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    Hi all! So, we are currently moving all the members and posts across to the new forum. You'll all receive a sign up email, probably Monday morning now, for you to click through into the new forum. I'm sorry for all the hassle and delays over the last few weeks. We're nearly there, and hopefully it will be worth is and you'll really like the new set up.
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    I also tested the new DI social for about 7-8 hours yesterday evening after work and into the early hours. Without going into detail about all the problems, glitches and my reservations about the concept of the place too, I feel that, in its present state, the new platform is not fit for purpose. It isn't user friendly and neither does it work intuitively. It was hard to navigate. I have asked if this existing forum can be rebuilt with structure (subforums etc) added again with threads moved across to appropriate areas, regular back ups taken, the additional Cloudflare security ditched and new members able to sign up. Even if it is temporary whilst a new better forum is built which I think could take some time to get right. Members need to see some improvement now. I feel that this is completely the wrong time to introduce a non starter of a new forum. This is an absolutely key time for this forum to continue in a fit for purpose format. It is a key time because of the Plandemic which is closing in on every aspect of our lives - we need to keep on exposing it. But, also, this forum has been a place of sanity for many members during these times - I count myself in that. To kill off one of the last surviving bastions of hope, sanity and free speech during these times could be detrimental to some members. I think we need to reinstate this forum as much as possible for now with back ups taken regularly. Then decisions can be made as to what to do going forward. Whether or not my concerns will be heard is another matter...
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    Hi all, So as per my previous post. I will say again for the people who do not wish to go back a few pages. I work in R&D in the NHS. The vaccine is definitely being trialed. There will be 16 (maybe more) UK wide vaccine studies all hoping to recruit 20,000 subjects each. This will be a combination of NHS staff and patients. From the conversations I have had and heard people are clamoring to join these studies. They genuinely believe that a vaccine is the cure. I have made several comments about what I have learnt regarding this vaccine and how it contains DNA altering ingredients and i get the fluoride stare. These are people who I thought had a brain and thought to educated. Anyway, ill now detail the PAMPERING that NHS staff and hospital have received where I work (I'm certain it was nationwide). During the start of the lockdown, my hospital received fridges/freezers from Currys PC world, numerous donations of food, clothes, toiletries, free food for staff donated by local catering companies, TV's, Leisure items (Xbox's, Playstations etc) There was no Tik Tok videos from the nurses and doctors at my hospital. Maybe because they were all busy eating, drinking and doing nothing. I spoke with numerous ambulance drivers and nurses and it was the same thing all the time "We are waiting for the flood, it hasn't arrived yet" There was a huge redeployment drive. Nurses were supposedly coming out of retirement to help. I believe this is false. We have a research nurse who works with us and she was not asked to redeploy onto the wards. The nurses I spoke with did not seem stressed and under pressure. In fact they all seemed relaxed and bored. At the start of lockdown, I remember that majority of the staff had "symptoms" and they had to self isolate. I genuinely believe that if there was no "pandemic" most would of carried on working as it is just flu/cold reclassified. However the advice was to self isolate. I think about 70% of staff were isolating at the start of lockdown. To this date I know of only 1 person who has this deadly virus. I questioned "Was it the virus or did you just have a bad case of the flu" Mind you the person who had the "virus" is a vegan. Make of that what you will. I know another person whose elderly parents contracted the "virus" however she practices herbal medication and she pumped her parents full of Vitamin C and other herbal remedies and they both survived. Which says a lot about the current treatment. Fast forward to today, I feel ashamed to work in the NHS. It is disgusting how much staff are being pampered. In my hospital there is a ward that is not in use and it has been turned into a relaxation lounge. There are staff from AIRLINES providing a first class experience for NHS staff (I shit you not) Free drinks, snacks, magazine and other reading material, place to sit and relax, all of this and more being provided by cabin crew. I have and will not go! This experience is always busy. There is NO anti social distancing going on in here. It is a place where masks can be removed. I mean where is the consistency! Currently there is an outbreak of 2 (yes you read that right) members of staff that were showing "symptoms" of the so called virus. There has been communication of locking down the hospital after only just now allowing small numbers of urgent referrals to come through. ALL for 2 members showing symptoms! I made a joke about what were the symptoms as we all know that everything is now a symptom. Because of this outbreak, testing has been ramped up. I can only assume that all NHS hospitals are testing staff every 2 weeks. I wonder if these tests are being added to the new buzz word "cases" as positive. Also, telemedicine is definitely here to stay. There is a small study ongoing in my hospital (and probably elsewhere) to see how it will work and so far people prefer it. Also, I know of 2 people from my hospital who went to the Nightingale Hospital. 1 returned after a day and the other after a week. Feedback was "It was dead, no patients" Regarding deaths, I now believe that the figures are cooked. I know of 4 people who have lost elderly loved ones. I asked all of them "Did they die with or from the virus" and all of them have said WITH! Also, my neighbors lost their 94 year old mother to old age in their OWN HOME. They have been told that if they want the body they have to allow a COVID cause of death on the certificate. I lost my shit when I heard this. She had cancer and many other underlying issues! Fucking heartless doctors! I will admit, I was a bit scared at the start of February when it started but people on this forum and me being awake and doing research helped me lose that fear. My mother is elderly and even she knows that COVID is a scam. She sussed it from the start. For the first few weeks of lock down she didn't go out. In the end she got fed up and went out anyway. That's enough from me today. I will post more when I have any updates. It's a shame that I can't attach PDF's I would've attached some of the study Patient Information Sheets. Oh well. Take care everyone.
