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Unite for Freedom 'We Keep Rising' - Central London


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Save Our Rights, A Stand in the Park, StandUpX, Official Voice (organisers behind Saturday's protest) and the Great Re-Opening are collaborating for the next big demonstration to be held in London on 24th April. Location to be confirmed.

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Its gonna be a shit show, remember to have a whip round, a collection for bail money. 'Flash-mob style' guess you weren't given permission by the man, the man you're protesting. 'This is our street party', as I said in the beginning, its a street party protest.


Well, have fun kids. I'm sure you create great change, or at least show how tough you are, big crowd, lots of shouting, do you think the Police Man will be a scared?


Dumb, impotent and childish. So express those supressed forces, that they dont get expressed in those dangerous ways, those ways that actually demand change.


'Political Power Comes From The Barrel of a Gun' - Chairman Mao



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