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    This one is coming back around again: NHS workers are paid for doing their job. I'd consider 'true heroes' to be those people who do things for others without thinking about reward or adulation.
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    Lockdown has had one positive at least... https://needtoknow.news/2020/07/infant-deaths-decrease-30-during-lockdown-coinciding-with-sharp-drop-in-vaccinations/ more detail here: https://healthchoice.org/lessons-from-the-lockdown/ ...it seems cases of SIDS have dropped massively which fits with vaccination being the primary cause.
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    It is indeed a "start" and she is correct on one count - this isn't a virus its a naturally occurring exosome produced by the lungs (a bilipid fragment "viral" RNA) in times of stress or toxicity. So yes masks will stop the body from expelling these and increase its toxic load.
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    Sounds like my grandad. BBC or sky news is on ALL THE TIME. I usually just sit outside or go upstairs... I had a brief convo yesterday and he was calling Boris a mass murderer or something. I brought up the care homes but he wasn't too interested. He was moaning that he didn't close the boarders. He thought that it is a balance between the economy and "people's lives". Doesn't seem to realise that if the economy goes we all screwed. I also suggested that he might consider stocking up as a food shortage could be in the books is the noises I am getting the response was "ah but what about everybody else it's greedy ?" So there's not much you can do with brainwashed people. BBC was on today and they had someone on "saying there's no virus, and talking about 5G." He came across as a lunatic but still more sensible than the rest of heir propaganda. But of course we all know the narrative the BBC will push...?
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    An angiogram is radiation first of all. I would ask myself on a normal day how much do I need the X ray? This will further weaken the immunity. With what is going on in the hospitals now I would avoid them at ALL costs. There are times when we need hospitals and some things can't be fixed at home. We are all way to dependent on hospitals and this is all our biggest weakness. MINISTRY OF DEATH at the moment and not to be trusted if you ask me. If the immunity is down then work on building it up........... Diet is a huge factor. Cut sugar 100%. That means no sugar at all including white potatoes (turn to sugar in the mouth). No pasta, no rice, no refined sugars no bread ,only alittle fruit (it will cause cravings for more sugar). Eat green veg only and cut all dairy (mucus forming in the gut). Handfull of mixed Nuts (not salted) for breakfast, 1 piece of fruit for lunch and greens for main meal. Clean water or homemade herbal teas (echinacea, ginger, tumeric, garlic, dandelion root etc) only inbetween meals. Just 1 month on the plan and watch the immunity boost! No meat either (turns to acid in the stomach) and this includes white meat. Exercise alongside the plan is very important. Sleep is a huge factor. We only repair when sleeping. 1am to 3am is when the peneal gland is most active and producing melotonin the most. Total darkness in the room. No light leaks from outside and no mobile phones or computers in the bedroom. Melotonin can only be produced in a very dark room with no light leaks. All disease starts in the stomach or gut (Inflamation and mucus). Eating the wrong foods for long periods among other factors (genetics,circumstances,stress) causes long term problems. Clean the gut (The Earth) and watch the rest of the body follow. It depends on how ill your friend is already of course but ANY meds they prescibe will further weaken the immunity. I'm not a vegan or a veggie so I'm not trying to push that on you either. I do eat dairy and meat occasionaly. If I was ill though then I would hit the plan and cut the lot. I talk from personal experience and have seen the diet change and help many. Good luck.
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    @Jack i tweeted the turd back. it's best to be graphic towards these actual covidiots to get the message across.
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    Been back to work for the last two weeks, now furloughed again for three weeks, followed by one week compulsory holiday and then one week requested holiday. Due back to work 10th August. I Believe 14 of my work colleagues have been made redundant, so far. I am a delivery driver for an engineering company and travel all over the country. On my first day back I had my temperature taken, as has been the case for all days in the morning. I was given a mask to wear which went straight into my pocket, only agreeing to put it on if I was asked too when doing deliveries. Really don't need to wear it while in the cab on my own, but have seen people with them on whilst driving. Going through Leicester city centre on Tuesday saw a sign saying "COVID-19 pop up cycle lane" with lots of traffic cones WTF. Have put mask on once. Loops around my ears then under my chin. Wasn't asked or told to put over nose and mouth. Wore it a second time last Friday when went to doctors to collect heart medication. I have had text messages saying they were compulsory on entering surgery. Took it off when I saw the two women at the dispensary weren't wearing one and were standing talking to each other about 2 feet apart. Listening to woman on radio on Tuesday whilst going up the M1. She was telling the show host that she had been planning a walking holiday in Italy this year, but will not go now. Just the thought of going to an airport and getting on an aeroplane filled her with dread. She hated going to her local super market and always wore gloves and a mask. Could not help but feel sorry for her. Wanted to tell her to stop listening to the M.S.M and look at some alternative information outlets. Posts on this forum make much more sense and are very often backed up with hard evidence, unlike the B.B.C etc.. As are reports by Tucker Carlson, Del Bigtree (the high wire). Andrew Kauffman, Rashid Buttar, Kate Sherriman and others. This madness has got to stop, but then you all know that. Off to bed now, me and wife getting tired. Good night all, and may YOUR god, who, or what ever he, she or it is, be with you.
