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Australia Wide - Freedom Day

Event details



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I have just come across this flyer for the Freedom Day protests in Australia on 5th September 2020.




Freedom Day actions are planned for Melbourne, and in many other centres around Australia, for September 5. Due to mass political censorship by Google, Facebook, Amazon etc., actual plans for the day cannot be circulated openly. Workers need to stand by and be ready to mobilise, as organisers plan to release some details in the 24 hours before September 5.

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Many thanks Eve.


Spoiler alert.


"The Big Prick" rode by the unpopular Little Willie Gates and trained by Manlinda Gates loses.


The winner is "The Truth" 


Some great horse names in the race, "toilet paper",  "It's  all BS",  "flattening the curve",  "the ventilater",  "social distancing" etc 🤣


2020 Coronavirus Cup aka Melbourne Cup




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We need to support all these protests worldwide and not just in the UK.


Rik Mayall's last UK film before he died was a low budget independent film, called One By One.


He must have known about the UN depopulation agenda.


This is a trailer and the second video is the full film.  When worth watching, not for the acting which is amateur imo but for the






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Very best wishes to the protesters in Melbourne tomorrow.


Make no mistake, this is different from the London and Berlin protests.


Promoting the event on social media has led to police arresting many people for incitement.


Melbourne is under a strick lockdown, so the protests are illegal, meaning people will be arrested and fined heavily by the pig police agents of the State.


We are the 99% and bloody good luck to you all. ❤️






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Just a reminder to the folks of Victoria and Australia. Your Governments are occupied by Zionists, like most of the world.
Here is the Zionist Dan Andrews in charge of Melbourne.

Victoria opens office in Tel Aviv


Premier Daniel Andrews "feels at home" in ISRAEL. Wailing at the wall photo on facebook link.


Victoria Strengthens Biomedical Ties With Israel (June 2019)

"Victoria will continue to build global connections and international research collaboration after the Andrews Labor Government announced an Israel liaison officer would be based at Parkville’s Melbourne Biomedical Precinct."

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie." Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
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