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    I have been talking to Dwayne today, and we've decided the best course of action is that we run the two side by side. We will spend tomorrow updating and reopening this particular forum, and it will be run by the current moderators. I will be a silent admin, as for me to walk away, take my dads name off the forum and move servers etc, is a complete data protection horror show. We couldn't just hand over everyone details and so we'd basically just be binning off the forum. While I was a tad cheesed off last night, that would be a complete dick move and I'm not willing to do that. So this will go back to normal but with updates, and I will simply have a foot in the door should it be required. Once the new social is glitch and bug free, we'll open that along side it and hopefully they'll work in unison. We don't spend all night in the same pub after all. No emails and automatic move to the social will happen. It will just be there if people want to use it. I'll let folks know when that is. People should absolutely join different forums, and set up ones of their own though. I stand by that. More the merrier. Anyway, we'll have this back open to new members and everything by end of play tomorrow. I just want to be sat at the same desk going over everything so it's not just a phone conversation. As for the original DIF. We have it and it is on a server. We know which one, but believe it or not, we've not had access to it. I've never been in a position of management or organisation before recently, and things were run in a crazy way at times. I was always reliant on hassling someone else to do something so I could report back, which is where the perception of ignorance has come from. That isn't how it will be from now on in, so touch wood, everything can run a tad more smoothly from now on. Not fishing for any form of sympathy, but we are a small team, that covers all the different aspects of what my Dad does, and in the last few months, we've been deleted by facebook, YouTube, mail chimp (whole email database deleted by them), Paypal, Vimeo (both Dads and Ickonic), Waterstones, and our two book fulfilment warehouses have refused to continue to stock our books and have given us a months notice to clear out stock. Then there is the hack of the forum, and the week long massive DDOS attacks on both David Icke.com and Ickonic. These are crazy times and with us trying to fix all these issues, the forum fell into the cracks at times.
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    So for the first time since this 'wear masks in shops' bullshit started, I had to go shopping. I'll be honest though, as my partner said she was ok wearing a mask (but thankfully she is AWAKE), and did not want me to be in a mood all day, she initially offered to go inside alone. Driving there I became aware of the fact that for some reason I was almost backing down. I've been around for nearly four decades and I've always had a degree of spunk inside me to fight back. I asked myself, where is the old me, that would not even flinch to walk around with no mask. Now, I'm driving there thinking 'I can't be bothered with this altercation'. When we arrived at the first shop, Sainsburys, my partner got out of the car and thankfully I had the fucking balls to do the same. "What are you doing" "I'm going in" My testosterone was pumping. Sounds crazy but I felt like enemy of the state. A couple of dodgy looks on my way in. My partner also without mask. Felt proud to have a woman like that by my side and I offer my prayers of strength for those going it alone. Walked past the two assistants on the door and got completely ignored. A glance at the security guard. Did my business and got the fuck out of there. Quite a few dodgy looks, mainly from the older generation. It was actually just ARGOS pick up point we needed. I saw one store assistant stop dead and stare as I followed the path that was fenced in. I shouted loudly "fuck me, it's like queuing for the big dipper". Argos assistant was pleasant. Way out, some guy quickly grabbed hold of his 4 year old kids who were all in masks, and some guy stopped dead with his trolley to gawp. Nothing I cant handle. Next store, Lidl. Big food shop... a couple of dodgy looks but surprisingly nothing major inside, and the till assistant didn't have a mask on. Good girl. Way out, and I wouldn't normally do this, but I noticed a couple of oldies starring in their car. I left it, walked closer, still starring. As I approached their car , the guy made a really judgemental glance and looked at us although we were the fucking Annunaki. So I snapped. I know not cool at an older man but I could have a hidden disability, whatever. I don't. Fuck all wrong with me, I just don't do masks end of. So I shouted "ALRIGHT MATE? BIT NOSEY AINT YA". I apologised to my partner as all around the shops I was on edge. Not nervous, but more as in I was ready to fight. And fight I will. Today I realised what can be done. To everyone out there who thinks the same way, go out, do not wear a shitty mask, and show these motherfuckers they cannot drag us down. Ok it's a minor victory but I feel empowered for doing it. There is a hidden code of honour amongst people like us... I saw another non mask wearer and it was a nice moment, a little nod. We are not alone. Thanks for reading.
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    Even some people who get the flu have strange and unique symptoms. That does not mean those symptoms should be added to the symptom list for the flu, that would be dumb. But dumb is what we're living today. It's all about money...money...money. The more symptoms they can add to the Covid-19 symptom list, the more people they can diagnose with Covid, then the more money they get. The more people get diagnosed the more they can keep increasing the supposed numbers of infected and deaths and so the more they can keep up the appearance of a pandemic, which will rake in even more money, money, money for politicians, drug companies, govt agencies, etc. If they can keep it up long enough and make it big enough, they can go for the mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports, which together will be somewhere around a $300 billion industry. The proof that there is no virus is in the numbers. Heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, bronchitis, strep throat, asthma, diabetes, common colds, and the flu are all down 90% this year. We have decades of data showing what each of these should be, collated by month, and all of them are mysteriously almost non-existent now. Even people dying of cancer are having Covid-19 put on their death certificates. There isn't any more proof needed than that that there is no Covid virus. Go all the way back to January. January is the month that is the peak of flu season. The WHO just happens to be in Wuhan, and the first week of January begins reporting that some people in Wuhan are getting sick with flu-like symptoms. Well, duh - January is the peak of flu season!! Then, when one of these flu-like people dies, the WHO is already directly keyed into all of the news media, which begins to sow the seeds of a coming pandemic. A week later, the WHO starts using brand new, just invented Corona virus test kits, and determines that these sick people in Wuhan just coincidentally happen to have a brand new never before seen Corona virus that just happens to match their brand new test kits. That's right folks - of all the thousands of viruses that could remotely possibly jump from an animal to a human, and in the many thousands of places on Earth that this could happen, the WHO is magically right there at ground zero when and where it happens, and they even have newly invented test kits that exactly match that particular virus even though that virus supposedly never existed before. In other words, this is impossible. Then, we have the WHO testing only sick people in the calculation of the virus's infection and death rates, when they're supposed to be testing across a random sample of the population, not just sick people. This type of error, called "population bias" is something that the WHO has a long, long history of doing, and this type of error produces wildly inflated results. In this case, their calculated death rate was approximately off by 2,000%. The common symptoms of Covid-19, we're told, are exactly the same symptoms of the flu. Now that we have months of data, we can also see that the infection and death rate of this virus is also the same as the flu. We have decades of data showing that every year 3-5 million people die from the flu. Most of these deaths are elderly people, because in elderly people the flu often evolves into pneumonia and respiratory arrest, exactly like what we're told Covid-19 does. In other words, Covid-19 is the seasonal flu and it always was the seasonal flu. The test kits have proven to be completely useless. The false positive rate is around 80%. The other 20% are people who have been exposed to any of several common Corona viruses, including the common cold. The media and the politicians and many corporations and health care companies, are using these ridiculously unreliable test kit numbers to misreport what's happening, using false positives and positives from the common cold to manufacture hysteria and to manufacture a pandemic that does not exist. As of last December, both the TV news media and the WHO were on the ropes, so to speak. TV news media was losing millions of dollars per month, with ratings at the lowest in their history, and with talk that some of them would soon have to shutter. The WHO had already had millions in funding pulled by the US, and other major countries were also about to pull their funding. In other words, the TV news and the WHO were both about to go extinct. The only thing they needed was one good pandemic to save them. It has been a smashing success, don't you think? If you still are not convinced just look at Event 201 and who the players in that were. They basically scripted the entire pandemic out, down to the very virus involved, and it was all scripted and documented last October, three months before the "pandemic". And all of the people involved in running and controlling the pandemic were all there in attendance. Add to that, Bill Gates's tweet on December 19th saying "2020 will be the greatest year ever to invest in vaccine companies".