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    From Aangirfan... http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2020/07/covid-19-masks-vaccinations-wars-goyim.html
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    I'm kicking myself for my formerly easy going attitude to all this gender BS. Previously, I thought each to their own, where it's between consenting adults. On another site this morning, there was a series of links- some of which had already been taken down, but a couple weren't - related to items for transgender children aged 4 upwards. I'm not posting them because they were both sick and sickening. One was items for sale, and I quickly shut it down. I'd thought it was some news story I was opening, not flaming tiny child sized dildos. The other looked like a magazine article, with a nice, cheerful,normal looking woman sitting sewing fake willies into small girls' knickers. Again, I got the gist and closed it straight down. My attitude has done a 180 degree turn. I have zero tolerance now for what I see as wicked, twisted deviants, who seem determined to mess children up in the most cruel, inhuman way. They need to be stood up to, and smashed down into oblivion. Vile dregs of society, who have been encouraged to have a sense of entitlement. They are not entitled. They can rot in hell. Thought police can get stuffed. It is not, and never will be acceptable, and if someone wants to behave in this appalling manner, they need to be treated with the disgust it warrants. They are attacking children at every conceivable level, and they deserve to be held fully accountable for it instead of all this kowtowing to the freaks . *Edit* And come to that, JK made a serious mistake claiming Dumbledore was gay. There was nothing at all in the books that gave such an indication of his sexuality. And nor should there have been, as they are children's books. She should have left sex right out of it.
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    Here we go again! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12028101/ghislaine-maxwell-suicide-watch-jail/
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    I bet they hate him even more for saying it.
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    No need to cancel the Carnival then is there? And what was the police-tosser doing in a watch tower?
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    I'd rather vote a jar of meat paste in. It would have a higher IQ.
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    Ha! I'm still waiting for an inquest into the local hospital's hand in my dad's death on Christmas Eve 18. Heroes my arse! Their behaviour was despicable.
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    Be good to have more articles like this in the mainstream media. I know we need a mass awakening but first things first, let's get the muzzles off people so they stop looking like utter pricks.
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    'We all have to follow the 'Golden Rules', and them that's got the gold, make the rules! Attributed to Rufus 'Bearcat' Thomas, an old black bluesman! THE FOLLOWING ARE ATTRIBUTED TO POPCORN SUTTON. 'Modern slaves are not in chains, they are in debt'! Maybe if we start telling folk that the brain is an app, they'll start using it'! 'Ignorance can be educated, and crazy can be medicated, but there is no cure for stupidity'! 'If brains were gasoline, some folks couldn'r run a piss ant's go kart twice round a cheerio'! 'There are two days in ever week that we have no control over, Yesterday, and Tomorrow'! 'Life is like being a toilet roll, either you're on a roll, or, you're taking shit from some arsehole'!
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    Here's an irony about being told to spend more time indoors. UK homes contain the highest levels in the world of flame retardant chemicals, all of which are toxic and each of which eventually gets banned for being so. Flame retardants get into house dust, then into our systems, e.g. UK mothers' breast milk contains the highest FR levels in the world. Flame retardants cause cancers and a whole range of illnesses and are particularly harmful to children and their neurological and mental development. In other words, your home is far more dangerous to your health than the virus. Instead of putting his clothes in the wash and having a shower as soon as he comes home, he'd be better off throwing out his sofas, mattresses, carpets and bedding. Replace them from countries that do not have our ridiculous furniture flammability laws that do not even work. Oh, and don't buy a new home since the insulation behind the walls will also be packed with flame retardants.
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    Does he clean the shower before he has a shower ? ?
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    If there was this dangerous, killer virus out there, as they say, some sort of decontamination procedure would be required for outer clothing and any objects brought in from outside, not just the inadequate paper masks and handwashing. It is obvious that the COVID is fake.
