-parole-Christchurch-shooting.html I lived in Christchurch New Zealand for over a decade and my house is 5 mins away from the Al Noor Mosque. I visited the mosque 5 months after the shooting and covertly took photos (while being watched by staff) of rooms NOT shown in the shooting video, and which Tarrant conveniently declines to even enter, despite walking out of the mosque and coming back to only shoot at people point blank with his fake little air gun in the main prayer room only. Why did he not go into the TWO large rooms that I encountered, as well as the male and female toilets? Theres also a little store room with a kitchenette in between the two rooms. If anyone doubts my photos, if you ever get a chance to visit the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch. you will know my photos are 100% legit. Before I show the photos, I'll briefly explain why the video of the shooting is filled with blatant fakery and discrepancies.(If you haven't watched the video, do so, but YOU MUST USE A VPN if you are in New Zealand or Aussie, as Jacinda Adern has threatened up to 14 years imprisonment for anyone who watches, shares or downloads.) And we all know why don't we Jacinda? Police Drills were also conveniently taken place that very morning-https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2019/03/hell-of-a-coincidence-officers-who-took-down-alleged-christchurch-gunman-were-at-training-exercise.html 1) Silver car by mosque door entrance registered to an intelligence agency (I ran a plate check) mysteriously disappears half way through video knocking over a road cone put in place, and has NEVER been mentioned by the media, police etc since. If this was a member of the public etc, where is their story??? This should have been a main story. Instead, its swept under the carpet. 2) A magazine clip for Tarrants gun is conveniently waiting for him in the hallway of the mosque before he even enters, which he later picks up and uses (or pretends to use it as its not real bullets). This is game over for me straight away, its obviously a live drill they have fucked up big time because Kiwis are the biggest amateurs on the planet. No wonder the video is banned with threats of hefty prison time. 3) As Tarrant enters the main prayer room, bodies are already piled up dead each opposite end of the room before he even shoots them. Including a guy under a bench. Apparently on one side a door wouldnt open because an electrician installed an electric locking system "days before the attack", yet in the shooting video you can clearly see the switch in NOT there. More lies.-https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/111632051/it-doesnt-open-christchurch-mosque-survivors-describe-terror-at-the-door On the other end, not ONE person went through an OPEN doorway which led to one of the unseen rooms that i took a photo of. This unseen room enables you to exit the mosque by the side. This makes no sense at all. You will see a guy run at Tarrant and get shot at point blank range and theres zero evidence of him actually getting shot. Just more lame acting. 4) Tarrant shoots at NO ONE in the street at one point in the video, and ejecting shell casings can clearly be seen vanishing into thin air. Clearly CGI casings, lack of smoke and recoil. I spent a while wondering why he was standing on the sidewalk shooting at absolutely no one, then realised he was waiting for the silver car to leave, then he goes back into the mosque. As hes walking back you can see the silver car is gone. 5) Shoots shotgun several times into his car windscreen from inside his car, (why?) making zero damage, but police photographs show bullet holes from the outside. He then shoots passenger window and it breaks. 6) People are shot at point blank range against a white wall by an AR-15, no blood, brain matter etc and all you see is some guys hat fly off after getting a bullet to the head. EDIT-New Zealand citizens were de-fanged after the fake shooting. It was a gun grab amongst other things. New Zealand is now becoming a safe haven for the richest people in the world setting up their bunkers, and they don' want any resistance. The NWO planned this knowing the Covid bullshit was coming next. I'll leave it there for now. Read more here-https://jamesfetzer.org/2019/03/dr-eowyn-how-we-know-new-zealand-mosque-shooting-video-is-a-cgi-fake/ Heres 2 pics of the room that the muslims would have entered had they gone through the open doorway (door was held open at the time) in the main prayer room in the video. As you can see, its a clear exit. This is the room on the right that the woman ran into on the video as Tarrant enters the mosque turning to shoot at her. He never goes in there. Heres the open doorway side of the prayer room where bodies were piled up. I saw zero evidence of a new paint job on the wall or evidence of bullet holes that had been filled in. By the way, those giant windows are all single pane and piss easy to break.