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    Hi all have not posted on these forums for quite some time but thought I would with this topic! Because I thought there have to be lots of ‘awake’ people on here. Anyway, I was on the antidepressant Sertraline for some time but woke up one day 8 weeks ago and stopped, decided there and then to quit. i had experienced negative effects from the medication, bad dreams almost every night, lack of interest in a lot of things, horrendously bad ‘sweet tooth’, low attention span etc. The first two weeks I didn’t see much difference, the three weeks after I felt pretty low and miserable and almost considered taking them again. But I persevered and now the past 3 weeks I have felt the best I have in several years and almost feel a clarity of thinking about the world and about my own self. what are your thoughts on these type of meds? I now feel very untrusting of them. Now I’ve switched to a vegetarian diet, am more aware of myself and things, or am least moving in that direction.
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    Lockdown means fuck all if you just go out where you want, whenever you want. I've been doing that all this time and have never been challenged once. Everything is your own perception and if you don't fear being accosted by the cops or challenged by anyone it's very likely you won't be. We all have personal empowerment and should never consider ourselves to be vulnerable victims of authority. Nothing they do is really enforceable, they're relying on complicity, they're fucked if people just refuse to follow orders. Fuck the cabal and their government puppets, they have no power if we don't offer up any fear.
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    It's nice to have a fully functioning forum back and I am grateful to Gareth for listening to the crew and keeping this forum alive. I don't think we liked the idea of being hidden away behind some kind of private social network thing.... Half of the fun of the forum is wondering who might be out there reading this stuff....... it feels like being connected to the world...of course the internet isn't half as much fun as it used to be.....but maybe full free speech will return one day....the Internet is still young after all....... But I remember a time when the old Forum was so influential that anything conspiracy related you typed into the internet you would get David Icke Forum responses on Google's first page..... that was solely on account of the traffic and popularity of the forum in those days, now of course, the Internet has been 'fixed' so it only displays mainstream media results that no one cares about.... So thanks everyone and thanks to the moderator team, Ink, Basket Case, Screaming Eagle and Eve thingy for all your selfless hard work making it all work.
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    Hi everyone, just wanted to say I hope everything goes well with the new forum. This has been my lifeline, I don't have anybody really that believes what's going on. So I'm on my own, but I can only say thank you so very much for doing your research and posting, I feel like I know your personalities so well, and it's good you see you all have your own inputs and your own strengths. But each of you have made things better for me, and opened my eyes even wider. I never posted much always felt I couldn't post anything as in depth as you lot did, but posted how I was feeling about the situation. I feel like things are kinda getting out of control with the government, it's like there on steroids just bringing in any rule they want, and the sheep are worshipping them like their gods. It seems they need a new religion and it's the conviru. Anyway thankyou so much and hope the new forum works out, if it doesn't I will be gutted, it's my daily sanctuary away from all the madness. Thanks everyone xx
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    Because during 10 hours of discussion, I am sure that 'case' knew the way I felt! I am posting because as 'Eve' has said .... I do get 'some' contact back from Gareth. Not enough by any consideration though .... you need an admin who is active on a forum. So .... Currently Gareth intends to go ahead with the move on Monday. I hope you like facebook? I am also posting as .... if this forum is to end on Monday .... I will not be posting on the 'new facebook'. I never have had social media accounts and I do not want one. I definitely do not wish to be given no option to join or not. I know what the new site software is and the plugins being used. It is not a forum .... it is facebook social media first and incorporates a forum. I only want a forum .... I don't need any 'followers' and I don't 'follow' anyone. Some may 'like' it .... I think many will say .... wtf! I have expressed my concerns to Gareth .... but have had no reply yet. I have asked for this forum NOT to be closed and the posts not moved to the 'facebook' .... If people wish to join the new site, then they can have that option. I have asked that this current forum is correctly defined with sections (thus the threads can be moved accordingly) and that it is backed up every day. *** I did type a lot more and then this shit fucking lost it all :( Look .... If you 'like' facebook, then you will be happy with the new site .... if like me you just want a forum to discuss concepts, ideas and events .... then you won't!
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    I made my first video for Youtube. Hopefully I will get better at it.