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    This is absolute bullshit. What proof do you have there are too many people on this planet, where are you stats or figures. This sounds like the words of some bill gates and israel supporter There too many bill gates, opera winfreys, zionosts and polititians, get rid of them, they do not belong here. To directly contradict you there are not enough people on this planet, but there are too many haters, warmongers, spreading their vile crap on the tv, pulling the strings of governments from israel which is where the new one world government will be.
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    @screamingeagle @Golden Retriever This is the nature of feudalism - We have had this for many centuries - from the tartars to the neo-europeans et al - the industrial revolution bought some respite for some of us for a while while they asset stripped whatever tehnology was useful to their cause, and now they are simply reinstating feudalism. Its that simple and no one has a clue! The fabians did a stunning job hyjacking the education system & the media do a fabulous job pushing the statist agenda. They do not realise that if the state succeeds they will be the next on the the block for the chop! and they should pay heed to that!! The intent is precise and the same as always - control. Just the methodology has changed and is relative to our time. The only way forward is through knowledge - we have had opportunity and so far over the past 20 years of this communicaton revolution it has been squandered on egotistical indulgence for the majority - only a small percentage have taken up the mantle of truth (and I am gratified to have stumbeld onto this forum). I dont deny that the counter efforts to gatekeeper the truths that conspiracy theory has revealed, have been significant. They have been, and well co-ordinated too. It seems it will be the simple truths that have the greatest effect. They are undeniable.
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    Hi Jack I agree with what you're saying completely, although I cannot help thinking that people need to take responsibility for their own lives and that of their children. My dad has always rejected “modern medicine” and has been into homeopathy etc for my lifetime. None of me or my siblings have been vaccinated and we’ve taken the same decision for our children. If any of the kids seem to be ill, we would try and help them fight it off themselves for a few days rather than resorting to antibiotics. But clearly in society as a whole, there is clearly a dependency on medication. I see it a lot in my job working with people convicted and sent to prison, for example, the first thing they want/ need is some form of medication.... GPs , particularly locums it seems, like the quick fix of a prescription rather than dealing with root issues
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    I’m sharing something I am deeply ashamed of, but there was a lesson learned. I do not wish to attempt to explain it from a materialistic or scientific perspective as it is not how I experienced it. For twenty years I stayed strictly on the material plane because my experiences with the other realm were filled with demons that I didn’t know how to deal with. I got into a situation where an (angel?) had to aid me as I was in over my head. A year ago I read the book Phenomena by Annie Jacobson, and a couple Carlos Castaneda books (at the time I didn’t know the story of him going crazy and all). So I thought I’d try my hand at divining. In my ignorance I decided to “divine” numbers to play the lottery. The numbers I got were just good enough to keep me trying, but never really winning. Then one night I dreamt I was at a Latin American bazaar with food, gifts, etc. My young son was with me. He is never in my dreams and this was strange. He went over to some sort of animals that were very colorful and had spines and was touching them. I allowed him to play with them but something about them disturbed me. For a week or so I continued to get numbers from a low voice alone in the dark. I started to notice as time went on that my son took on a sort of pallor and got rings under his eyes. Then I realized that I had unconsciously made a bargain with a demon or demons that involved my son! I had checked out the book the I Ching from the library and knew it functioned as an oracle. I went to the I Ching, opened it to a random page and read the prophecy. It confirmed the date, said I was consulting with a malicious entity and to stop immediately. I then asked the low voice if it intended on taking my son. It said yes. It was game over or so I thought. Then one night, without any overlying illness, my son developed a very high fever. He was literally burning up. I had to put him in a bath of lukewarm water to break the fever. It was the most horrifying night. I knew it was a payback for severing the relationship I formed with the malicious entity. I was lucky nothing further happened and my son is fine. This was how I learned never to use my subtle senses for selfish reasons. I now use my senses with the intentions of devotional prayer, reverence, and guidance from God, to be of better service to my family, and to further my spiritual practice. It is not without glitches, and I still encounter demons occasionally, but now I know how to handle myself better.
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    I have closed my facebook, only have a twitter account under a pseudonym, I don't have instagram or any of the others. I don't want to feed these corporations who censor anyone they’re not tracking down or manipulating. There seem to be quite a few alternatives rising up now but I'm growing kind of bored of social media anyway. What will be the future for social media?
