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    Haha, I've been censored by the Birmingham Mail! 'Nobody is dying - so why talk of a Birmingham lockdown?' - we ask the experts Birmingham is facing a threat of new lockdown restrictions amid rising positive cases - but very few of those infected are getting seriously ill. What is going on? See: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/nobody-dying-talk-birmingham-lockdown-18795463 There's more in this article. So I left a comment, basically supporting Dr Daniels' view, and asking the questions that really got omitted.
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    Partially illegal? It is illegal or not illegal. The people who are responsible for this and enforcing an unlawful lockdown should have their personal assets sequestrated to pay for compensation to those unlawfully imprisoned.
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    Hi there, Of course we will get out of this mess! I completely understand how you feel, but what you are feeling right now I think is the frustration of trying to do good and getting attacked for it from all sides. Don't let the what-ifs and should and shouldn'ts throw you off. I'm glad to see that there are plenty of people like you, dare I say us, that continue to ask critical questions and have the courage to say and stand by of what we believe based on relevance and integrity. Most people are kind and simple folks in my experience who don't want to overthink stuff but just want to be happy and others to be happy as well. It is mostly throughout this simplicity they denounce anything that may confront and question their believe system and anything else they deem important. These people will have to grab the bull by the horns so to speak and start confronting themselves with the uncomfortable truth where our world is heading towards. They only need help from their fellowman gathering the courage speaking out, knowing they will not be excluded, demonized or lose their loved ones one way or another for doing so. Fear are the strings in the web that keeps their madness together. I don't think that women defend the walls of their prison more vigoriously than men though. But what I have noticed is that women in general are much more active with social media, if not posting then following. Since personally I feel the media mostly is aiming at women, targeting their self-empowerement, self esteem, self love and self respect to replace it with a very destructive self imposed standard that is hardly commendable to follow on. Whatever women do, there is always a suit-and-tie or a "feminist" on social media ridiculing it and explaining what they should and shouldn't do. I think this creates a lot of frustration and self loathe, in other words a self destructive meganism anytime they are challenged acting or thinking outside the "box" in fear of ridicule and to be left out being the "weirdo". And do not fear! We will get out of this mess and we won't be the one paying the price. Freedom is something you have and can act on, even if the choices seem to be obvious. Freedom is not something you can gain or fight for. "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" - Jiddu Krishnamurti - "Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right, and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are in a monirity of one, the truth is still the truth" - Mahatma Ghandi -
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    Anyone seen this interview with a Spanish Doc ?
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    Keep Britain Free are conducting a survey which will be fed into a House of Lords consultation concerning 'Life Beyond Covid'. They are seeking to represent views of people in the UK who want to challenge measures taken by the government in the past 6 months. Anyone is welcome to take part and it is anonymous (I have just completed it myself). It would be great to get as many alternative voices included within the survey as possible. Here is the link: https://wh.snapsurveys.com/s.asp?k=159774517576
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    I was watching the movie "The Last of the Mohicans" last night when a thought occurred to me.......what happened to us? When did we lose the moral fiber to have principles and stand up for what we know to be right? My great uncle stood in the GPO in 1916 and was prepared to face the might of the British empire with just a rifle, knowing full well that his chances of survival were slim. I'm sure lots of you would have had relatives who went off to fight for what they believed were just causes, knowing they may never return home. When did we become such wimps? Nobody is expecting anyone to put their life in danger, risk imprisonment or get beaten up, but lets put this into perspective. If you go out without a mask, what are you going to face, someone making a smart comment maybe, or giving you an evil look? Fuck them! Are you so afraid that the thought of a moron looking at you funny fills you with terror? If you are, well then it's time to grow a pair. Time to stand up for what you believe in and make a statement. To be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of the "well I don't believe in masks but everyone is wearing them so..." attitude. And there is no use complaining that "most people are out there wearing masks" because most people are sheep and don't know any better, but we should. There are exemptions in most countries about "compulsory" mask wearing otherwise that countries laws would discriminate against people with disabilities. Whether your potential disability is psychological or physical is irrelevant, it's there so use it. Just get out there and live your life as normally as possible, and if you begin to waver because of a dirty look just think of what your ancestors give up in order that you could be free. Are you prepared to throw that freedom away because an idiot makes a remark, or a shop owner doesn't know the law? I was out shopping today in two different towns. Most were wearing masks in the shops, but no one said a word to me. If I caught anyone looking at me, I just stared them in the eyes and thought to myself "you idiotic moron", and continued shopping. To paraphrase a global sporting goods manufacturer...."Just do it"
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    I listened to some of that video yesterday. Jason spoke at the freedom gathering last Saturday. If anyone hasn't seen it already. I thought he gave a really good speech. Yes. and good point about the cash. I started trying yesterday to pay with cash. Our Tesco used to have two cash machines, but I noticed they've blocked one of them off.
