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  2. Brings back memories. Seems like so long ago. I must keep reminding myself that there was another world before 2020.
  3. Thanks, I lean towards Off-Guardian's position, in that I am sceptical about so-called 'leaked' documents, especially those that suddenly 'emerge' and get shared widely amongst 'conspiracy circles'. Be wary of false information folks, especially that which can end up being used back at us. While there is a lot of misinformation being peddled by the 'mainstream media', we also need to be mindful of the misinformation being 'seeded' within the alternative media.
  4. 'You'll take it up the arse and be happy'. Er, so just a question whilst we're all being super happy... Um, so who does actually own all the stuff then? Coz if its not us happy lot, then who? Coz to be fair it kinda feels like your saying 'We'll take all your shit and you'll lump it. Kinda like being told if you cry Ill smack you again, even though the first smack made you cry. And when we dont own anything, how then do we get to hsve anything, historically speaking the rich dont like to share. What if I want a Farrar or like Bezos, a Space Ship and more importantly does this effect the legal concept of ownership, I'm rather attched to my body as my property. Well seems as your asking and not telling because you wouldn't just steal all our shit with financial crashes and cheap money that bubble stocks into defaulting on peoples homes or basically white collar theft, then my answer is me telling them to go fuck themselves and them being happy about it. Maybe we get to have free shit based on our Social Credit score. Kinda like if your work had a value of earning that then could be exchanged for goods and services, like a credit or some kind of token that could be earnt, saved, spent and exchanged.... Kinda like money, huh!
  5. Do not believe him. He is pure devil and traitor.
  6. 'Vaxis of Evil', my new meme format, cheers!
  7. I'm not either. The link below explains what they are but in bits. The link was from this URL someone has posted earlier. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/information-security-expert-reveals-pfizer-covid-jab-contracts-theres-good-reason-pfizer-fought-to-hide-the-details/
  8. With E.M resonant G.O in the body, you'll be a walking beacon. The vaccinated may set of shop alarms. Wifi will light you up like you've been scoped through Predators specs. 'Track me, trace me, do anything and replace me. I'm but an electron in your circuit city'.
  9. I've just discovered Public Heath England have a Youtube channel! Another one to add to my thumbs down hit list. '
  10. It may possibly inhibit an immune response to 5G or the Graphene Oxide may even allow for a systemic resonance that 5G may permeate the entire body without EM resistance. Like millions of internal antennae that vibrate in resonance to external 5G.
  11. Yes I know - ( I worked with AIDS, hospital setting, when it was first 'constructed' )...I was drawing attention to GeoffB insofar as hypoxia/hypoxemia...thank you for your further input as far as hypercapnia and the dangerous drugs being used (before & after) that go hand in glove with the other issues regarding this "enigmatic construct."
  12. I'm afraid based on the simple rules and the ABC's of the alphabet, Cock Piss Partridge was an in fact an invalid entry. However, if the world is ever conspired against by, CPP: Canada Pension Plan CPP: Capital Purchase Program CPP: C Preprocessor CPP: Certified Payroll Professional We'll be sure to re-enter your suggestion. (and yes, Prometheus knows)
  13. For Owl https://off-guardian.org/2021/07/29/covid-vaccines-the-leaked-pfizer-contract/
  14. Britain of the future, when your body's screwed from multiple poison shots and you need augments to stay alive.
  15. Don't worry about it mate, scum, subhuman scum. (I hope to god that Prometheus knows AP)
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  • 81 What is the Wider Agenda Behind Covid-19?

    1. 1. What do you think is the wider agenda behind Covid-19? Please select all that you think may apply.

      • I believe the virus is real and that there is no other agenda
      • Depopulation
      • It is for the profit of the pharmaceutical companies
      • 5G cover story
      • The culling of the elderly
      • Global reset
      • Transhumanism and fusion with AI
      • The prelude to an alien invasion (either fake or real)
      • A mass occult / Satanic ritual
      • It's a distraction whilst the deep state is taken down
      • To change human behaviour / interactions
      • A Chinese plot against the rest of the world
      • A slippery slope to zero carbon measures
      • To set the stage for a major cyber attack (Cyber Polygon)
      • Other (please specify)

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