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    1) No person ever walked on the Moon. 2) It is likely that the Moon is not something that can be landed upon as it is both self-luminating and also shows qualities that appear translucent. 3) The very idea that Richard Nixon called the astrofreemasonfucks and spoke with them in real time is so ridiculous it defies further explanation. Look, there is no way that a 10^-17 torr vacuum known as "deep space" exists next to our atmosphere, let alone inside of it, let alone with multiple gigantic suns existing inside of it. The whole thing is cartoon idiocy. FFS, we can't even go 200 miles up let alone a quarter of million! With all you people know about freemasonry and its connection to the power structure of our world, I find it amazing how many still buy into their cgi, blue screen, swimming pool, cartoon fantasy. They gave the astofucks snorkels ffs!
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    I've read somewhere that they are planning an alternative..... God knows.... You know nothing makes sense. ?
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    He gets away with his bullshit on this forum all day everyday.
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    The bit I've always found strangest is when they say that "we don't have the technology" to go to the moon anymore. When you look at what they had to work with in 1969 - the lunar lander looks like something designed by a Blue Peter competition winner - and then consider how far technologically-speaking we have come since then, it almost makes no sense that we 'are unable' to land on the moon again. Yet at the same time, they're talking about planning manned missions to Mars? I think I read about all this in John Hamer's book "The Falsification Of History" where he noted that the Apollo moon program ended at the same time as the Vietnam war did.
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    there is a small risk of having a stroke or heart attack when having an angiogram, its small but still very bad if it happens.
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    K gonna watch the video. Thanks https://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/occult-meaning-beyonces-lemonade/ Like the vigilant citizen’s analysis of pop culture. He’s usually on point.
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    I paraphrase Jesus: "Don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you." An ancient German proverb very relevant today: "Male nicht den Teufel and die Wand"/"Don't paint the Devil on the wall", meaning that you shouldn't conjure up the Devil with your thoughts or words.
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    It is, until he files the paperwork so he can appear on the ballot paper. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jul/05/kanye-west-declares-he-will-run-for-us-president-in-2020?fbclid=IwAR3ToYZFTMT1fF8U_nYSqJs3ldDYVE4x3qsFkHUqKk3n5D-55V5nFxFUGS0 Best of luck to him. Perhaps he's being primed to be the 'scapegoat' to take the blame for Trump or Biden losing.
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    If you wanna know about ocd my mate has a relative who when he comes home he puts all his clothes in the wash and has a shower, as he’s so terrified of getting the virus
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    Clapping resumes today at 5pm. Make sure you wash your hands before and after clapping, we don't want this virus spreading now.
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    Israel has always looked down on humanity and seen itself as the master race, just as hitler did but a million times worse. Did you know, you are not allowed to convert to the jewish religion. They will not accept you. The only religion in the world that does this. Total snobs and haters. With their banks and printed money the jews control the world. Such a simple invention, bits of paper, but it allowed them to purchase american presidents and that is where the hatred and israel was born. Power corrupts, and absolute power...
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    Or a sausage by its skin. ?
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    Which airport did you fly out from? To be honest, I don't go to the airport to eat food or do shopping (all over-priced), I go there so I can get on a plane! ?️ I suppose it is a bit tricky to sit and eat or drink if you're expected to keep your face covered.
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    It's mad. So I can't fancy Asian chicks anymore? I have to ejaculate inside someone of African origin just to please this guy?
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    A rather good article with a very telling paragraph from the editor of one of the worlds foremost medical journals (New England Medical Journal) and a second from the editor of the Lancet; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4572812/?fbclid=IwAR1jNHjkrE-WXjg7CBHtRdSIQ5QS9z69mHrtnik3rZhhI1L7EkxNy4rXPKw
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    Gosh, yes, Rachel, what a brilliant thought! I have just found some strength and solace in two of Laura Eisenhower's most recently posted videos, on her website, although they are from 2018. But in them among many other things, she also says we have to remember to stay strong and not concede our power to others. Meaning in this case, I think, that I need to tell anyone who wants to stop me from going into a supermarket or shop without a face-mask with a superior air that everyone who is wearing one should feel protected enough from my breath. If they do not feel protected, then why are they wearing one? They might as well not! I am hoping I can talk my way in then. I mean, it's the same shops I go into every week to get my groceries and in one to collect my local newspaper I am subscribed to. I'll check out the situation tomorrow on my round, when it is not mandatory yet...
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    https://archive.org/details/BeholdAPaleHorse_201807/page/n7/mode/2up Behold a Pale Horse
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    fs of course it was faked. photos, footage, the fecking lander was made of aluminium foil. playing golf, riding around in sand buggies, reflections, shadows, stars,
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