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Unite for Freedom - Trafalgar Square


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The "official" follow up event to the rally at Trafalgar Square on 29th August.

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The organisers of the 'Unite for Freedom' event have teamed up with #honkforhope to help transport people to the event via coach / bus.


Here is the link to the same day booking form returning the evening of 26th:




This is the link to the "stop over" booking form with the return journey taking place the following day (27th) after the 'People's Network and Family Picnic in Hyde Park:



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One day before the rally, a documentary on controversial conspiracy researcher Alex Jones is to be broadcast in the UK on PBS America: "United States of Conspiracy". The advert that I saw for the program suggests it won't be flattering to him nor - by extension - to all conspiracy researchers/theorists. Coincidence, of course. 

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On 9/10/2020 at 4:35 AM, Concerned Citizen said:

Mark (Anthony) Steele does not appear to understand about power supply capacitors - At 240v mains supply then a higher rated capacitor is used as the 240v is rms value whereas peak value will rise to 1.4 x 240 = 336v. Add a little more for safety and then chose the nearest available stock capacitor above that value. Hence the high value of that capacitor he keeps going on about in his video clips. This is basic electrical engineering science. This little fact makes very suspicious of this "fast talking" character! Yes, I do understand that there is also a little more in his previous background. No doubt other people can inform with further details.

SO NOT REALLY buying into his notion that a street lamp is a WEAPON.


To follow this idea you will have had to seen his video Illegal Scanners/Antennas for 5g found in street lights....ANTHONY STEELE - YouTube

I have similar concerns about Mark Steel's claims.  All power to him for challenging the safety of 5G and bringing this up as a concern.  When I saw him do a report about wifi streetlights in Gateshead I pointed out that these were not 5G but used the 868MHz band which is wtihin the same bandwith available to other users for decades, such as baby listeners and (from memory) the ambulance service.  As such its been around for a long time.  I also pointed out that having personally known the inventor of this wireless system called Leafnut (or Vizion as it is also marketed), the power ouptut of one antenna is one hundreth that of a typical mobile phone.  that system was designed to dim the lights at off peak time and save the council money by remotely reporting faults and saving on night-scouting where a couple of guys spend the night driving around the city looking skywards for faulty lights.  Now, Barry Trower's comments on the cumulative effects of even small amounts or radio wave irradiation are indeed cause for concern but hopefully this fact gives the whole streetlighting control antennes some perspective.  I would however keep a keen eye out for street furniture (pillars, lampposts, EV chargers and, yes, even streetlights) being used to host 5G transceivers but let's not go barking as it were up the wrong lamppost. No question however that the safety of all this stuff needs to be re-evalauted and tested thoroughly before increasing the prevalence of any and all wifi devices.

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I live in America, I wish I could make it.  We need organize a large scale protest here, but I don’t think it will happen. Just about everybody believes the scam, unfortunately.

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On the way now from Birmingham. Dr. Heiko Schöning has been confirmed overnight as a speaker and the risk assessment for the rally has been passed by the local council. Hoping myself to get as much footage of the day as possible.

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2 minutes ago, Saved said:

On the way now from Birmingham. Dr. Heiko Schöning has been confirmed overnight as a speaker and the risk assessment for the rally has been passed by the local council. Hoping myself to get as much footage of the day as possible.

That’s good to know. See you there, my friend 💪.

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Wish I  was with you all. Looks like they've moved everyone out of Trafalgar square.  I can hear someone on the live feed say people are congregating in Hyde park in case any of you missed it 

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What a disgrace the police were later on. Bloody brilliant turnout though. The march to Hyde park was amazing. I’m Proud of my fellow brothers and sisters.

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