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  2. not a lot can be done when the judges more than likely take part in the same shit and are blackmailed to do as they are told. unless we see a mass clear out of judges it will carry on. if it gets past one layer of swamp (the police) the next layer (the judges) will brush it under the rug.
  3. Yeah - get together somehow - find a meeting place, meet up - swap contact details - small beginnings can quickly make large differences, anyone can start this - (we are here) start off with leaflets - small facebook ad - anything, it will owrk.
  4. who remembers doing first aid courses and the main principle taught was ABC AIRWAY, BREATHING, CIRCULATION so lets fucking cover up the airway to reduce breathing and circulation. gp's, nurses, nhs management need jail time. so does the sage50.
  5. A special event weekend of injections in every town and city, after being advertised in all media formats. Local town halls used to inject the public as they queue outside in huge numbers. (Properly distanced and masked of course.) free balloons for the kids. Can anyone else see this coming?
  6. 95% of the entire global media is now controlled by only 6 companies who in turn are controlled by the same people driving Covid. From the Jakarta Post, to Sydney Herald to Singapore Strait Times, Le Monde, Suddeutsche Zeitung, to US and UK newspapers - they all report the same stories now with a local slant.
  7. WE ARE ALL ON DIFFERENT PAGES OF THE SAME PROBLEM ZOG (ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENTS) WORLDWIDE. We have a set of 17 videos, mostly at 1/2 an hour long and some only 10 minutes, and some over an hour long. This is not the the best complete work of the knowledge, but is enough to put us all one the same page of understanding as to whats going on,,,,,,,,,the who, the what, and why. its about to come together, its the end of their and our time of us,,,,,,,,,,,,,we all need to understand first to figure out whats to be done ###
  8. For when it is removed from youshit .... and if you wish to download it .... https://seed177.bitchute.com/N9MStdgAJo1c/QBTU2QU1BCjZ.mp4
  9. @EnigmaticWorld Yeah he describes it well, particularly the sexual depravity .... the other video the metaphysical/cosmological roots is very good as well ... which says that the universe has degenerated since the beginning from the One it has unfolded cascading down ... one day it will be a dead place. But every so often in various parts of the cosmos a light is born that remembers the One and returns back pulling with it a group of beings who return to the light ... eventually the darkness destroys that small river .... and perhaps in another part of the universe another small river of light will exist and return with its followers until it too is extinguished. So follow any river you can and leave, before it's too late. The material world (material state of consciousness) is a plane were beings sense their existence using the external context of mater ... they are not able to sense themselves directly, so they use the outside. And the more the outside moves the more they sense themselves .. this is why people today living in a sterile world with not even nature as a nourishment this is why they cause friction so that they feel alive. Nature is a subconscious and innocent realm that due to its innocence reflects the One and is nourishing for all. Society comes from the maya of the human madness and is full of evil, pray that maya is not all you have. The beings in this plane of existence fight to the death for material, which they feel their own existence through. Which yuga is best? Perhaps this one is ... but only if you get the message and work for the real world, or you will be drowned and you will perish. If you see only the summit of the mountain, this time provides ample opportunity because there is freedom of action ... in future yugas there will be rigid discipline. And if you are not going to do it now ... you don't understand. Jive quotes the Irish goddess Badb, in her happier moments she tells tale of the good world: Peace up to heaven. Heaven down to earth. Earth beneath heaven, Strength in each, A cup very full, Full of honey; Mead in abundance. Summer in winter... I like this because it says that we must work up and down simultaneously to create a tower bridging the lower with the higher, we then become a new channel bridge the polarities, a union of male and female, which creates knowledge. But like sex, there is a struggle to do this, pushing from one to the other ... One must open upwards and downwards ... meaning feel the Light all day every day and renew it constantly, and also take care of business with hands and feet, a straight back and square shoulders. Let's do this because talking about the bad shit all the time makes dinner for no-one. Jesus says that Christians should become a City of Light, who are beings who now live in a higher dimensions but still are in this world. Well why are they still in this world? From what I understand it is due to the fact the subconscious inside ourselves takes a long time transform after awakening, and the subconscious "remembers" this material plane and so we wake up here. Something like that. Although after death the awakened are born into a context that most suits them and the universe's plans for them. So ... transformation of the subconscious is as important as the entry of the Conscious above. And humans are born here because although they have a touch of consciousness they are mostly subcoscious so they are unfortunately forced to be born here. So it is also true that if you are awakened this will be the last shithole you live in.
  10. I'm not denying there isn't any ET's......... just where they come from.
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  12. My head has an egg on it now and I have to fix the plaster , will you cut it out please , I can't compete with your extortionary logic
  13. How to get out of the rat trap you find yourself in ??? (covid lockdown) ...let's hear how you plan to escape that! That puzzle's easy . from first line shoes must =10 then from second line boy must =5 third line chips must = 4 forth line = 60 ...yes peter is right!
  14. I don't care any more, how's your FE model coming along
  15. "but GPs who fail to reach the targets can be penalised in many different ways and can even find themselves being asked to justify why they haven't reached targets. This can be classed as a 'poor outcome' 'poor practice' so you see there is more to it than you realise." (From a daily mail comment.)