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    Hi, I am long time reader of this forum and have recently signed up. I posted in the new member section. Anyway, I work in Research and Development in the NHS (wont say which hospital) I am not an important person in my department. I am admin but saying that I see lots of communication between us and various "sponsors" and I see lots of different "studies" I will not bore people on how a study or clinical trial comes to fruition. Since this scamdemic, COVID 19 studies have been coming in thick and fast. There is currently a nationwide Public Health England study for hospital staff and antibodies for the so called virus. It is called SIREN. I was part of the Site Initiation Visit early this month. It was done on zoom. There were some interesting comments made. One that stuck out mentioned immunity passports. We all now that this could be a thing but I believe that it will happen. Before a Site Initiation Visit we are asked to read the study protocol and familiarise ourselves with the Patient Information Sheet. I didn't have time to do this so I was blind to what the study required. 2 weekly bloods and a swab test and questionnaires for one YEAR (Yes the bloods and swabs are for a year as well) I asked a valid question during the conference call about the test not being accurate and if the virus hasn't been isolated what are they testing the antibodies for. I quickly got shut down. I didn't pursue after that and stayed quiet. Staff have been consenting to this study in droves. It is crazy how people are so willing to give up their data to help fight "COVID" The questionnaire asks such questions as "How many children do you have" "What is their age" "Do you have elderly in your household" Alarm bells started ringing for me when I saw what data PHE were asking for. Sadly not everyone can see. There is also a study in the pipeline where the Crick Institute is doing the same thing. There is another study where dogs are being used to sniff out people who have/had COVID (I shit you not) The dog study has my alarm bells ringing. If successful, dogs could be used to sniff out people standing in queue etc. Scary stuff. I haven't seen any other "studies" yet but I'm sure many more are in the pipeline. Also, I think that ALL hospitals in the UK that have Research and Development departments will be soon asked to take on vaccine studies. Research brings a lot of money for hospital coffers and COVID studies are the next big thing. Also, something else I found out about a few months ago..... ALL NHS HOSPITALS HAVE HAD THEIR DEBTS WIPED CLEAN BY THE GOVERNMENT (Let that sink in) Now, all staff at the hospital have MANDATORY swab tests every 2 weeks (I haven't complied) Once again I challenged it with the Chief Executive and the Head of Nursing. Once again I was shut down. We MUST wear masks whilst on site as well. Once again I haven't complied and once again I raised my concerns with the relevant people and was told the same old nonsense "It's government guidelines" I had a altercation with someone earlier this month regarding the mask wearing. I shall post that in the relevant topic later. Now regarding anti social distancing. We are constantly reminded to anti social distance yet no one does which is refreshing but sad at the same time because people still wear masks. I get that people don't want to lose their jobs but it is the good old saying "Oh it's only for a few hours, what harm can it do" There is me thinking that Doctors, Consultants, Surgeons and Nurses are educated. Far from it. Blindly following "rules" The people I work with are morons as well. They cannot wait for the vaccine. Despite me trying to wake them from their slumber. I have given up with them now. I used to see them as friends but now they are just colleagues and people I work with. There is no helping some people. A lot of people will remember that at some point hospitals were crying out for ventilators and PPE. If only this was true. I saw a whole ward full of PPE and ventilators not being used. I wish I had taken a picture. Last week the hospital put out a email regarding BLM and how EVERYONE should pledge their solidarity to the movement by having a picture taken on the helipad. Again I raised my concerns about BLM being a movement that the hospital should not align themselves with. I was almost called a racist. I have more to say but I shall leave it for another post. All the best
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    Hi everyone, long time lurker of this forum but never joined up, here is my time! Just a little story and opinion. I ordinarily live in Wales but have been working away in England for a couple of months. I will be glad when I am back so I don’t have to deal with this mandatory in shops etc shite.. Went into a local supermarket yesterday to get some things; upon walking through the entrance I knew straight away what was coming. Snotty woman on the door with no mask on - “You need a mask on!!” Pointing towards the large notice at the door ”No, I don’t” I replied - then “what do you mean?” And I simply reply again “no, I don’t need to wear one”, and continued to walk on whilst getting funny looked by the security and some bemused shoppers originally I was waiting for the whole “why not, why don’t you need one” etc to which I’d be happy to go into a tirade about how they have no right questioning my medical background or reasons for exemption but I think she was just bewildered - or maybe they know not to step into that territory! the fact is you shouldn’t need to justify why you aren’t wearing one to anybody as it opens up the door to all sorts of privacy invasion - and I must say I walked through the whole supermarket and I spotted maybe one person out of hundreds all masked up. It was depressing. Watching people scowling at me in horror. A population living in fear of others and those who non-comply; it was shocking to see. People should just point blank refuse and not even go into why, as at the end of the day it’s not even anyone else’s business and giving them the satisfaction of knowing why leads on to worse things down the line. I’ve done this several times now; don’t see any police coming to fine you! It’s unenforceable, or should I say, only enforceable if you just blindly comply and allow them to walk over you! And I do hope soon this insanity/scam ends! (But with a population incapable of any form of reason or critical thinking, who knows what comes next!)
