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  2. I saw him live only once, in Australia. He was awesome.
  3. I'm sure David has mentioned Tesla in his talks a few times. If I come across a mention, I'll let you know.
  4. They are allright on a small scale but they can't power a whole country.
  5. No not seen that series. Well maybe they do. I remember seeing David giving a talk about that back in Cardiff in the early 1990s. I was passing a book shop and saw a notice in the window that he was going to be there giving a talk, and it was only an hour off that he was going to be there, so I went in and had a cup of coffee and then went in the area where the chairs had been set up for his talk. I wish I could remember what he said at the time, but I found it interesting. I think he might have mentioned Nikola Tesla.
  6. Aaah this is the best band in the world!
  7. Right you are mate; playing who is the most virtuous whilst looking scornfully at people who lived in the twentieth century who worked hard, "made do and mend", owned far little possessions etc.
  8. This is the life they envision for us. Refuse and resist their technologies.
  9. Yes they could use them for that. I confess I have got one because I'm on a pre payment meter. I tried being with "green" energy companies on direct debit but the bills were extortionate and I'm a low user. They have a habit of quoting you a reasonable amount when you join and the reality is they charge you double. So I went back to Utilita.
  10. They will herd what is left of us. If you look at these rewilding web sites they advocate getting rid of about 5 or 6 billion people in the very near future. Even though they say they just advocate for smaller families and contraception there is no way that the population can be reduced so much without mass death. https://rewilding.org/our-programs/population-growth/
  11. I tend to agree with you Oz. It's the super rich top 1% who "pollute" with their hundreds of flights a year, energy hungry huge estates with heated swimming pools, sunken baths in luxury bathrooms, central heating on 80f day and night, huge TVs and home cinema systems, several luxury cars--you get the picture. Whilst the average Western person like me lives in a one bed flat, cycles ( no car), no flights abroad, cooks once a day, has no TV, layers up in woolies instead of having the heating on for hours a day etc. Then they have the cheek to drone on and on about people causing "climate chan
  12. Profiteering corporations, profiteering governments and all the valued consumers and protected citizens get are a pack of marketing slogans to make them happy with the meagre bread the Phoney Tony's are far too good for.
  13. there has been election fraud, the question is whether or not they are going to get away with it
  14. the cabal will always seek to deploy the state apparatus against us. This means they will deploy the police against the people so that the people cannot hold them to justice. It means the cabal will deploy the NHS against us to inject their 'final solution' bio-weapon vaccine and it means that if those two arms of the state refuse then they would seek to use the army This means that the way out of this is for the people in the NHS, the police and the army to join with the public and realise what is at stake here I don't think a history lesson is going to snap some sense
  15. The book of Enoch isn't biblical.
  16. We are talking about an occult conspiracy using lurianic kabbalist magic Historically the sabbateans have been rejected by judaism as being heretics but what has happened is that they have created marxism which has seduced all kinds of people both jewish and non jewish and they have also pushed out occult magical groups including freemasonry which has also recruited all kinds of people both jewish and non jewish and they have also taken hold of the zionist project for example with the rothschilds making a deal with the british secretary of state arthur balfour to hand over palestin
  17. What about leading the police round urban landmarks where a guy with a megaphone highlights the various things done by famous people like a statue to someone who was a prosecutor at Nuremberg who called Mengele to the dock. There's some police demolition tactics right there. Detailing the way Charles de Gaule led the French Resistance from Britain against a police state undermining the sovereignty of France. Just tell the bastards what they are while not wearing masks and not social distancing leaving nothing they can censor that tears at the very souls of any who have loyalty to the regime. A
  18. I've read about this before, the bags of human crap in American cities. How revolting, but I suppose the homeless have no access to toilets.
  19. If they are carrying weapons and using violence are they not then an army? because i'm pretty sure it is illegal to have a private army in the UK... So who owns that private army?
  20. video from the amazing trance song by mauro picotto: Mauro Picotto - Komodo
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