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    Yeah I've seen all of that happening. Well I decided to simply ask them myself. This evening I sent a very basic question via FOI request to the Department of health asking, what evidence they have that CO-VID 19 is the cause of a single death in the UK? I emphasized evidence and cause quite heavily.
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    Jones is cointelpro (counter intelligence program) which is why he "spells out" and "gets" so much of this stuff, because he is being provided information. Of course he also sees it too because he has been doing it for so long but make no mistake about it, he is a high level gatekeeper. You will always know a gatekeeper in the Truth community because they will never touch two topics, one: the UFO and alien topic, and advanced propulsion, and other aerospace and military industrial complex material, and two: secret societies. William Cooper exposed Jones back in the 90's. Cooper talked about the UFO craft he saw while on watch while he was in the US Navy aboard a submarine, and then later he spent a lot of time talking about freemasonry and the "Mystery schools". Years later Cooper ended up being shot by the local Sheriff or FBI literally on his front porch. I'm not saying to not watch Jones but just saying to be cautious of him.
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    25 minutes in he says to not use your card in the shops as if the 'covid' is in the shop you will be rounded up. A point I hadn't even considered.
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    I'm now starting to understand why the Americans have owning a gun as part of their constitutional rights.
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    To understand these people you have to recognize that they are all degenerated human beings living in a highly insincere world where everything is upside down. Recent changes have severely worsed the situation by: a. Destroying the contact with nature through urbanization b. Destroying the contact with the higher nature through attacking the church c. Destroying the contact with the family through attacking marriage, childhood, and normal sexual relationships d. Destroying the physiology through extreme sense stimulation, extreme movies, violence, aggression, cowardice e. Destroying the foundations of society, the institutions and underlying structures. f. Destroying culture, replacing Christian European culture with Tracey Emins faeces on a bed artworks g. Destroying the food supply through intensive farming And there's more but I think that's enough. Let's just say that all things considered, humans are fallen and you should leave this place through the indicated means, nothing else can be usefully done.
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    Follow the White Rabbit
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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - FELLOW TRUTH SEEKERS!!! GREAT NEWS - YOU ARE NOT CRAZY YOU ARE NOT 'OUT THERE' 'THEY PUT MERCURY, PIG URINE, HUMAN DNA,DETERGENTS, FORMALEIDE, ANIMAL DNA INTO VACCINES EVERYBODY THOUGHT YOU CRAZY - NOW WHAT EH?' GREAT NEWS HERE: After government funding was pulled from Gates foundation the World Health Organisation (yeahright?) NCDC centre of disease control United States government LOST a landmark vaccine law suit! YES!!! THEY LOST!!! - HUGE NEWS!!!! this is a big win, Vaccine Injury Lawyer Robert F Kennedy and Dr Angela Wakefield and the action network ICAN are credited with this victory: They demanded that relevant government documents proving that all federal approved vacciness that are tested for quality over the last 32 years and there were NONE. ZERO. ZILCH.diddly squat! NO PROOF AT ALL. NO PROOF! THEY LOST. This will have huge legal and practical implications of this victory for the American people. This means that US departments of Health and Human services and ALL vaccine makers have been DECEIVING the american people for over 30 years about the effectiveness and safety of all vaccines over the last 30 years. This may ultimately mean that continuing existence of (at least in their current form) of 5 US Health Care agencies is now in doubt the CDC the FDA the IOM the NIH and the health part of DHHS itself at least in its current form. The Gates foundation supported by George Soros is being SUED by a number of government and health foundations in a number of cities is being alledgedy responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in China. Proof that vaccines have never been tested! Spread this around as much as you can!
