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    I've already posted about this in the 'Come Together by Region?' thread in the Solutions forum. But now here is the advert for the big event on the 29th August. It would be great if as many people as possible could get there.
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    They will be mandatory as long as covidiots carry on wearing them. If everyone took them off tomorrow and said fuck this shit, they won't really be mandatory anymore will they? I mean, is anything really ever mandatory if everyone chooses not to comply with said rule?
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    Hi, I’m Cassie, delighted to be on this forum. I came here because of Covid and all the BS that surrounds it. I know a few people (mostly family) who are aware of the alternative agenda, but mostly my friends are still in slumberland! It’s just nice to have a forum with like minded people.
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    I'm also an artist, (not as my main source of income) But I have been mainly painting landscapes of my local area using mainly oil medium, sometimes acrylics as a first undercoat. Since the bollocks started in March I can barely be bothered, I think I've let the negativity and reality of the situation drain any motivation I had - which wasn't much - to bother being creative. I had a dream the other week (about 3-4 weeks ago) What I remember from it was that I was just wondering about (in my dream) and came accross a kind of flea market, and I ended up staring at an empty picture frame, it had a card price tag hanging off it by a piece of string, and on the card was written: 'Speak your truths' That was it? It's taken a while to fully realise, as I'm really not a soppy twat who goes in for the over-sentimental meaning of dreams - but this one felt so poignant, - really important, I am thinking now about how to translate that to my paintings. I think it was on the price tag because it was saying - fuck earning money from this lark - send a message via your paintings to humanity. As per your Dalai Lama quote. That's all. But definately - good to see you back Enigmatic - I absolutely loved your Emmanuel Macron and Angel Merkel flirting gif. Had me and others I showed it to, in fits of laughter. (but again - was out of likes) (I must remember to go back on and react to that one later)
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    Trump said give me $2.2 million or 2.2 million people are going to die basically...in the next sentence. Ive posted the video before. He used (((BlackRock))) deep swamp to handle the treasuries laundry. But Trumpbots spin it as nationalising the $. Trumpbots claim Trump is getting rid of the WHO.. yet he gives billions to Gavi. Trump never fires Fauci..even when he claims HCQ is useless. No Trump claims HCQ is the cure, but then gives billions to big pharma & launches operation warp speed. Deep swamp boiling the toad.
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    As with most things I consider to be important enough, I always like to get to the original source material and not just rely on someone else's edited version, so I tried a quick google (other search engines are available) on "Swiss Policy Research" and the first entry in the search results was what appears to be a Wikipedia hatchet job and nowhere in the search results was there a link to the actual website. Now for the suspicious contrarian like myself, the fact that they appear to be going out of their way to hide, censor and trash anyone or any site that is not following the pre-ordained "official" narrative, that's enough for me to want to find out more about what the censored party has got to say. Anyway, for those that are interested in checking the site for themselves, here is a link to the main site and here is a link to the Covid-19 section.
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    David, in case you haven’t seen this. Right up you alley! This ex elite banker has blown the lid on the setanic pedo elite. Amazing! https://commission.itnj.org/2018/06/05/ronald-bernard-former-elite-banker/ Love you work. Gordon
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    Here is another video from the ACU Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee which has gathered 640 doctors willing to provide evidence that Covid-19 is fake, and who are raising questions as to who benefits from the Plandemic. Although the initiators of the committee are German doctors, it is an international effort and hearings are being held. https://acu2020.org/english-versions/
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    Thank you for all the information, it is much appreciated. I am out of thanks/likes, but I will add one when I get a reload of them. Inhalation of chlorine compounds is very interesting point and something I have wanted to discuss on here, about the material of the masks and the inhalation of chlorine/chemicals. I was given a brand new packet of 3 ply "surgical" masks, the blue and white [email protected] things, bought from a pharmacy so the mask should in theory be OK. I did wear it and what I experienced is that the dusty atmosphere of the London Underground went straight through the front of the mask, this was esspecially apparent when on the platform with the blast of air when a train came into station. So, how does a surgical mask stop this COVID thing, which they talk about, either coming in or going out through the mask? I had the mask on for a maximum of 30 minutes and I had to take it off several times, feeling my head spinning, as it was just too hot in the carriage, over 30 degrees C. I noticed afterwards at home a burning sensation in the lungs, like I had inhaled something like chlorine. An interesting experiment and something I will not do again.
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    @seclorum The more peaceful protests world wide, the better.
