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  2. Yair Netanyahu refers to a period in history, over 550 years ago when warriors were barbarians and hacked each other to pieces with scimitars, in hand-to-hand combat. I'd like to think we are more civilized in the 21st Century, but perhaps not? Netanyahu seems to be implying that other historic genocides justify the atrocities inflicted on Palestine and two wrongs, make a right.
  3. I forgot to mention the census bollocks . I reckon I've had at least four in about a month. The last one got thrown onto the path but a divvy neighbour seen it and put it through my open window . For fucksake !!
  4. Iam in my third or fourth week of it. Two letters and way too many texts. All ignored.
  5. Also interesting that the people getting Vax are never referred to as patients receiving treatment...it's almost like our language and it's meaning is being altered and redefined right before our eyes.
  6. I signed up here today after following this thread since just after census day. My experience seems off the scale in terms of numbers visits. But I wonder if it is because I am always home literally 24/7(I'm disabled) so I notice every visit. Whereas the rest of you have normal lives so won't be home for every visit. Starting about a week to two weeks after census day I got daily visits. There have been maybe four weeks in that time interspersed where they missed a couple of days per week. And for a few weeks it was occasionally twice a day. I live in a towe
  7. They also love double negative sentences... And there’s no evidence the vaccines don’t work against it. That’s the good news." Earlier one of Boris' lieutenants(???) insisted No 10 will take "whatever action" is necessary either "regionally or nationally" to squash the outbreak. Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi said "we rule nothing out" in terms of reorganising the jabs rollout or even reimposing lockdowns.
  8. I think this is how it goes Fluke
  9. I have read the book by Goncalo Amaral and his reasoning makes perfect sense. He was then vilified by the press, no doubt aided by the McCanns, who then sought to have his book banned from the UK. I have never heard of a book being banned in the UK before. Even 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' was allowed to be printed after a court case. Is there a precedent for this?
  10. There is definitely anti-gravity, or as I would call it, electrogravitics, as used by the UFOs that achieve accelerations impossible via thrust. The truth is that gravity is not the "bending of space-time" but is a compound force that has electrostatic and electromagnetic components, which makes it possible to create a craft that effectively pushes against the earth at a distance — I believe passing high voltages through a rotating [semi-conducting?] disc is involved, hence the reason for the familiar saucer-shaped UFO (there were cigar-shaped ones too that presumably contained stacks of thes
  11. The language constantly used by gov and media has very aggressive, negative overtones. Jab, target, deploy, armoury, surge, mass, shot, threat, risk. It's probably not noticed by most proles but is a subtle form of brainwashing that seeps in everyday.
  12. Page 1838 but definitely requires posting for coverage :)
  13. Today
  14. Just to clarify my views have changed over the past year and a half Can't be arsed to explain what those views are but just know that my opinion has changed from shite I posted a year ago Maybe i'm more cynical now who knows
  15. Don’t mention Ivermectin; it’ll upset the vaccine rollout
  16. I don't recall seeing this before but perhaps it has already been posted. Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell have produced this 'Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI)' which they encourage people to share far and wide. It is available on Dr Kaufman's website and in pdf format. https://andrewkaufmanmd.com/sovi/ https://johnswordpressblog.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/statement-of-virus-isolation-sovi-by-morell-cowan-and-kaufman-1.pdf
  17. Background graphics reminiscent of The Matrix. The tag line every vaccination gives us hope. The us is open to interpretation...it means them....tptb.
  18. Answer to basic question is most certainly yes,,, most human beings avoid killing other human being(s) even when they would go that route if they could get away with it...and for such horrid creatures of our deformed species they turn on others of their own species. For those PSYCHOPATHS, that shy away from the law and don't kill another human being, they take to killing and torturing animals instead as "next best thing". ==> =The ultimate coward twisted satisfaction, just to "appease' their own demons or frustrations but it does nothing to appease by that twisted
  19. I seem to remember a phrase, "Beat you swords into ploughshares". Try the other way around. How do you think that Jomo Kenyatta became the leader of Kenya? Peaceful protests? How do you think that Robert Mugabe became the despot of Rhodesia? Peaceful protests? I won't mention South Africa, that was completely different. Sold out by a traitor. Do you think that the police and the army stood back and took it on the chin?
  20. OK... I`ll have to remember that one - could come in handy!
  21. Thanks, I'll attempt to save it to my email account if I can. How big a file? I guess I will find out when I see at library. Can't risk it downloading ANY big file onto my memory imbalanced phone. Cheers. Will see how it goes.
  22. Keep ignoring GP messages. Today's was a link to this... https://www.gov.uk/guidance/demonstrating-your-covid-19-vaccination-status-when-travelling-abroad
  23. FeckED up beyond all recognition.
  24. Yes its severely depressing oddsnsods, its the main reason why our society is so fucked up.
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