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    Lately I feel as if there is no point in doing anything anymore. I've been aware of whats going on in broad strokes since 2010. I've read two of David Icke´s books early on and have since gone through a plethora of authors, lectures, documentaries, philosophers, clips, podcasts and presentations. I've tried talking some sense into people early on when it comes to the most obvious low-level stuff such as corruption, banksters, UN, Agenda 21 and so on with varying success but for the most part it's been ineffective. Don't make the mistake of mentioning lizards early on btw, you will only make that mistake one time even if you put it in a very, very hypothetical context. These days I don't bother with anyone outside of family which I do on occasion through a link or two but I know they never click on them. What bothers me the most though is that my family members refuse to acknowledge even the slightest hint of anything being even a fraction bit off from what is the official TV narrative. It's as if a protective wall has formed around their minds and are completely incapable or stubbornly refuse to even consider that for example vaccinations might not be 100% reliable and safe or that covid stats are inflated or that mask wearing is ineffective, unnecessary and might even have a negative effect on their health. Not to mention the loss of our freedoms when it comes to what to wear and not. Their views and beliefs are so intertwined with their ego, pride and self and they defend themselves and the official talking points very aggressively. Just today I talked to my little sister who has 3 young daughters about whats happening in Melbourne and the lengths the state and police are going to in order to keep people "safe" by dragging them out of cars and throwing them to the ground etc and I said she should be happy that she is Swedish and lives in Sweden where the rules are a lot more relaxed, at least when it comes to Covid. And she simply responded by saying that she wished that Sweden had implemented a law forcing people to wear masks. She didn't have an input at all apparently about this Orwellian overstep in Australia. I'm not even sure she knows who George Orwell was or what the book 1984 was about. And with raising 3 young kids and tending to her career as a Vet I don't see how she has the time to figure things out even if she wanted to, which she doesn't. Thing is... Even though I know that the ever-present propaganda is screwing people up and that education and mainstream everything is doing its part to dumb people down I just can't help myself from detaching more and more from people who don't get that the world is headed in a very bad direction and that it's getting easier to see every day. It's like I've lost interest in trying to help people anymore. It's like I'm starting to view people the same way the satanic NWO are viewing people. Mindless Zombie-Idiots who are easily manipulated. Here I try to give important and solid information to seemingly intelligent people like my mom and sister and find out they are not interested or care at all about whats going on. Like serving a delicious 5-star meal to a pig and it even refuses to taste it. After 10 years of trying to wake up family members using different approaches and that they still in 2020 cant figure anything out tells me that we are in some deep shite with the fabled awakening far far off and that we will see history repeat itself with all its horrors. The only one who slowly starts to realize that at least some things are off is my old dad. Incidentally, the ones in my family who cant figure anything out and are the most hostile are all females. I don't know if anyone of you have found it more difficult to wake up females than males or if it's pretty equal? Don't mean to offend females here its just my own observation from my own experience. What do you people think? Do you think we are in for some really rough times and do you think we can get out of this mess? I think that IF we can get out of this it will be very far off and it will come at a very heavy price. As it stands now I think we are in too deep, with too many statists, TV watchers, authority lovers and order followers floating around.
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    And pigs might fly Though I will say that although I am not in Auckland, where I am, and in surrounding towns/cities (I travel around a bit), I have seen very very few people wearing masks, only around four or five; and I was most surprised when an older lady said to me in the supermarket the other day, what’s all the fuss about, if people have got a flu or cold, they should just stay home; we agreed it was just common sense; then she shocked me more by saying, I wonder what their agenda is; lol. I had to go so only had time to say it’s all about control; she called out as I was going, I know; lol again. And also with this new political party, they are getting the message out as well; apparently they are doing very well; so it does give me hope, and I do have a feeling that ‘our dear leader’ is heading for a fall.
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    When it is protecting the elite's agenda, (the police have a sworn oath to the Queen, not to the people who pay their wages via enforced taxation) the police will go all out tracking "offenders". They are desperate to keep the illusion up of a dangerous pandemic virus and such events like this expose the fraud. There were the police drones tracking lone walkers on the moors and shaming such actions. A party with 200 guests and as a result how many deaths - it will be a fat zero!