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    Illmatic, same thing happened to me recently, lost a friend because he didn't believe in the things I was telling him. Hey, he asked, so I told him. I'm a honest person and the friends I still have say they value my honesty and that they come to me and ask me important questions because they know I won't feed them bullshit or sugarcoat it. Of course I'm respectful but I give my honest opinion based on the information provided. I remember the morning. I met my friend at a Starbucks, his choice, he likes coffee and the atmosphere otherwise I would never give my time to that corporate garbage, but I show up and sit down and he is all bummed out. I asked him, how's it going, and he replied the stock market is down, way down, the most it has ever been since 1929, and have you heard about this corona virus? I said wow that sucks, but I wasn't too concerned since I am not a stock market player, and then I brushed off the corona virus saying it was more fear porn propaganda like swine flu and not to worry just keep eating alkaline and you'll be fine. Then he says, and did you hear about that shooting up in Milwaukee? I said no and that it may be a psyop if they are making a huge deal about it and if there are a lot of specific numbers being cited by the media such as 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 33. He asked, what's a psyop? I began to explain to him what a psyop is and what they are used for, we got into this long discussion and he was in disbelief which I found odd because we had known each other for a year at this point and we had many discussions about the new world order and what I explained to him was the cabal and black magicians, even showing him the hidden pentagon and hexagram on the back of the one dollar bill to which he replied, you're scaring me. Lol After that morning at starbucks we hung out a few more times but as this corona thing progressed our friendship deteriorated as he asked more questions that he did not like the answers to. The final straw was when I was explaining to him why the US and hillary clinton murdered Gaddafi, because he introduced the gold back dinar and completed what was referred to as the Great Man Made River project which allowed Libya to be sustainable in terms of growing their own food in the southwest and southeast Sahara desert, thus the new world order who control the financial system murdered him for trying to rise up above the system. His replied was, I see no value in that information. Like I was lying to him or something. That was the last we spoke. I often wonder how he's doing but I don't contact him. I can totally see him wearing a mask around and complying. But now we will find new friends who are awake.
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    Jocko Willink, a retired Navy Seal wrote Discipline Equals Freedom: A Field Manual. With large print on a black background, his advice in short, to the point, and easy to digest. The last quarter of the book contains workouts. On discipline: ”Discipline starts with waking up early, but that is just the beginning; you absolutely have to apply it to things beyond waking up early. It is working out, every day, making yourself stronger and healthier. It is eating the right foods, to fuel your system correctly. It is disciplining your emotions, so you can make good decisions. It is about having the discipline to control your ego, so it doesn’t get out of hand and control you. It is about treating people the way you want to be treated. It is about doing the tasks you don’t want to, but you know it will help you. Discipline is about facing your fears so you can conquer them. Discipline means taking the hard road - the uphill road. To do what is right. For you and others. So often, the easy path calls us to be weak for that moment. To break down another time. To give into desire and short-term gratification. Discipline will not allow that. Discipline calls for strength and fortitude of WILL. Discipline can seem like your worst enemy. But in reality it is your best friend. It will take care of you like nothing else can. And it will put you on the path to strength and health and intelligence, and happiness. And most important, discipline will put you on the path to freedom.”
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    And administered by any old Tom, Dick or Harry, who have no liability.
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    We have patterns all around us in the World and the Universe. Many of these which, we can find in ourselves too... If you find More like these please add to the thread. Cheers
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    Pastor Dana Coverstone Prophetic Dream ### ### ### ###
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    I was receiving letters from my GP summoning me to come in for my six month check-up. WTF? I'm almost 62 years old and haven't had a six month health check since infancy! I ignore them, they will want to stick that eight inch cotton bud into my brain, through my nostril. Incidentally, all Scottish high-school children who have a day off for sickness have to submit to a Covid test before returning, conducted by the army.
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    In my opinion, a vaccine that requires 'boosters' isn't a vaccine. Of course the 'covid vaccine' will be seasonal, because coronaviruses are naturally seasonal. Same fraud applies to 'flu vaccines', and the same reason why people who get flu vaccines still end up catching colds and flu. Here's something to ponder over: think about all the people who will be clamouring to get the 'coronavirus vaccine' only to then later 'test positive'. Wonder how that will work out...
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    Moons orbit planets. Planets orbit stars. Stars orbit the centre of the galaxy. And so on. It's always fascinated me how orbiting objects in space: are the same as compsition of atoms: "We are all made of stars" There is a whole universe 'out there', but what about the universes that are inside all of us? Makes you think...