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    Interesting study in relation to n95 vs cloth facemasks and prevention of viruses in medical and community settings. I particularly like this part of the study where it states: "Randomized trials in community settings found possibly no difference between N95 versus surgical masks and probably no difference between surgical versus no mask in risk for influenza or influenza-like illness". Note the evidence in the table below for Sars Cov 2, lol: Masks for Prevention of Respiratory Virus Infections, Including SARS-CoV-2, in Health Care and Community Settings: A Living Rapid Review Roger Chou 1, Tracy Dana 1, Rebecca Jungbauer 1, Chandler Weeks 1, Marian S McDonagh 1 Affiliations expand PMID: 32579379 PMCID: PMC7322812 DOI: 10.7326/M20-3213 Free PMC article Full-text linksCite Abstract Background: Recommendations on masks for preventing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vary. Purpose: To examine the effectiveness of N95, surgical, and cloth masks in community and health care settings for preventing respiratory virus infections, and effects of reuse or extended use of N95 masks. Data sources: Multiple electronic databases, including the World Health Organization COVID-19 database and medRxiv preprint server (2003 through 14 April 2020; surveillance through 2 June 2020), and reference lists. Study selection: Randomized trials of masks and risk for respiratory virus infection, including severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), and observational studies of mask use and coronavirus infection risk were included. New evidence will be incorporated by using living review methods. Data extraction: One reviewer abstracted data and assessed methodological limitations; a second reviewer provided verification. Data synthesis: 39 studies (18 randomized controlled trials and 21 observational studies; 33 867 participants) were included. No study evaluated reuse or extended use of N95 masks. Evidence on SARS-CoV-2 was limited to 2 observational studies with serious limitations. Community mask use was possibly associated with decreased risk for SARS-CoV-1 infection in observational studies. In high- or moderate-risk health care settings, observational studies found that risk for infection with SARS-CoV-1 and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus probably decreased with mask use versus nonuse and possibly decreased with N95 versus surgical mask use. Randomized trials in community settings found possibly no difference between N95 versus surgical masks and probably no difference between surgical versus no mask in risk for influenza or influenza-like illness, but compliance was low. In health care settings, N95 and surgical masks were probably associated with similar risks for influenza-like illness and laboratory-confirmed viral infection; clinical respiratory illness had inconsistency. Bothersome symptoms were common. Limitations: There were few SARS-CoV-2 studies, observational studies have methodological limitations, and the review was done by using streamlined methods. Conclusion: Evidence on mask effectiveness for respiratory infection prevention is stronger in health care than community settings. N95 respirators might reduce SARS-CoV-1 risk versus surgical masks in health care settings, but applicability to SARS-CoV-2 is uncertain. Primary funding source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32579379/
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    NEWS HEADLINE REPORT FROM (note the date 27th feb 2018 ) 64,000 DIED OF FLU : NO LOCKDOWN ~ NO SOCIAL ISOLATION ~ NO MASKS ~ NO NEW NORMAL !!! To those who understand the meaning of this news, no explanation is needed. To those who refuse to understand, no explanation will suffice.
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    Broken and desperate men do not interest me, the world is full of them drinking their sorrows and playing their emotions like violins. What interests me is broken and desperate men who have climbed the mountain. Whatever misery they had inside them they used it to ascend inch by painful inch. The reward was fresh air and distant horizons.
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    That's not even mentioning John Bolton, high level Trump advisor originally from the Bush Jr administration. War-mongering, blackmailing, little rat with pure malice intent for the world at large
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    5G and the Internet of things originates from israel, I can't stress enough how amazing this video is on showing the origins of 5G, how it works, and why they were built under our noses
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    Despite the hysteria surrounding supposed increases in Covid-19 cases which is causing local lockdowns in the UK, the evidence suggests that cases are not in fact rising if you adjust for the number of tests being carried out. Thanks again to UK Column for featuring the following article 'Covid Cases in England Aren't Rising: Here's Why', from Carl Heneghan of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/covid-cases-in-england-arent-rising-heres-why/ The first three graphs in the article show what the UK government have been purporting as an upward trend particularly when it comes to Pillar 2 cases which are those carried out in the community (as oppose to Pillar 1 cases which come from hospital settings). In these graphs, no adjustment has been allowed for the increase in the number of tests completed. However, the final graph (below) more accurately reflects the situation. Pillar 1 testing has increased by 20% from 41,109 to 49,543 as a seven day moving average. Pillar 2 testing has increased by 82% from 43,161 to 78,522 as a seven day moving average. When adjusting for the increase in testing and standardising per 100,000 tests, the result is a decline in Pillar 1 cases which are likely to include those more seriously affected, and a flatlining of Pillar 2 cases which are more likely to include mild or asymptomatic cases. The importance of adjusting for increased testing is obviously essential and it must be concluded that the UK public are being deliberately misled. As the article rightly concludes:
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    The sheep will get vaccinated, others won't. Those that are meant to survive this will, and those that aren't won't. There will be resistance, but not enough in the short term to prevent their plans going someway down the totalitarian road. However I still think they won't be able to quite pull of the whole global coup in the long term.