  16. Clearly none of this can stop, the actors have waded in too deep to turn back now and therefore it can only go in one direction. Lockdowns on local level, possibly leading to full lockdown. I have said before that I think they will use local lockdowns to deliberatley cause tension in certain communities so as to be able to roll out the control. This I think may be what happens in Leicester if they keep being targetted. I also think there will be another tool they will bring into effect, for it is possible they bring into law something that prosecutes people whom knowingly infect others... so not adhearing to quarantine or mask wearing when told to. It may even be an offence that goes as far as being culpable for manslaughter should someone die. Their power rests upon the peices of paper they write and print on and everyones beleif of its legitamacy.
  17. I'm pondering how I would approach this if I was in Gareth's shoes ...I'm assuming this is a protest meeting against the covid scam ... I think I would give the personal approach ..humorous ..... Hallo everybody , great to be here ...I'm sure some of you here will be aware of the work of my father ...as long as I can remember he's been telling me about the imminent take over ...a police state brought down on humanity by the secret ruling cabal ...well now it appears they are trying to bring it in .... ....go on to mention DI takes the rater extreme view that there is no virus! .... he does research this full time ... so don't be too quick to dismiss this idea ....
  18. there were no planes (watch September Clues) most of the crime was controlled and managed there is very little real evidence photos and video were edited / faked / staged after the 1991 bombing cover up it was clear that intelligence agencies were using foreign military to perform domestic attacks the towers were a significant visual target worth returning to (see Emad Salem and his audio recordings used in court) the buildings were rigged long before 2001, there were multiple agencies involved but heres where i depart from most of opinions the buildings were meant to be shown blowing up to provoke Martial Law in America however the Neo-Cons , the supra-nationalists, created the veil of Airplane hijacks and crashes the neo-liberals (NWO) , like with Oklahoma and WTC91, wanted a big show to shutdown the country and destroy the nation the New - Conservatives (NWO) wanted to retain the nation but control the population their own way the truth movement became overrun with the neo-liberal teams of info agents (Judy Wood, Ste Jones, Fetzer, Ric Gage etc etc) the beginnings were full of a neo-liberal stars and celebrities but who remembers Gerard Holmgren or Jimmy Walters Who remembers Loose Change being 'no planes' ?? then came the edits, then came a $1 mil from Alex Jones ..the end Who remembers the pod on the undercarriage bollocks (in plane sight) twenty years later and its now a myth, the only thing real was the chaos of information and hindsight to bring to the table today
  19. WOW Good-luck to them We must must stop this happening here, cop in Melbourne nearly chokes a women for not wearing a mask https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2020/08/11/9210073029720032584/640x360_MP4_9210073029720032584.mp4 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8613253/Cop-CHOKES-woman-refused-wear-face-mask-arrest-streets-Melbourne.html
  20. This is short notice ...only just discovered he's speaking at a protest in Victoria square that's in 5 Hours time .... He mentions it in this video at 3 mins https://davidicke.com/2020/08/14/covid-19-is-a-virus-of-the-human-mind-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast-please-share-to-counter-censorship/ Well done mate , I'm sure you'll do great! Let's hope someone videos it.
  21. What kind of puzzles do you solve labrats ?
  22. for the petition it requires a mindset change for enough politicians but first you gotta find one who is widely knowledgeable and recognises that face masks have no substantial, randomised samples, isolated tests done to prove any effect upon transmission then the politician could go to others to try and change the SAGE decision based upon the DELVE information upstream is a shit swim, downstream is fast and flowing i know people who dont wear the mask and /or do wear it but dont want to and think its stupid but they struggle to accept the lack of transmission evidence transmission is for them common sense and fits with government guidelines this is a problem rooted in society
  23. Thanks @Basket Case for posting this, Unfortunately I wont be there as I have another prior engagement, but I truly hope this protest works as we the people desperately need to do something to stop this madness.
  24. I'm fairly convinced there were no planes .... also thermate was used ...look at this classic thermate/thermite cut ... they lay the charge at an angle so the top part slips down over the bottom ...If the charge was horizontal it would melt the steel the top part would fall down a few inches and get stuck .... I think the nuke link HU gave doesn't believe thermate was used .... First the thermate charges were detonated on two separate floors , collapse starts , then just one nuke underground for each tower .... Before all this charges were detonated to simulate plane impact.... Also the molten steel running down from the floors where the collapse starts can only be explained by thermate
  25. seems like flat earth is a way of polluting any talk on aliens. they don't even have to have to be paid agents, flat earthers just go everywhere alien talk is and deny deny wonder if the same thing happened in the 1500s, ie flat earth theory was used to bamboozle proper inquiry
  26. they have to make everyone very ill to create the conditions for a 'novel virus' i.e fask masks to deplete the blood o2 and increase co2 in the body increase the stress of daily life (job losses, economy crashing, check points, lockdowns) encourage more wifi / 4g / 5g use (not needing more maybe) continue with alcohol, fluoride, pesticide ridden food, chlorinate the water supply more sit back... wait for the flu season due to temparature reduction and less sunlight (vit d) use crappy tests to prove corona is spreading although i dont think the majority of people will go for it
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