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    This is definitely a huge factor!
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    I think a lot of people have been given so many problems to think about including keeping a roof over their heads they can,t stretch themselves in any other direction.
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    Been wearing their masks for a month now & saved us all.
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    I Still don't know why the conformity programming failed on me. I couldn't do it even as a kid, though I'm nothing special. Its like we have an extra part they lack?
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    I've not wore a mask once, while working in a pharmacy setting too. It's been tougher and tougher to continue my stance at work. So much so now when I go in a consultation room with a patient i take a mask, but politely ask the patient if they mind if I dont wear one. Everyone has said that's fine, so much so I ask them it's ok to take off yours too. They all did. Now out of work is another matter. I like the majority on this site know how to conduct ourselves when confronted by people want us muzzled up. Be polite and confident explaining that you're exempt. I have printed and laminated over 100 mask exemption cards now, and gave out to needy people. The amount of people who didn't realise that there were exemptions is unbelievable. The MSM have done wonders in not informing their sheep of them. Not to worry. I'm spreading the gospel of medical exemption
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    WhatsApp is also at it mate. Back when it all kicked off I was block sending info to about 50 people. Then after a few days they restricted me to sending one or 2 messages to only one person at a time. I consider all MSM social media platforms the same. State sanctioned
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    You can read more here .... your choice! http://www.macroevolution.net/human-origins.html
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    FBI VAULTS: COPY OF ZIONIST PROTOCOL. ### https://vault.fbi.gov/protocols-of-learned-elders-of-zion/protocols-of-learned-elders-of-zion-part-01-of-01/view ### https://vault.fbi.gov/protocols-of-learned-elders-of-zion/protocols-of-learned-elders-of-zion-part-01-of-01/at_download/file
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    All I’ll say is that the cult do satanic rituals with demons and worship the devil, we all know this, so there is an opposite light force too. Remember the nature of reality David Icke explains, living in a small band of frequency of vibrational waveform information where we can see and hear a tiny tiny amount. Once you truly realise this, you realise that anything is possible in this universe. It’s not praying to a dude sat on a cloud, it’s praying to the source consciousness, divine realm, god, the universe, yourself, whatever you want to call it. Positive beings won’t interact with you because you haven’t asked them to, they won’t violate your first free will, dark spirits however... praying is good for the immune system so we may as well give it a go, got nothing to lose
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    Yeah it's pretty messed up that these people can talk about depopulation and getting rid of people, like Ted Turner who started CNN, he said he agreed with China's one child (per family) policy, but he himself has four or five kids. But it's amazing how these people can talk about getting rid of people and decreasing the population, but they don't want to lead by example. If they believe that their cause is so noble and honorable then they would lead by example.
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    I'm a performer and dancer, (both on stage and as an instructor) - I also compete in my particular style of dance, both Nationally and Internationally. I was due to compete in the biggest competition of my life this November, representing Great Britain in World Championships, but that now has been postponed to next year. As a disabled worker and business owner, the COVID situation has shafted me and my little one woman business a million different ways. Lots of my bookings are in rock/metal venues, which are not yet allowed to reopen. Luckily my Dance Studio is now allowed to open, and I've worked damn hard since we were forced to close our doors to keep the clients I have and to attract new ones - We were a hair's breadth from having to close permanently. We are now in our 4th week of re-opening.... Almost all of our classes are fully booked, and we have the most clients we have ever had. It's been a very huge turnaround. I live with mental health problems as well as being registered disabled, and the only 2 things that have kept me focused and positive has been knowing how much my clients rely on my dance studio for their own mental and physical well-being, and knowing that no bugger is going to wave a magic wand and rescue me, so I'm going to have to do it myself. Just try to remember how much people loved to attend your gigs, and hear your music. Keep as active with your network as you can...if you have a website or YouTube channel, or similar, post what you are working on during our forced postponement of sweaty moshpit fun, and what you are looking forward to when your venues can reopen again. You will recover. I believe in you. COVID tried to kill the metal....it failed
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    Apologies if this has already been posted; great simple guide to what the pcr test really is;
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    @Itsjaybigjay thanks for sharing mate. And thank you for standing up to the ‘goons’ as you so rightly put on our behalf. I’ve heard that condescending tone they all snarl in, like they’re telling a toddler to put on a seat belt all to often.. it’s disgusting. I like how the very people who enforce masked madness are the very same people who will have lied on their job applications saying they champion equality and diversity. Once people get an inch to discriminate they’ll take a mile. Even if you rightly choose not to wear a mask because it’s ludicrous. They should assume a disability is present until otherwise. i’m glad you fucked morrisons off and went and supported a local chippy.