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    Same, and yeah Zio neocons and marxists are both different sides of the same coin in my opinion.
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    I haven't used Facebook seriously for years, but a while back I made a throwaway Facebook account to talk to some old friends about the Talpiot program. Maybe the algorithms have changed now, I dunno, but Facebook wouldn't even let me type that in a comment. The moment I started talking about about Israel Facebook asked me for my phone number to verify my account too. Talk about Orwellian.
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    But most medical studies and experts suggest that the method, though accepted, is dangerous and should be retired. The idea behind it is to increase carbon dioxide levels. Hyperventilation causes the body to expel too much carbon dioxide, and “rebreathing” exhaled air helps restore that lost gas.13 May 2008 https://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/13/health/13real.html like most of the internet now, ask and get 100 differing opinions.
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    If you're more familiar with Kryon channellings, please consider starting another thread and describe what you like the most about it, which sessions are particularly important in your opinion, etc. I watched just a few videos and I find it quite interesting.
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    And another. Comes as a pair. What brave people https://www.bitchute.com/video/iNdCnxfMNm9s/
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    Personally I think time is a construct of the brain and only appears as a linear progression so we can make sense of what is happening at any given moment, the only thing that exists in time is the now . Also time is perceived differently by different people, say tennis players trying to return a serve or motor cycle racers doing over 300km per hour that have a split second to break at the end of the straight. People would put that down to reaction time but I have listened to a few interviews where they indicate time is perceived faster to give the appearance that things are traveling slower. If you have ever been in an accident, what ever that may be , things to me seems to slow down and something that might happen in a couple of seconds seems to take longer and gives you a chance to react, getting you out of a sticky spot. Try this, if you own a watch with a second hand look at the face of the watch and notice the movement as it measures the seconds as they pass by , now look away from the watch for 2-3 seconds then quickly look back at the second hand , it always looks like it takes longer to make the first movement then it settles back to it's normal rhythm, that is a trick of the brain making a second seem longer I haven't read any literature on the subject ,just my personal observations
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    When I started this thread I produced a list of 27 things people might want to consider for if and when our current situation deteriorates. That's all. I never said anyone should do anything, it was a list of suggestions. I never said the situation will pan out in a particular way. On the other hand you are telling people what to do based on your assumptions. You assume the situation is going to pan out in a particular way, you assume people live in a particular location, you assume clean water is available, you assume there will be no need for fire, and your answer to every possible scenario is sprouting beans and a tazer? Well I'm sorry but your singular solution does not fit my criteria, and possibly a lot more people besides. I gave suggestions and you're giving instructions based on your predictions, and those predictions are based on a very narrow band of assumptions. If people want to row in with that then fine, but personally I'd prefer to consider that there are other possibilities. I personally wouldn't consider locking myself away and surviving on a diet of sprouting beans as living, but that's just me.
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    I know Peru did have their boarders closed, not sure if reopened since.
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    https://twitter.com/i/status/1293786621477654528 New Zealand now has "Quarantine Camps"
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    Could just be freight planes. If I had to guess, id say that is most likely... bringing in all the Chinese made things people consume. The cabal run Australia , they are not limited to China. Im of the opinion they helped set up todays China, and certainly helped provide capital so that industry could be moved to there. Victoria is more likely a test run in my opinion, rather than a case of the Chinese owning the Victorian government (and not other state governments). The phones do listen to us though, it is not unusual for example for people to see ads that feature things they were talking about around the phone.
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    Thank you Oz, I’ll give it a go and try to master it... and the NWO has no chance, we will win!