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    Welcome to the forum. While it is true that David Icke does not participate in these forums, hence why he never replies here, I don't think it is the case we are 'doing all the work for him' as in most cases all the stuff we discuss here David has already learned and discovered for himself.
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    Great forum Thank you all for the info I was looking for
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    Indeed, the reports claiming isolation have very little in the way of detail, and expect the reader to trust the word of "reputable" organisations. I'm with Kaufmann on this one.
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    I agree with BC that this appears to be a baseless claim from Sunnybrook Research Institute. You can find some responses to Sunnybrook Research Institute's claims on the following link in the comments: https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/27/covid19-pcr-tests-are-scientifically-meaningless/ and...
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    For "Russians" read "Israelis". There are an awful lot of Russians in Israel. "It's The Russians" is just a smokescreen.
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    Shine on mate; and all of you.
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    We need a vomit reaction. This is disgusting. How tf is that freedom?
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    I am not sure this should go in the meme thread, because they are just creating shit now. Are they thinking of more reasons to quarantine you
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    Dont apply logic and sense , were well beyond that these days
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    Because they hate us. They should be treated as enemies in my opinion. Full contempt and sheer ruthlessness is the only way to deal with these filthy commie scum. The time for asking is over. We aren't dealing with human beings who are trying to be vurtuous. And even if they are genuinely trying to be "good" too fucking bad because these pricks are on the wrong side of history. We are at war. Luckily only ideologically at the moment. But it's about time people stopped asking why but stopping their f**Kerry at all costs. The majority of this country hates what is happening, but unfortunately it hasn't sunk in to the general population we are dealing with people who hate us. Of course if we get to a place where we can no longer have conversations, it then gets very dangerous. But we are going to get to that stage. Call them Zionists, elite, controller's whatever these pricks are. Until that sinks in the the population the better. Until then people can keep signing their little petitions, getting angry at the BBC for not playing rule Britannia, begging them to act like decent humans. Same with some of the centre left conservative types getting a boner because Boris has come out of his rock and "condemned" the BBC. Whooopty dooo. Another useless prat. How many times do the mainstream media have to roll out degenerates like Femi and other nutter "activists" to wind up the population until the penny drops? How long do "they" have to put on, passive aggressive angry subversive twats before people realise they are trying to gaslight them in the most dispicable fashion?
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    Copied and edited from a comment for anyone interested... "Have you watched Enter the Void? The full movie is here for now on YT if you can ignore the subtitles. It's definitely not for everyone, many people will either not understand it nor want to but, it's very insightful and based on something real of consciousness, life after death, or the transformation of consciousness indefinitely, which is combined with psychedelic experiences and particularly based on the bardo state from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is a movie about the cyclic nature of life and death if you're consumed by this material existence, you'll come back to it, the cycle of suffering grasping and clinging to a certain form reality. Ultimately, it is a conditioned form of the mind. You come back to that state of conditioning or can wake up from that conditioning by way of analysis, awareness and opening of your mind to possibilities beyond the limitation your mind has been imprisoned within, so your mind can be controlled, without you even seeing that initial state of conditioning as control, but believing it to be of your own mind and just the way thing's are. You must first identify a state of conditioned reality has taken place. Just as if a simple subconscious thought had been planted within your mind, what if, the whole web of your mind, your facilities of decision making had all been initially wired via trigger events and imposition? You wouldn't know unless your dropped the ego mind. "Energy flows where attention goes." This reality is paraded over by demonic entities feeding off the energy of this reality, particularly, low vibrational energy, fear, anxiety, stress and suffering. This has to be