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  2. I've read about this before, the bags of human crap in American cities. How revolting, but I suppose the homeless have no access to toilets.
  3. If they are carrying weapons and using violence are they not then an army? because i'm pretty sure it is illegal to have a private army in the UK... So who owns that private army?
  4. video from the amazing trance song by mauro picotto: Mauro Picotto - Komodo
  5. Except they retracted what theyd said after the fact. Look at the last line of the article... no surprise though. ( Censorship)
  6. But isn't the whole point of the exercise to stand in one place in such numbers that it becomes undeniable that it is the will of the people to be free and not wear masks and to stand next to who we want, when we want, where we want? whats the point of just leading police on a walk around the city? Surely the crowd needs to be so big and so thick with people that the police are unable to do anything about it? If the police then deploy tear gas to disperse the crowds then they have taken the mask off and shown the violent coercion of the centralised, state-co
  7. March 28, 2019 "Project Runway is a reality TV show about fashion design where contestants compete to create the best outfits. An episode of the 17th season of that show that aired on March 28th, 2019 is (in today’s context) completely mind-boggling. In one segment, a contestant wearing a Kovid Kapoor design proudly presented an outfit that featured a matching facemask." The Project Runway contestants get fashion advice from Beyonce's stylist, Marni Senofonte, in this week's print-tastic challenge! Kovid Kapoor https://www.bravotv.co
  8. I know Yellow Fever isn't a virus, but if they think vaccines in general are safe, share this one with them. Top cancer scientist dies after yellow fever vaccination https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jan/11/top-cancer-scientist-prof-martin-gore-dies-after-rare-reaction-to-yellow-fever-vaccination
  9. Yesterday
  10. I look at what's going on differently Yes they are rewilding farming land which means that the volume of food produced will be less Also they are closing down chicken and turkey farms under the excuse of fighting 'bird flu' which will also lower food volumes Apple production is down because cider isn't being drunk because the pubs are being locked down and the fruit isn't being picked in the fields meaning there will be a lower volume of food produced Meanwhile the economy is being destroyed and businesses wiped out meaning there will be less job
  11. some would like you to believe life is unfair, actually most of their existence is dedicated to doing so
  12. Wonder which luciferians will be dragged out for this one. I imagine the correlation between the celebrities used and those who pop up during children in need season will be strong.
  13. Very funny livestream taking the piss about this whole mess, definitely give these people attention because they're genuinely funny and grassroots which is what we all need.
  14. Couldnt agree more we need weekly, peaceful protests forming up town by town region by region through out the uk with one large march for exercise once every month. multiple start off points across london . The police resource response in central london was definitely hindered by several smaller protests on out skirts. over 60 70 police personal & equipment attended the coach incident where we over heard police several radio requests for more backup urgently required in central london several times but they were unable to be deployed due to the peaceful people digging in refusing to
  15. Sleep walking can bring some interesting stories. When I was a child of around 10 years old, I had sleepwalked down the stairs of our house and into the living room. In the centre of the living room was a single armchair facing the fireplace. But that night the chair was a cauldron... it was steaming. Around the cauldron were big feline like entities. They were discussing me - they were deciding what to do with me. That same year I had seen an apparition slowly gliding through a wall and this sleepwalking experience happened shortly afterward. I began fighting the creatures and
  16. Ah yes placebo. Used to be a fan of them went to see a gig in 2014.
  17. "I dreamt about you last night, and I fell out of bed twice, you can pin and mount me like a butterfly"
  18. The only tools in my bag I have to raise my vibration is by being my opinion of what pure is because everyone I feel has their own definition. But besides that, I just try to be a good person and do things that I would want done to me. But I saw the hero's journey video and I loved it and I took my time watching it. I would say I'm at the transformation stage after watching that video and really letting it sink in
  19. "Civilised people" right? Posted this before but it's extremely relevant. The chips are definitely down and people have turned into rabid animals without a spine whatsoever. So easily manipulated. Tempted to send them an email telling them they have won big from a prince in Nigeria and to send acc details to claim their lost fortune. Would be rolling in dosh mate...
  20. That's the SPIRIT (pun intended) I suggest all publicans ban the MP's who voted for the tier sysetm today. Where do these two drink? Two Fat Pigs Pub?
  21. Yikes .. what sort of person would volunteer to work 16 hours a week, unpaid to jab people. The mind boggles. Why do they keep talking about medical emergencies after the vaccination. Vaccination Care Volunteer This role is an opportunity to help St John Ambulance and the NHS support our communities against a pandemic that is affecting each and every one of us. In this role you will volunteer in your community, supporting patients all the way through from arrival to discharge. They will help patients get to the right place to receive their vaccination and be on hand
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