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    The correct way to wear the mask is highlighed below! Well done that man for resisiting in Oxford Street, London, last Friday. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/naked-man-struts-along-busy-22412451 T
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    MY RANT With the mainstream and Governments ( given the advice from the discredited Neil Ferguson and the Imperial College) pushing for mandatory facemasks ( for the moment in shops and on public transport) and the PCR testing etc--not to mention the sickening abuse on young kids at school who will grow up believing its "normal" to stay apart from other humans and wear facemasks etc .... which is child abuse on a grand scale...... this must be called terrorism by the state, there is no other word for it. PCR testing has been found to be USELESS ---and as most people know, they do NOT test for "covid", they test for genetic material in the lungs. The inventor of the PCR test has openly said that it should NOT be used to test for "covid". Given the 1000s of doctors/ specialists who have said that wearing a mask is bad for your health, ie, hypoxia and hypercapnia ( not getting enough oxygen and breathing in your own carbon dioxide) and stating that they see no evidence of any "covid virus" where they work etc etc..... this surely is more than enough for legal experts ( the non Gates funded corrupt ones, I may add) to initiate legal proceedings against the Government for crimes against humanity and for domestic terrorism. In almost all aspects of covid, viruses as a whole and the mass of conflicting and contrary evidence regarding tests, false positives, deaths to cases ratio etc, there is nothing absolutely concrete--for instance, recently the WHO has said that those who are asymptomatic ( positive but show no symptoms) are highly unlikely to pass it on to others. I would suggest that if the tests they are using now were used last year or ten years ago, you would get precisely the same number of "positives" as they have now. I AM HEARING MANY CASES NOW OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED HAVING RESULTS COME BACK FROM LABS SAYING THEY ARE POSITIVE!.... ... ...in the same vein, 30 plus seamen who have been at sea for months, having no contact with anything that could "infect" them.... ALL TESTED POSITIVE WHEN THEY CAME BACK! We have many documented cases of contaminated swabs being delivered to many countries. The majority of people (sheeple) only hear the MSM and nothing else..... almost everything is funded by Gates--the WHO, vaccine companies, many politicians etc etc, so no other views are allowed to be aired..or they will get their funding stopped, of course. There is a LOT more to say on all this, but my point is that these draconian measures against the public, young kids, businesses etc WITHOUT ABSOLUTE PROOF OF CLAIM is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.. We have a Bill of Rights, the UK Constitution, the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Universal Declaration of human Rights..... they should be used by the legal experts who are NOT corrupt or have any vested interest with Gates etc and who have the BALLS to do something about it. We still have Laws in this country regarding human rights etc.... THIS IS WHAT MEN AND WOMEN DIED FOR IN TWO WORLD WARS........and Johnson and those like him are disrespecting their memory and sacrifice......it needs someone INDEPENDENT to use these laws to take these Depts to task......... ...and as regards "covid"..... the whole thing is domestic /state (and world) terrorism--taking away the rights of the people..... One example ...social "distancing" is really social "isolation"... and the CIA in the 1950s used this technique as torture for prisoners and it was used in human experiments.... they found that keeping people apart was one of the most effective forms of torture. Add that to the mask wearing and you have terrorism by the state..... and the Declaration of Human Rights plus other human rights declarations and constitutions forbids these actions. Who is going to use these Laws against the W.H.O, the Imperial College, London, who's discredited computer models, via Neil Ferguson is the cause of these lockdowns and everything else that goes with it..... not to mention Gates, Soros and big Pharma, to name but a few?. ARE WE GOING TO LET SOME FAKE VIRUS TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS?. https://www.parliament.uk/documents/commons-committees/political-and-constitutional-reform/The-UK-Constitution.pdf https://www.parliament.uk/about/living-heritage/evolutionofparliament/parliamentaryauthority/revolution/collections1/collections-glorious-revolution/billofrights/ http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/42/contents https://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/
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    Thank you Ink, Eve and Basket for your summary of the situation and for all the hard work you have put in to test out the new forum, it is hugely disappointing that it has proved to be not fit for purpose. Also it has felt puzzling over the past couple of months as to why the launch has been delayed for so long, Gareth having initially indicated that it would be ready by 1st June and indeed the resulting quality of the ‘new forum’ in no way reflects the extended time taken. It feels like we have been dumped onto a new platform that is primarily interested in procuring our data, (like fb) which to me goes against David’s warnings of the technocratic takeover of our lives.. I don’t understand Gareth’s motives here, but he clearly has no real interest in the freedom of speech, or voices of those who contribute huge amounts of research to this forum. It’s also troubling that the concerns of the mods are not heard, it should be a given that mods are able to express important views on behalf of forum users and that they are taken seriously and acted upon, otherwise it would be an intolerable job for competent and dedicated mods. The suggestions Eve put forward regarding rebuilding the existing forum, looked like the most hopeful solution in the circumstances, but possibly Gareth no longer wants the forum on the David Icke website, perhaps because of individual views being mistakenly associated with David. If this is the case, migrating to another forum doesn’t feel right somehow, we are the DIF and we would end up as something else. I wonder if Gareth would agree to a ‘DI associate forum’ where we are more autonomous, with members responsible for our own platform. We have some good mods in place and if time commitment is an issue, extra mod(s) could be voted in by members, say on a six-monthly basis. Ink has proved beyond doubt his commitment to this forum and I would like to hope he would be our ‘Admin’. There are long term posters on the DIF, who through suggesting solutions, have shown their extensive knowledge in building websites and running forums and who clearly have the best interests of this forum at heart. Perhaps a consultation group of these folk could be formed to create a solid platform going forward? What we have here is too important to let it die...
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    The mask is a compliance test. Vaccines next.
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    My name is Ethel, I work on the checkouts. I am also infinite consciousness. I am pleased to meet everyone. That is all.
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    Tall people are twice as likely to catch the coronavirus. https://english.aawsat.com/home/article/2423316/tall-people-are-more-susceptible-contract-coronavirus Obese people are more likely to die from coronavirus. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11559676/scientists-discover-why-obese-people-die-coronavirus/ Vidal Sassoon fears that the coronavirus is likely to spread in long, wavy hair. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newsliverpool/women-set-to-cut-their-hair-short-due-to-coronavirus-spread-says-top-stylist/ar-BB15usv6 BAME people are dying at more than triple the rate of white Britons https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52492662 So basically, if you are a tall, fat black Rastafarian, you are a ticking corona-time-bomb!
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    It's all an illusion... I live in Ireland and therefore I am basing the following on an Irish perspective. You will have your own facts and figures depending on where you reside. Firstly, the Irish government regulations regarding compulsory masks state: "Who should not wear one: Anyone who....has trouble breathing" They also state: "Do not criticise or judge people who are not able to wear a face covering" That's an immediate get out clause right there because who can determine whether someone else has breathing problems when wearing a mask? Secondly, who enforces it? Shop owners are saying they won't enforce the regulations, probably because: They would have to employ extra staff for security They are worried about confrontation They are fearful of litigation in relation to discrimination/ disability laws. I was talking to a Garda (Irish police force) recently and they told me that mask regulations are a civil mater and they only administer criminal law. However even if that's incorrect, it leads to point number three: Do the numbers. The current population of the Republic of Ireland is 4,937,786 Total Gardai - 14,032 Deducting 10% for administration, senior officers, sick leave, holidays, and court appearances leaves a figure of 12,628 They are currently working a 12 hour on/off 4 day on/off shift system, which means that at any one time the amount of active Gardai on duty is 3,157. This gives a ratio of one active Garda for every 1,564 citizens!! Even taking a 90% rate of compliance to the compulsory mask regulations, it would still leave 493,778 non compliant citizens giving a Gardai/Citizen ratio of 1/ 156. So, aside from dealing with homicide, suicide, assault, domestics, drugs, motoring, abuse and all other criminal offences, each Garda would have 156 non compliant mask wearing 'offences' to police and control? The 'law' of compulsory mask wearing is totally unenforceable. The only means the government have of enforcing these regulations is through manipulation by the media. They know this, and so should we. Ignore the media and the whole thing unravels and falls apart. They're attempting to control the population purely by perception, because they have nothing else. The sooner people realise that this is just a "smoke and mirrors" trick the sooner we can get back to reality.