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    1) The U.S. is a country with an Education System so thoroughly SABOTAGED that the average American has to have everything "spelled out" to them. Many Americans have been made to memorize a few very simple slogans ("Capitalism is the highest good", "all Middle-Easterners are dangerous maniacs", "The U.S. government and U.S. Companies are looking out for you") and know little about the world beyond that. That's why AJ "shouts truth" at them. 2) Alex Jones spent YEARS talking about Secret Societies from SKULL AND BONES and the FREEMASONS to the ILLUMINATI and the WEIRDOS WHO GATHER AT BOHEMIAN GROVE. And I'm fairly sure that I have heard him speak about UFOs and SECRET TECHNOLOGIES as well. Why doesn't he DWELL ON THOSE? Because the U.S. MAINSTREAM MEDIA WOULD CORNER HIM AS "THAT UFO/ALIENS GUY". He talks about a lot of secret stuff.
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    this is great from Spanish media! Not sure they’ll get this Doctor back on ..
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    Morrison has rowed back on his mandatory vaccine thing. Bit too soon for that. His handlers must have given him a bollocking. Nevertheless, the antipodean countries are still leading the way....to the gulag.
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    @rs1978 I agree with you about being FKD but I see the sheep out there starting to get fed up with that mask bs and are starting to see the light. The key is to keep spreading the word and reason with willing listeners. Eventually, people in mass will protest the system (almost there) but it must be clear to protest peacefully as to not give the authorities a reason to bring in the military or other forces to come up with Martial Law. That is what they want, we shouldn't give it to them. I personally don't wait for divine forces to help us out here, get out there and do what you can to protest in whichever way you can and if we all (most) do it, they will have to postpone their agenda. It is for us to defend our rights and to expose the corruption.
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    Timestamps : 1:00 - Introduction 2:05 - UN's version of Agenda 21 4:44 - Rosa Koire's take on Agenda 21 5:50 - Patrick Wood's take on Agenda 21 7:12 - Marc Morano's take on Agenda 21 9:50 - The origins of Agenda 21 11:40 - Real goals of this Agenda 13:11 - How this Agenda is being pushed by local municipal bodies in India 14:50 - Hunger Games Society 16:50 - Description of the upcoming Technocratic World Government & Megaregions 21:00 - Human Settlement zones 22:10 - India's war on tribal people 24:30 - Overcrowding in cities 24:57 - Aarey forest's connection to Agenda 21 26:15 - 7 megacities in India by 2030 27:37 - Ways to get people off the land 28:55 - India's ex enivromental minister Anil Dave's position on weather modification & GMO's, & his mysterious death. 31:45 - Introduction to the Global Environment Facility & the World Wildlife Fund 32:10 - Debt for Nature Swaps 33:00 - WWF's shady history & how it steals land from tribals worldwide 34:10 - Surveilance state, China's Social credit system's real implication 36:25 - Zbigniew Brezinski, James Clapper & David Patreas' statements on surveillance 37:35 - Aadhar & its eventual evolution into mandatory microchipping 38:40 - Microapartments & their rising trend in Mumbai 40:55 - the Depopulation Agenda 41:50 - Engineered wars & WW3 42:30 - Destruction of Human health 43:00 - "Smart" drugs 44:00 - Police/Military Fascist imposition & the coming AI robot armies 45:40 - A glimpse into the future 50:10 - Conclusion
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    A man I always admired as a human being and an entertainer
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    Hopefully member Illuminator doesn't mind, but they just posted this on the launderette thread. Which I thought was a great idea. Remember StandUpX did the supermarket raid. Imagine if they did a mask medical exemption card drive outside the supermarket "I have printed and laminated over 100 mask exemption cards now, and gave out to needy people. The amount of people who didn't realise that there were exemptions is unbelievable. The MSM have done wonders in not informing their sheep of them. Not to worry. I'm spreading the gospel of medical exemption "
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    Me too.... and we would find a new pleasant way to live, exchanging trade and skills, farm the land just to sustain ourselves - not farming for endless consumption. I dream of a nice community like this - however, I'm aware even safe havens eventually have someone come along and become a tyrant - it would be my ideal but I think naturally eventually a hierarchy would form and it would become about power. The human race is wierd - there is so much to marvel about and be happy with but the power game takes over
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    The financial sector already controls everything worldwide. It has been that way for decades. It is just coming out into the open now. What did people think the bankers were doing inside their ugly steel-and-glass skyscrapers? Feeding the poor?