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    I posted this before the hack, but it's probably worth me sharing again. Might give people some ideas about what is valued during a SHTF scenario. One Year In Hell…Surviving a Full SHTF Collapse in Bosnia https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/one-year-in-hellsurviving-a-full-shtf-collapse-in-bosnia/
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    Not been following tech and surveillance news much recently, but here are some recent stories: Foxconn Says China's 'Days as the World's Factory Are Done' https://www.pcmag.com/news/foxconn-says-chinas-days-as-the-worlds-factory-are-done Facebook and Instagram ban antisemitic conspiracy theories and blackface https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/aug/12/facebook-and-instagram-ban-antisemitic-conspiracy-theories-and-blackface Clear Channel’s billboards will start tracking consumers in Europe https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/10/21361734/clear-channel-billboards-privacy-ad-tracking-europe Sex robot that 'remembers' is hailed the 'most ambitious AI creation ever' https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/sex-robot-remembers-hailed-most-22506718 Locomation completes public road trial of semi-autonomous truck convoy tech https://venturebeat.com/2020/08/12/locomation-completes-public-road-trial-of-semi-autonomous-truck-convoy-tech/ Samsung Researchers Arrested For Leaking OLED Tech To China https://www.androidheadlines.com/2020/08/samsung-researchers-arrested-oled-tech-china.html Re­VoL­TE attack can decrypt 4G (LTE) calls to eavesdrop on conversations https://www.zdnet.com/article/re-vol-te-attack-can-decrypt-4g-lte-calls-to-eavesdrop-on-conversations/
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    Jeez man you can write. I am partway though the trigger. Can you dripfeed this stuff a little more ? I'm a bad person because I just can't digest this much at once. That was a much nicer way to say the same thing I did earlier, hopefully Also, in my opinion, I accept that I haven't read the last couple of posts, you're just giving them ammunition. They don't give a shit about you. Or anyone else. I am genuinely sorry for your predicament but I don't think you will ever gain ANYTHING from this. I'll not say anything else in the thread. All the best, sincerely.
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    Just stumbled upon lines I hadn't noticed from an article I had linked and quoted in a draft I never posted on the forum… it's straight related to face masks you'll get how, and even though it remains symbolic there sadly still is something left of it in our current reality… here're the lines… What makes it interesting is where these lines were extracted from and what the whole article was about… https://www.history.com/news/are-you-prepared-for-a-zombie-apocalypse-the-u-s-government-is What's the main side-effect of mask-wearing ?
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    Birmingham Gathering – 15 Aug 2020 – 12 Noon “The disproportionate Government response to COVID and the torrent of fear-based reporting , is destroying lives, our businesses, our economy and mental health. Stand up for freedom. Stand up for our rights. Say no to: Unlawful lockdowns — Mandatory masks — Track, trace & test — Health passports.”
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    Here is a video and 1 image I think are appropriate. The video is on Dropbox its too big to upload here.. Falsified Death Certificates Mass Scale Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c81blpsgb228tzr/Hospital Death Certificates Falsified.mp4?dl=0 ps A monty python gif, it has no relation whatsoever, but its funny..
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    An old mate was heavily overweight and he just cut his calories down by half, his simple answer was 'eat less and move more'. It did work..he didn't enjoy doing it so much though.
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    Done lots of blotters in the nineties. Used to go to a lot of squat parties in South London run by the Spiral Tribe and got into aceeed through them. Had a lot of mind blowing experiences. My trips started getting progressively worse. One time I found myself out and about in the early morning and phoned an ambulance for myself as I thought my eyeballs were falling out my head. Ambulance came and picked me up. I was having a panic attack (?) I think as they gave me a paper bag to breathe in and out of, perhaps I was hyperventilating come to think about it. Got to casualty where they put me on a bed. A doctor came along and asked me my name, I went completely paranoid got up and walked home. I wouldn't touch acid now, I had flashbacks for years after.