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    I like him, its irrelevant what he is, trans etc, who gives a monkeys if he wears a frock on a Sat night or whatever pleases him, that's his private business, what matters is what he brings to the table and I like him, he's got some hardcore morals and stands by them.
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    Children as young as 4 are being sent to government institutions where they are immediately conditioned to shut up, get in line, do as they are told, listen to authority, eat when told and use the toilet only when allowed. It continues all their life. This type of conditioning, plus the fluoride in the water, etc dulls the brain and creates worker ants. Drugs like ritalin are the coup de grace to young children's minds. When they get promoted to 'adulthood', they are already zombies, ready to receive commands and do as they are told. It amazes me how people still manage to break out of the mental prison and rebel. Personally I was always a rebel in school questioned and argued with teachers alot.
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    oki so avoided shops on fridays. Went to big sainsbuys, just strode in, no queue, "queue marshall" gave me a despondent look, but I have to say I didn't receive any dirty looks at all. Was the only one unmasked,I felt liberated and depressed AT THE SAME TIME a very strange new emotion. :) A small act of social disobedience in an insane world. Been to a local spar, chatted with owner, said hes not even gonna ask, I said cool. Also Morrisons, no questions asked on door and no dirty looks at all me and my gf. I'll say one thing. DO NOT EVEN USE THE HIDDEN DISABILITIES PASSES. As your already acquiescing to the mob/nwo . YOU DO NOT NEED TO SHOW ANY PAPERS, DO NOT GIVE A REASON AT ALL. Even having to prove you have a disability to a untrained stranger is a human rights abuse of the worse order. Its fucking insane. All of this bullshit meme on twitter IS DIRECT FROM 77TH BRIGADE it doesn't exist in real life, remember that. People are good, most masked looked resigned, sad and confused. Help them help themselves if questioned nicely :) We need to help them. Its mentally draining and takes a confident person /mind to do this, its disgusting what they are putting people through for no reason.
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    @greenheart my first experience today. Went into a tesco superstore late at night (my preferred time when it's really quiet anyway). The shop was dead, maybe around 5 shoppers when there would normally be 200+ in the daytime. I got a few puzzled looks from staff as I walked in and a random shopper jogged past me with his shirt pulled up over his nose, like he'd just smelt a fart, and said something about a mask. I immediately took it as hostile and told him to put one on, but then he clarified himself and said he'd forgotten and was going to get one out of his car. I then carried on shopping and came across a very abrupt shelf stacker on the dairy aisle who told me I needed to be wearing one. I immediately threw it back at her and stated "have you ever heard of hidden disabilities?" this seemed to shut her up instantly as obviously she will have been shit scared about a discrimination complaint (play them at their own PC game). The rest of my shop was uncomfortable from then on, with the security guard walking past me around 3 times, but not having the bottle to say anything. The checkout was also very uncomfortable and the self check out staff just stood there gawping at me like I was an alien. I left feeling very downhearted and upset that we've got to this point as a race. I appreciate other people have had positive experiences, but this left me feeling a bit shook thinking to myself... is every shopping experience going to be a passive aggressive war with zombies. From a spiritual point of view, I know what it's now like to have your land invaded by a foreign threat now. As that's what it felt like... being invaded by a hostile zombie mentality where you are the odd one out in your own country for simply not conforming.
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    Went into my local esso garage yesterday, waited in line 3 people masked up in front of me, the young lad serving looked at me pointed to his face, I shook my head, he then shouted up the shop mask. Everyone turned round staring like I was some kind of bomb about to go off. I said I can't wear one, I'm medically exempt he said that he needed to see a exemption letter from the doctor, I said don't know you know the government have stopped doctors giving these out to people, he shut up and served his customers. I looked round and saw 3 people behind with no masks, they must have seen me and took there's off. I went to get served by somebody else, and to the right of me was a man wearing no mask, nothing said to him, then another man without the a mask went to get served by the little Hitler that had just shouted at me. He wasn't wearing a mask but was offered one and declined, nothing more said. As I was getting served he couldn't leave it alone and said you will get fined by the police, getting really agitated and trying to stay calm I said to him, it is not the law, it's not a criminal offence not to wear a mask and the police can't enforce it, you need to do your research and stop getting your info from the news. This is a garage I go in frequently, know most of the staff and they always seem friendly. Seems like cos I was a woman on my own, he thought he'd throw a bit of authority around. I've seen a lot of security targeting women on their own. They tend to leave the blokes alone. Anyway I'm not a tough person at all, I'm soft hearted, an empath i suppose,get upset easily, and this took it out of me, but I knew I had to be brave and stand up for our rights. But not one person stood up for me, even though they had no masks on. I know a lot of people don't believe all this mask stuff but for peace and quiet just wear one, but I will just have to brave and carry on. I've since called the manager which is a really nice man and always had a warm smile and a hello. He apologised but used the excuse the lad was only 20. He said he had informed his staff to offer a mask at the counter and that was it, he said he felt in a predicament, and had a recent visit from the council about the 2 metre rules as he'd had complaints. We talked for about ten minutes, and I mentioned a few things about the mask thing going on. Just thought I'd share my experience, but I feel this is causing so much tension between people. And there getting what they want, they want us all fighting and arguing and stressed to bits. I won't give in, ever.