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    hardened nypd officers watched content on weiners laptop and threw up all over the place. killary used project looking glass many times and every time it told her she would get elected. she got sloppy. on the fall of the cabal it is thought killarys server content was given to trump by putin in a football in 2018
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    Alex oughtta think about doing a sponsored non-interrupt. Every time he interjects, 10$ to charity. It'd inevitably be worthwhile both for him and the recipients EDIT: David does exceedinly well doesn't he, on AJs show, you can tell he isn't best pleased at the machine gun intteruptions, David loves to talk, but keeps it plenty civil despite the breaks and interruption. Battle of the motormouths.
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    Welcome to the forum rs1978.... Perhaps you came to this forum looking for hope ??? And you want us to convince you were not all FKD . What are the practical steps we can take .... Well , DI has always recommended non compliance ... if enough people close their bank accounts , don't pay taxes or rates , or wear masks , then the whole system will collapse .... Others are organizing protests and marches .... nearly 100 people attended the one Gareth spoke at !! .... Others have signed petitions not to take the vaccine ... Don't you think this will bring their take over to a holt ??? ... No , me neither.... The other important thing we can do is spread the word ..... But when you look into the blank eyes of someone you are trying to explain the scam to , you know it's pretty hopeless , they cannot think ... have never been able to , they've been processed by the 'education ' system .... So on a practical level it may seem we're FKD ... headed for enslavement or extermination ... But I don't think so ..... There is a Divine Realm ... another dimension where evolved beings exist and are watching all this .... In a free will universe rules dictate we have to ask for help , or it's assumed we are happy to handle things on our own .... So this is humanities way out ...Our only way out ... Pray to god , or Creator , or whoever you believe in , that the Evil ones be taken from us and freedom returns . getwisdom.com
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    Lot's of venom directed towards AJ from the many new comers ...I've been regularly listening to him since before 2000 , he is the most important figure in the truth movement ... AJ is predicting nothing . He is covering how Gates is telling people "there's no way back to a normal life ... the virus will not end"
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    I believe the whole covid scam is ultimately about food. At it's basic level that's what the economy is about too, a system for you to work to provide food (and maybe some extras). They could have crashed the economy at any time, but to crash the economy AND destroy the whole food supply system was going to require something special. Food is the ultimate control weapon. No food, no fight, it's that simple. The whole mask wearing thing is merely a distraction. It's an ideal divide and conquer tactic because you can immediately identify who's for and who's against. So while we are squabbling about wearing/not wearing our masks, they are organizing the "great reset". If they can manage to take control of the entire food system masks are going to be the least of our worries. On the plus side of things I've noticed that a few people I know who were buying into the mask scam have begun to abandon wearing them and just get on with their normal life, so maybe there's hope.
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    I'll just say that I watched the video and there were interesting points but I struggled to take it all in and form an opinion. It sounds really odd to take a plane full of people settle them down and then kill them anyway but who knows. Not I. It wouldn't be beyond them nothing is. What she says may explain the phone calls or it could be a completely differnt answer to that elsewhere. There is so much wrong with the whole event. Many people have pointed out different strains that could lead somewhere different. Thanks for sharing I had never heard of her before, it was interesting. And that sums up my pretty useless for debate, but honest answer !
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