identified on a personal level by the individual, no amount of information from any source or individual is enough for a person to understand this, only potential lead. Like any experience, it can never be truly fully assimilated. It always leaves something out, the very nature of assimilation is to systematise that which won't be systematised, to say, this is it. Only, what was "it", no longer exists within the system that is created, specifically to deliver that insight, that information to someone else. To leave this cyclic reality state of induced suffering, you'll go through what many would describe as a hell realm or have to pass demonic entities, as was referenced within many different groups and cultures around the world, while the west have presented this as you go there, you're going to hell or, you be good and follow the system of thing's, you're going to heaven - You follow the system and you're likely to be coming back here over and over again and so on, repeatedly, until you wake up to the trap, the game that exists this way to keep you indefinitely cycled energy to trawl upon. The surface fantasia of the hell realm, the bad copy, the artificial induced state of consciousness, which has manipulated, or hijacked a true form of consciousness to create a conditioned repeative reality we believe to be real, "The Matrix". Lifeforce 1985 https://sendvid.com/4a0nyftq Do you see it? The Moon - what is referenced is actually about, the moon... The Prism Reality - The Hologram It would be symbolically, as if you confuse the map with the territory, the menu with the food, the geometry with the source of the ground of being which is measured. Like confusing the symbol with the reality, the label with that which has been labelled, so you don't see anything else beyond that label consciousness. That's how the illusion of the system is rigged and to keep as many people as possible in ignorance of anything beyond the impermanent material, physical world, which is full of our ideas but that are ultimately all empty and devoid of substance beyond the fantasia of our ideas - beyond the substance we give the illusion. The Trap - The Mask - The Ego - The Mutually Exclusive "I" The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, only they haven't realised this a rabbit hole yet, they think it's real, they think it's permanent. They don't know how they have fallen." Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution https://sendvid.com/qy1is33h I'd like to point out I am by no means religious or follow any particular group or institution. This is just me sharing my views I believe to be the most accurate for people to understand the state of existence I believe we are experiencing, which I feel to have credibility which needs attention from more people, which maybe able to help others identify certain unseen realities that can form a direction of research and personal insight. These same "intermediary" beings, are those which the Globalist Death Cult Worship as "God's", while in reality, they're in fact a necessary parasite for this realm of existence to exist as it does now. "You can't fight an enemy you don't see" But, this is not your enemy, it's your reasoning to identify the need for liberation beyond this fantasia of their control system and manipulation by not becoming conditioned by their barriers and ladders of attainment. Tongue in cheek - Do you notice emphasis on something? Or the alternative, to worship the beast, advertently or inadvertently.
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    On youtube as long as it lasts. A labour of love, this has taken 3 months of real hardwork by an international team of volunteers Debuts friday at 6:15pm It will be on covid1984film.net as we anticipate it will not last on youtube for long once the content is seen. We have an interview with a microsoft whistleblower whom was at a meeting between gates and epstien. I can't say more on that as I dont want to be banned from youtube ahead of time. If you have any other questions please don't hesistate to ask me, Thanks COVID 1984 TRAILER (pre launch) 1080 web.mp4
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    Thanks for sharing that. My friend had been going through some bad personal stuff as well during the lockdown which I think was the main reason for our falling out, but the conspiracy discussion was definitely part of it. He was actually one of the most skeptical people I've met regarding Covid and the measures coming in, I think generally it was just too disturbing for him and he wanted an escape from his worries. I wish him the best of luck and don't hold any hard feelings but I don't think ignoring this stuff and hoping it goes away is going to solve anything in the end. Knowledge is power.
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    Well just because he's accused does not mean its true does it? They said that about Icke too btw. Most who expose stuff get accused of being a shill etc. Sacha does not advocate chaos, he's all about peace and love and exposing truth. Its rare to see him so annoyed. He did set up the ITNJ too, getting testimonies from those the CIA have mind controlled etc.