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    Welcome back everyone! Hopefully the forum should be more secure as, according to Gareth, it has now been moved to the most secure of their servers. There was another hack which is why it took longer to move the site. But it was all backed up and they didn't get access to anything. The mods now need to look at creating subforums again and moving threads etc so please bear with us whilst we work out how to do this.
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    Maybe call it - 'NOT the David Icke Forum' ? Then Ickers can find it .....and it states it's NOT lcke so distances David from it ?
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    So after having read all this (I too lurk logged out unless I want to post) and a few other posts, it shows we have a lot of very dedicated and genuinely concerned parties. Both mods and users. We have a call for a forum type environment which is more research focused than 350 character social focused. And we have (what I feel I've decoded from all your undertones) a drastic disconnect from admin, Gareth and especially David. Speaking from my own opinion I feel what we need is an admin/developer who IS into debunks, research and privacy, knows tech to the point of building secure environments whist giving people the freedom to express and share. If people would like (I am a professional in the field) I could build a real site, with a real forum (security and all) and have the site dedicated to people's research (taking forum posts and turning them into articles on the site). Would anyone want this? I could probably afford to fund it myself, I might pop a donation button on there for forum upkeep. But this is very much doable. Just need a show of hands so I don't put effort in fruitlessly.
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    Reflecting on ALL of this, it is so abundantly apparant that the past several hundred years has been a staged series of events courtesy of the evolving polymorphic fuedal system. I understand that I am stating the obvious but would like to add that the concentration of events since the industrial revolution that suposedly began in the UK has been on the surface, observably frenetic, and one thing that links all events together is that authoritarians have instigated virtually each and every event across the world during this time! Historically - the education system promulgates these events as organic occurrances without connection but the frequently elephant in the room is the missed link to authoritarians of every guise [and their paid actors] in this farcicle global theatre. More recently we have endured the AIDS crisis, many wars, the global warming crisis, 9/11, the terrorist threat, the mad cow disease debacle, swine flu, bird flu, ebola, financial crises every decade or so, and other countless events that have all proven to be highly questionable if not blatently false. Sars - Coronavirus is no exeption with Event 201 indicating pre-planned preparation as does the rockerfeller article of 2010 that emanated from one of their many foundations. (as noted in the video a few posts previously to this - thank you oddsnsods) This has all been convolutedly expressed in plain sight and the majority have chosen - or to more accurately put it - the majority have been conditioned to accept authoritarianism [obedience training] so they can get on with their lives without a second thought. The problem for authorities is that the human species is exellent at recognising patterns of all types! It is a characteristic of ours that is expressed multilaterally, and these patterns have, for the past few decades, been overt. These supposedly unconnected (esp over the past century) events have been a stress test of sorts, information gathering and trials to empirically measure cause and effect in a proactive way by authoritarians & right under our noses no less. We however, have been en-masse, been reactive rather than proactive, tied by nothing but mental chains! for the most part. Mental chains appear to be the effective kind. These authorities have amassed enormous quantities of information about us through all these past events, they know our behaviour, our weaknessess and strengths & how to divert and manipulate us. One of our greatest strengths is our facility for creativity which creates unpredictability for them and potential for us - this does not feed well into their technocratic modelling! I posted a youtube video further up (thread-page 133) that showed German doctors who essentially, have formed a committee to interogate the actions of our authoritarians. I hope this will gather momentum and they have openly invited genuine support, nationally and internationally. To me, this is exemplary behaviour and should be mirrored worldwide if we are to save ourselves from diversion and a dystopian future. Like others here I post widely on several forums in an attempt illucidate this gigantic global hoax - the gravity of which I think is just starting to dawn on most. I also try to maintain a semblance of normality, no distancing, no isolation, no mask - no restrictions other than what I regard to be normal. This, is in my opinion - positive virtue signalling. Another quote gleaned from youtube comments: To live a good life you need not fear death. Death can only end your life not ruin it, while cowering in fear will ruin your life.
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    Agree 100 per cent. Why can't they just stay indoors with a bag over their heads, for all the good it will do them. Its scary to see how many are complying to this tyranny, i really feel disheartened lately. Went into asda yesterday was the only person out of a busy store not wearing one. It took a lot out of me to do it, but hell will freeze over before I put one on. My heart was thumping but I knew i had to find the strength to do it. I saw a big stocky lad with a shaved head at the sides, and a blonde mohican type hairstyle into a pony tail. He reminded me of the Vikings programme I've watched. He was wearing a mask and he looked straight at me, it wasn't a nasty look. But seemed strange. Walked up and down a few more aisles, then noticed him standing at the end of an aisle, he had took his mask off was holding it in his hand and he looked at me, we exchanged smiles and I walked on. I went out of the shop much happier than I went in, it doesn't sound much, but it meant a lot to me knowing if I can do it and help someone else, then maybe when he goes out again and doesn't wear one, then he might help someone else, and Hope fully it will have a knock on effect. I really think it's important the masks come off. Its feeding the fear and it's physiological, and affecting people and children, and also dividing us.
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    This is footage with some ENGLISH subtitles (if you speak German then that is a bonus) that CLEARLY indicates that there were far more than 22,000 at the protest in Berlin on 1st Aug 2020. The 22,000 was the figure that was mentioned but not sure of the claim (on video) of over 1 million. If that figure is about right then perhaps we should be optimistic that at least there are some people waking up to this FARCE (can't think of a better word, no doubts others could along with an adjective or two!!!) No masks (apart from the police who have to wear them or lose their jobs!!!), and social distancing mmmm. Those two facts were the ones stated by the police as a reason for the protest people to disperse. If enough numbers are there then that gets the message across - Peaceful and NO violence - as David Icke states (many times), if enough of us just stop ACQUIESCING then this situation could be changed towards something positive.
