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  2. I've now found the interview. Ten months ago. Piers Corbyn discussed from about 17 minutes. Make of it what you will. This is not an endorsement of anyone.
  3. Sir Lewis is deeply entrenched in the pushing of the narrative. From diversity and BLM to the Covid scam.
  4. The regrets are pouring in and not bots this time
  5. Micro clotting. out of breathe, chesty coughs xrays coming back fine...
  6. 'Puritan Roundhead Covidiots vs Free & Sovereign Cavaliers'. This is the spirit of a free, living and passionate heart that beats within my hairy man chest. i am macho i am man i am randy savage Vaccine what... bitches!
  7. Prometheus

    City of London

    Yup, the people already know what's up, no-one else is waking up, the wheat and chaff have been divided. All that's left now is to recognise your own and act, unless you're conspiracy hesitant.
  8. More heart issues more eye issues more shingles sleeping problems
  9. ran out of space on uploads again This was expected by many.
  10. i thought you had to be super fit to drive an f1 car, don't think you could do many laps if you were sub par.
  11. I got a feeling this is going to be a common theme over the coming years...
  12. Prometheus

    City of London

    'Puritan Roundhead Covidiots vs Free & Sovereign Cavaliers'. This is the spirit of a free, living and passionate heart. i am macho i am man i am a randy savage
  13. Perfect reponse . Just one word needed.
  14. That's good advice. Too many shenanigins going on. Kate Shemirani, 10 months ago alleged Piers Corbyn considered institutonal paedophilia a conspiracy and she dissed him about other issues too, but shared a stage with him last weekend. I can't find the link again. It was a soundcloud interview with if I remember correctly Sons of Liberty and the Piers Corbyn info was from about 17 minutes. Jeremy Corbyn has yet to explain what he knew about institutional paedophilia in Islington care homes when he was an MP. Margaret Hodge also. "The former leader of Islington Council, Margaret Hodge, who dismissed the claims of one of those abused as coming from 'an extremely disturbed person' and who pressured the BBC not to report his accusations, was subsequently, with no sense of irony, made Minister for Children by Tony Blair" I do think some of the main players in the movement are holding on to their party political affiliations instead of focusing on imminent vaccine passports and the eventual absolute surveillance state. By coincidence (or planned because of the exposure of Piers), Tory Dominic Lawson wrote this hit piece about paedophilia within the left today exonerating Leon Brittan of course. Both paries were involved, of that I am sure, but there is more information concerning Labour to come to light imo. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9850655/DOMINIC-LAWSON-Labour-not-Tories-REAL-villains-child-sexual-abuse-scandal.html
  15. And he just happened to be THIRTY THREE.
  16. this is the tech they have. remote controlled doggies
  17. None of the disciples will connect it to the needle. It will be our fault.
  18. Beyond words! I hate hearing how the child is afraid.
  19. After a weekend of F1 fans booing Lewis Hamilton the poor man apparently had to be helped up onto the podium, where he put on an act (oscar winning) of struggling to stand and join in champagne celebrations. What was he suffering from.....................Long Covid according to the MSM. Please, Please tell me people are not still falling for this crap PLEASE!
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  • 80 What is the Wider Agenda Behind Covid-19?

    1. 1. What do you think is the wider agenda behind Covid-19? Please select all that you think may apply.

      • I believe the virus is real and that there is no other agenda
      • Depopulation
      • It is for the profit of the pharmaceutical companies
      • 5G cover story
      • The culling of the elderly
      • Global reset
      • Transhumanism and fusion with AI
      • The prelude to an alien invasion (either fake or real)
      • A mass occult / Satanic ritual
      • It's a distraction whilst the deep state is taken down
      • To change human behaviour / interactions
      • A Chinese plot against the rest of the world
      • A slippery slope to zero carbon measures
      • To set the stage for a major cyber attack (Cyber Polygon)
      • Other (please specify)

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