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    The "official" history of Eastern Europe that is regurgitated to us by the system is essentially an incomprehensible amount of loosely correlating lies, most of which were rewritten during the latter half of the 17th century and throughout the early 18th century. I want to be very clear this post is not intended to talk badly of the house of Rurik in any way, I myself descend from the house of Rurik from various lines of my family. I only wish to help find the truth of the history of Eastern Europe. Why do millions of people in the region all speak the same "slav-ic" (sleif-ic/slaff-ic) language, in spite of DNA evidence clearly showing distinct differences among the various populations of the region suggesting separate origins. It only takes two generations to impose a new language upon mass groups of people. In truth the only thing that links slavic people together is the universal language they all speak, which has evolved into various different dialects over the decades as a result of a potential collapse of whatever old system provided the language as a universal standard of communication among the various people of the region, hence causing many ethnic groups across eastern Europe to be incorrectly labeled as "Slavic". The house of Rurik goes back to the house of Uppsala-Munsö the old dynasty of the coat of arms with the eagle mid flight, who were princes of Novgorod (Garðaríki) many many centuries before Rurik, and ruled basically all of Scandinavia from antiquity to the middle ages. The term Russian is a rather new term brought about during the 18th century, along with the term Ruthenus allegedly coined by Michał Rogala Lewicki. Almost every noble family of the empire of Russia was ennobled during the 18th and 19th centuries, before that there were very few, and almost all either descended from foreign knights or the house of Rurik. Has nobody realized that the common "ov" ending in many Russian surnames is simply a different way of pronouncing the Germanic/Scandinavian "off"/"aff". The only sources I can find that put a name on the people of Novgorod, St. Petersburg, and Moscow label them as the Muscovites, what Bohdan Chmelnicki and many other Szlachta (warrior) families described as a nation of slaves in which everyone was bound to slavery to the ruling house. Why is the coat of arms of Ukraine the coat of arms of the house of Rurik? In noble court records the Hungarian nobility and the Polish Szlachta recognized the differences between western Ukraine (Lemberg-Munkacs-Tarnopil) and eastern Ukraine (Kiev and eastward), so as to suggest that the western half was not ruled by the houses of Rurik and Romanoff, and yet according to the official narrative of the history of the region, western Ukraine was apparently always ruled by the house of Rurik. I don't think that is a valid claim as the main source of this claim, Nestor's chronicle, has very questionable origins, as it has been remorselessly edited and rewritten over the years which could easily have resulted in translation errors. Furthermore the original copies are lost, and the rewrites could easily have been rewritten to favor specific politics at the time. Poland and the Szlachta are a separate predicament. Do not forget that the house of Jagiełło goes back to Gedminas, who was a member of the house of Rurik. Many Szlachta families also go back to the house of Rurik, which could theoretically allow one to view the kingdom of Poland as an extension of the lands of the crown of Rurik. It does not help that we do not know the true origins of the Piast family, although it is interesting to me that both the Piast and Premysl families have legendary origins back to Piast the wheelwright and Premysl the ploughman, two peasants, and yet there are two stories, one in the Wielkopolska chronicle mentioning three brothers Lech, Czech, and Rus, and a story in Estonian folklore mentioning three brothers that were peasants, Rahurikkuja, Sinius, and Truvaar. According to the folklore the three brothers went off to become kings of three different lands. Could this story be the same retelling of Lech, Czech, and Rus? It is not a coincidence that the coat of arms of the house of Piast was literally the white eagle upon the red sky described in the story of Lech. Perhaps Sineus and Truvor were kin of Rurik (they could have lived in slightly different eras), and ventured out to conquer Poland with the emergence of the Piasts, and Bohemia with the emergence of the Premyslids. According to Nestor's chronicle Sineus and Truvor died shortly after obtaining Belozersk and Izborsk, but Belozersk and Izborsk were already lands held by the house of Uppsala-Munsö for centuries before. Who is to say they did not go on to conquer Poland and Bohemia. In my opinion, the idea of "slavic" unification is very ignorant, and has caused so much unnecessary confusion and debating regarding the history of eastern Europe. The mere idea of "slavic" tribes being riddled across the region has given others a false sense of nationalism in a way which has hindered many peoples' abilities to look at the history of eastern Europe objectively, and intuitively. Poland has been a victim of many wars causing many of their historical documents to be burnt down and lost, and it is difficult to believe that it is merely a huge coincidence. If you look at a typical Pole or Muscovite (what people would consider to be a "slav"), and compare it to a typical Scandinavian, they are quite similar genetically. Usually they are tall, with pale skin, lighter hair, and blue/gray eyes. This is true today and was true during the 10th century as the travelling moor Ibrahim Ibn Yaqub stated there was little to no differences between a Slav (Sleif/Slaff), and a Scandinavian. He even went as far as to call Scandinavia the Peninsula of the Slavs. Many people will deny this and the objective evidence behind it however, out of their incapability to challenge their own beliefs and their inflated senses of nationalism. Compare