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    just back from the dump-the place was empty so i drove through a gap in the cones over to the skip when a staff member(full shield on) had a panic attack and told me i was meant to wait at the cones until directed-i told him its obvious covid is bollox and its not my fault your afraid of the invisible man.i know i shouldnt be having confrontations but everytime i meet a jumped up mini hitler i cant help it,they are everywhere and they seem to enjoy the extra responsibility of telling people when and where to go,these are the people tasked with keeping this illusion real even if they dont realise yet
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    Interesting, you appear to know what type of survival it is going to be? Now I don't know where you live, but where I live it rains a lot and it's cold a lot, so yes keeping your feet dry and warm is a very important element of survival in adverse conditions. If you don't look after your feet you won't be walking around too long with your zapper stick, you'll be immobile. Collapsible stove? Yep why not? Easy to set up and take down, fuel is free, no dependence on utilities, can be easily carried in a bug out situation, ability to have hot food on a cold day etc. etc. In cold weather the ability to cook also has a positive psychological effect. Vacuum sealing? Just a way to preserve dried food over a long period, with minimal weight and size. I don't know what you think your " dried bananas dried apples pears" are if not fruit that's been dehydrated and vacuum sealed. Utility knife??? I'd be interested in how you plan to open your tin of baked beans using a tazer? Or make kindling, or gut fish, or cut anything? I'm not saying your zapper is a bad idea, but how long does the battery last? Do you carry spare batteries? Will they hold their charge? If the wiring breaks can you strip the cable, because you don't have a knife or access to fire apparently. My hatchet will still be a hatchet in five years, and if our paths should cross and a situation arises, my bet would be on the guy with the hatchet over the zapper guy. Your zapper has one use only which is personal protection, other than that it is useless. My hatchet has many uses one of which is personal protection, and even judged on that one area alone I believe it would be superior. You seem to be adopting a specific plan for a specific scenario when there are a multitude of possible scenarios, ranging from having to queue to get food and occasional utilities failure to full blown armageddon where society has completely imploded. How do you know your one possibility is the right possibility? Apparently your sole strategy seems to suggest walking around an urban wasteland (possibly barefoot?) with a pocketful of sprouting seeds, another pocketful of baked beans and a zapper stick to protect them? And as a matter of interest, where do you get the clean water to rinse your sprouting seeds twice a day in this scenario? My intention was to put information out there which may be helpful in various different situations which we may face going forward. Others can take what they choose from it, or otherwise. I believe that the ability to grow your own food is a plus, to have proper footwear (especially where I live in northern Europe) is extremely important, to have access to clean water is vital. A supply of food, a means to cook independently, a way to protect yourself, hand tools....all these things are necessary in my view. If you feel that all you need is a pocketful of seeds and a battery operated stick to survive, well that's your belief and your choice. Good luck, because I believe you're going to need it
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    I went to Llandudno at the weekend... 95% of people unmasked which was good to see.
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    Doritos, Joe Biden good man. I can't watch TV as I really find it noxious. If someone has the TV on in their house, the adverts, the news and very much else broadcasted is quite unpleasent. I suppose, I have what ex-smokers commonly experience, is that they can't stand the smell of cigarattes once they have detoxed. When I see all the mask compliant people, even wearing masks out in the street, those who have fully bought into the COVID cult, I say to myself, with a chuckle, they have been watching too much TV news and adverts.
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    Click on the poster and press ignore !!!
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    The childlike gullibility shown by the vast majority of the general public when it comes to this farce makes it feel as though we're living in a gigantic episode of Beadle's About. Waiting for someone to whip off a false beard and shout 'Gotcha'. The much-missed presenter is probably looking down on all this from somewhere with a wry smile on his face.
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    OMD genetic engineering OMD messages Chris Rea fool if you think its over LADY GAGA paparazzi THE JAM going underground OMD radio waves
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    The destruction of race, gender, religion, family and everything that makes us human is their ultimate goal. They have made us hate all of those things. We have become self loathing, aimless, consumer automations with no history and no identity. I am proud of my heritage and my history. I am proud to be white.
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    I'm starting to think that the only solution is a World Wide Million Man Militia March on July 4th 2020. Where everyone who is finished with this totalitarian tiptoe all just leave our houses and say F THIS. They can't stop us all. You guys in the UK gave us the Magna Carta! What the hell has happened? I'm in the US, but I think we need to march on Washington and commandeer the Capital Building and if they don't let us in, we will be armed and we will move them out of the way and we will bust down the doors. It is OUR house. Maybe they'll let us in peacefully, but this crap has got to stop. The only rights we have are the ones we are willing to fight for. At this Constitutional Convention we will serve eviction notices to the treasonous agencies - put notice to the FBI that they will not raid clinics for treating people with Vitamin C anymore, etc, and we will there create a National Militia to enforce our demands. This isn't going to get any better by just sitting around waiting for Trump or Jesus to fix it. We have to do it. They are moving forward with their plans because we're waking up too fast. Of course the Democrats would use this to stage an event, but I don't see any other way.
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