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  2. Also while im on the topic of new normal slaves. They cant even put together the obvious of agenda 21/30 climate bollocks. Even when our own puppet n chiefs father has a book out predicting this exact scenario. Davos Greta reading from a script & people ask where she get her money from?? Extinction rebellion Attenborough blatantly talking about humans as a pestilence in the media, yet wont make an example & soilent green himself. The cult moving up a gear. How many people will it take to drop dead from the jab before they wake up
  3. Hey @Fluke, speaking of mental health... At this point, in my view, taking the dangerous and experimental covid vaccines voluntarily is a clear sign of mental incapacity or serious mental health issues. Is there any way under the mental health act that it could be argued that a family member who still wants to take a covid vaccine could be certified as insane and therefore saved from the jab by a guardian or relative? Just throwing up ideas.
  4. France and Germany are mixing their vaccines. Should Australia do the same? https://www.smh.com.au/national/france-and-germany-are-mixing-their-vaccines-should-australia-do-the-same-20210419-p57kft.html Fyi: @Bullion - a new level of insanity.
  5. "The President of the Australian Medical Association says the country has a "new problem" with its COVID-19 vaccine rollout - that a number of Australians have lost confidence in the jabs." https://www.9news.com.au/national/coronavirus-australia-vaccine-people-lose-confidence-in-covid19-jabs/0be6dd39-fc8b-404b-a28c-c1e5370a1ee8 Here we go. Damage control. Emergency propaganda contingency plan activated.
  6. In Clownworld, we have a term for such people... ... We call them Conspiracy Theorists.
  7. With a nation of total pussies yep & they deserve it on the most part, you not only give up your basic liberties but accept a bullshit debt which further sinks us into bondage & destroys individual freedom. Only wish was a way I could escape the island freaks who love their debt based economy servitude. We could easy take it back & declare the debt null & void. Go after the real terrorist. Freeze their assets. More than enough to go about. All it would have took is for the police to refuse to be corporate enforcement & quit obeying unlawful act
  8. We tried to warn them mate. We did our best. Sad news.
  9. Karl Mollison , while channeling Kubrick was asked a question about a video , supposedly of Kubrick himself , confessing to faking the landing , he says this was disinformation put out to confuse , But Apollo WAS faked and he was involved. Question 2) "Was the video of your confession regarding the Apollo moon landing a fake? Were the Apollo moon landings faked? All of them or some of them? Were you involved?" He says the Space program we know was (and still is) about wasting public money , getting the military into space , holding back humanity from space
  10. World Health or World thought police? They not only change the definition of herd immunity & redefine the term pandemic.
  11. Oh not sure pal, think the one I posted has over 100k. Spent yesterday reading the testimonies on it, heartbreaking shit. FB will have that site before long, but they've backed it all up to move to a seperate website should that happen.
  12. Are you sure it's the same group? The members number is different. One group I read keeps deleting comments...
  13. I reckon this lady is a beacon for Humanity's hope. I reckon she's the best whistleblower to this topic.
  14. Still there for now... https://www.facebook.com/groups/299493215066149/
  15. Not at all sure if that judge is correct..... I am looking into it.
  16. Today
  17. Death would be better than a lot of the reported side effects anyway. Some care homes in Scotland have brought in mandatory vaccines for new staff, probably makes them even more willing to forcibly vaccinate the residents. Hopefully these bastards are prosecuted.
  18. I obviously don't mean this in the wrong way, but I hope they die so the managers can be brought up of charges of MURDER! (so their suffering won't be for nothing.)
  19. Yesterday
  20. I wonted to report WHO to WHO that they were saying masks don't work and shouldn't be used for healthy people and that government should stop lockdowns...
  21. Scots care home resident ‘held down and vaccinated against her will’ as two workers suspended https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/scots-care-home-resident-held-23937350?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
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