the typical western Ukrainian to the typical Slav and they are indeed quite different genetically, whereas the Slav is generally tall, pale, light haired, and possessing blue or gray eyes, the western Ukrainian is typically short, darker complexion, dark haired, and possessing brown eyes. It is no coincidence that the frequent "-slav" (-sleifr/-slaff) suffix to Bohemian, Polish, and Muscovite given names was practically never used among the western Ukrainians before 1850. Only after 1850 when propaganda of false nationalism, and wars were being orchestrated so as to destroy the cultural identity of the west Ukrainians, did they very infrequently begin to use names such as Wladyslaw. Throughout the noble court records of the Hungarian nobles of Zemplén county, and to lesser extent Sáros, Szepes, Liptó, Árva, and even Trencsén counties, can be found instances that speak of west Ukrainian noble families, separate from the Polish Szlachta, and separate from the Muscovite Rurikid-Romanoff empire. As well as testimonies and records of west Ukrainian noble families which were later ennobled in the kingdom of Hungary throughout the early 17th century. The house of Rurik has always forced their millions of slaves (Slavs) to fight in their wars as knights, hence where the Szlachta began to emerge in the middle ages basically as glorified warrior families (the word Szlacht/Schlacht literally meant battle/fight), this was how they buffed their military numbers into the millions while having almost no other noble families other than the house of Rurik and its cadet branches. To conclude I have always been disgusted with the amount of ambiguity and contradictions in the official narratives of the history of eastern Europe, and I am trying to add some potential insight to help discover the true history of the region. I never see anyone like David Icke really talk about this, nor any historian such as Graham Hancock mention this part of history. The history of eastern Europe might be the most propaganda and lie filled history that we have been given, and nobody seems to care at all about pointing out the bullshit, they would rather stay caught up in their bubbles of nationalism or slavic identity or whatever, and I am tired of nobody ever calling it out. The history of eastern Europe is the one elephant in the living room that I have never heard David Icke or anyone address. I welcome all opinions and research to be added to this post, so we can try to find the truth of the history of the region.
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    Heres the video as promised. This gentlemen claims to have approached Tarrant while he was heading to the Al Noor Mosque entrance to open fire, put his hand on him and said what are you doing etc, and then Tarrant knocked him over which is why he is on crutches. As you will see in the shooting video, this very man is near the Al Noor Mosque gates and does nothing but observe Tarrant and goes no where near him. What he says completely contradicts whats seen in the video. So why is he lying? I have time stamped the video so it should play from the part where the cameraman talks to him, if not, go to 10:36. Cheers.
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    Well done, I hope you are all proud of yourselves
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    @Grumpy Owl you should check out Nassim Haramein
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    ^^^once they've been vaxed they'll not need to be tested, they'll have their COVID Pass.
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    And for anyone who's interested, here's a link to qualcomm's AI and the infrastructure of the internet of things ecosystem. Eco my arse... https://www.qualcomm.com/invention/artificial-intelligence
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    i think this is what is happening from the start of cold war,it never finished and today is more pronaunced then ever....with all the angry "activist" groups spreding hate,nothing more just hate the cabal controls both of them, how will they pull their strings depends on current situation at the time inbthe world if they think it would be to much of step(so it can expose them) they will back down and if they think they can push they will.... and now we see the rise of "it's the russians" problem again....."west democratic world" callin out Russia thus creating impresion through media "west the good guys" vs "east bad Russia guys", roman chatolich faith vs ortodox estern one .... i mean you get the point....HOW PEOPLE DON 'T SEE THROUGH THIS THEATER IS BONKERS CRAZY.....
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    No worries mate. It might be a bit dated and it's still 93% truth. Watch out for giant vids. The missing vids from YouTube are a must watch. See if you can trace them down. They were taken off YouTube for a reason.
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    What a disgraceful and disgusting world we live in. These Politicians need serious karma payback for their actions. They can change laws to protect themselves and get away with it. I hope people turn against all this utter shite going on in the world.
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    There's a few people here, one who you reference that are definitely disruptive and they nearly caused me to leave. I put them on block and my mental health took an immediate upswing. I'm generally strong minded but the daily huge negativity from certain areas was driving me to distraction. We need honest open awake people like you we nearly were broken in the hack. It's taking a little time for the mojo to return but I think I see signs. Take a breath or break and come back. X Also most of us don't like the leader board or likes etc. So you're not alone . Don't forget also that more than anyone else David Icke attracts all kinds of people not everyone with pure motives. It's part of the territory. You do get used to it.
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