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    9.6 million people have been furloughed and businesses now or soon will have to pay for this and pay back gov for this scheme. Furlough is a strange and convenient term for unemployment - but that is what it is & it has been forced on us by an oppressive regime rounding the figure up -10 million are effectively UNEMPLOYED! how many businesses will be ended ? (which is the clear intention) what are the knock on ramifications going to be? what about the economy? what about individual economy? what is wrong with people?????????????? If I have a field and grow my own food to sustain myself and officials arrive and prevent me from providing for myself then I perish. If access to anything required for life is restricted then we potentially perish! This is a siege bought about by a trojan horse Siege is an act of war. war is murder. First and foremost - Civilisation is built on trade. Trade is the exchange of ideas. The division of labour increases our efficiency If we cant trade - we die masks definately wont save us vaccines definately wont save us governments definately wont save us Only trade has the potential to save & sustains us! People create value. There has never been a true economic recession or depression We need a greenback - the bradbury pound!
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    I'm sure he's got a pre-prepared answer, but I really wish a journalist would ask Bill Gates...why are you so fucking bothered about vaccines and public health anyway? You've spent your whole life completely focused on getting as wealthy as possible, why are you so concerned about poor people all of a sudden? Are we really sincerely expected to believe that you genuinely care? And if you do genuinely care, why have you spent most of your life trying to put every other computer company out of business? If you're that fucking bothered, why don'y you give all of your money away? You too can be a poor person! Or even give away absolutely everything other than $10 million, and scrape by on that for the rest of your life. Forget about your poxy foundation, give away all of your money. Put your money where your mouth is. Sell your house that is literally worth more than $100 million, move into a smaller house, worth merely $5 million, and give all the rest of the money away. It would be impossible for me personally to make billions of dollars for many reasons! But the primary reason is...once I had enough to live off for the rest of my life, I wouldn't care about selling computers, or oil, or whatever it may be any more. I would sell my business, and enjoy my life. I wouldn't think: "well, I've got $50 million, but I really want 1,000 times that before I'm satisfied, and even then I won't be satisfied". You can't go from that mindset, from hundreds of millions of dollars not being enough, to then your heart bleeding because there are poor people in the world. It makes zero sense. It's not remotely plausible. It's only sheer, unadulterated greed and egotism that gets you there in the first place, because any rational person would clearly see that they had enough once they were financially secure and could buy literally anything. The first question that an 8 year-old would ask someone that greedy is...why did you suddenly change? Somehow this never occurs to any 'professional journalist'; they're happy to automatically assume that Gates' heart is in the right place.
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    I do not wear a mask. I make no excuses. Stop making excuses. This is our lives, our futures. Look around, They have no intention of putting the masks in the hope chest. You will continue to see them on sheep for many, many years, unless we put an end to it now. But "we" won't. Where I live, no one is like me. Oh, there are those who tell me they think the masks are ridiculous, yet all offer excuses as to why they don them for this or that. Me, I just don't do this or that's anymore. Businesses that insist on them no longer get my money. Argue with mask wears? Why would I waste my time? If they are still in masks, will my insights enlighten them? You see, we (Western world) are currently at war. You don't make excuses during war. You don't need to be polite, either. Why don't I wear and what is my excuse? Because I'm intelligent.
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    UK Column have been covering 77th brigade in some of their reports recently. This video from the 20th May is one of their most involved reports questioning 77th brigade's spying activity and who is really governing the country. It includes comments from a 77th brigade whistle blower.
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    What's up Motley... I read an article years ago that talked about how when a person sits down in front of the TV their brain goes into a beta or theta state, something like that, which makes them more susceptible to programming. My girlfriend of a decade, now ex, worked in the media system making $200K annually almost right out of college, she worked for Fox. After seeing how it was so corrupt she left within a couple years and went to radio where she took a pay cut to "only" $130k annually. We would be watching TV and some dumb commercial would come on and we would look at each other like, WTF. She would say, that's why they call it programming. In addition to the TV though, it's also what people are eating. Most of the crap out there calcifies the pineal gland which makes it more difficult to receive messages form your higher self to guide you. These people are in fact zombies, cut off from their spirit. Graham Hancock mentions this, he says we have become a species who have lost our touch with spirit. I woke up long before I was guided to proper food and nutrition so it's not only that but everyone wakes up at a different time based on their unique situation. These people haven't been pushed to the limit yet, they haven't reached "rock bottom". That does something to a person, it makes them see the world for what it is. It's scary, some people never acknowledge it, it's how they cope and make it to the end I think.
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    Wearers are also permitted to remove masks "if it is necessary to avoid harm or injury." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/face-mask-rules-shops-uk-government-guidelines-who-exempt-wear/ Being unable to breathe fresh air or smell the flowers is harmful, to me. I don't wear a mask in shops or supermarkets. I was challenged today in 'Pets At Home' by a girl at the door who asked me, "don't you have a mask?" I looked at her as though she was daft, said "no" and walked on, she called after me, "the police might come in!" So funny! However, there appears to be almost 100% compliance in supermarkets and I feel totally empowered by ignoring them all.
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    +1 I was thinking of a Russian GP5 or GP6 respirator would be in order and maybe with a T shirt printed with something like "I don't fancy your chances with that paper mask".
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    Ahhhhh fuckety fuck - it's happened hasn't it (sigh) Anyone in the uk? Want to do what I'm about to do? This is it: I'm going up to my office later to print off some leaflets (haven't decided what to put on them yet) Then I'm going to spend the day (with other people hopefully) either today or possibly thurs at the latest - walking up the high street and visiting especially the independant traders (not the bigger corporation type businesses) - to hand out leaflets basically asking them to ignore the mask rule. as well as handing out leaflets I want to talk to each owner/manager - I'm going to film when possible too. It's the beginning of the end of the high street if this happens - we need all people in every town to visit them to say "don't do it - don't enforce it" - put up a message on your shop door saying NO FACE MASKS Now is the time to make a stand! Otherwise everyone is going online to shop - which means amazon and the rest = end of the high street. - we have to take a stand now.
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    Is it to obvious to say - can't they just ressurect the old forum? We go back to using that. Transfer the threads this one has left, chalk it up to experience and re-open what was the legendary old forum. Wipe the banned members list so anyone that was banned can come back across and hope some of the old members who didn't follow across to this site come back to the old one. Seems a logical step if selecting and setting up a new one is proving to be so difficult.
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