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  2. Church of England set to issue advice telling teachers to challenge ‘outdated terms’ around biological sex as critics argue new guidance is pushing gender ideology that a person’s sex is ‘assigned’ at birth https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/church-of-england-set-to-issue-advice-telling-teachers-to-challenge-outdated-terms-around-biological-sex-as-critics-argue-new-guidance-is-pushing-gender-ideology-that-a-persons-sex-is-assigned/ Trump rally shooting: Ex-president injured in assassination attempt at rally that leaves spectator and gunman dead https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/trump-rally-shooting-ex-president-injured-in-assassination-attempt-at-rally-that-leaves-spectator-and-gunman-dead/ Elon Musk ‘Fully Endorses’ Trump Following Assassination Attempt https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/elon-musk-fully-endorses-trump-following-assassination-attempt/ British Empire Must be Presented Like Nazi Germany, Curriculum Guidelines Insist https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/british-empire-must-be-presented-like-nazi-germany-curriculum-guidelines-insist/ Fears for food security as Miliband pushes through Britain’s biggest solar farm – are we going to allow this imbecilic lunatic to destroy Britain’s landscape and even food supply when the great majority didn’t even vote for him and his Starmer Cult tyranny? And all to ‘stop’ something that’s not happening https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/fears-for-food-security-as-miliband-pushes-through-britains-biggest-solar-farm-are-we-going-to-allow-this-imbecilic-lunatic-to-destroy-britains-landscape-and-even-food-supply-when-the-gre/ Could Ed Miliband Bring Down the Government? https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/could-ed-miliband-bring-down-the-government/ Is Sir Keir Starmer the World Economic Forum’s Prime Minister? But of Course. https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/is-sir-keir-starmer-the-world-economic-forums-prime-minister/ Rancher Sounds Alarm on Mandatory mRNA Vaccines For Meat Supply https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/rancher-sounds-alarm-on-mandatory-mrna-vaccines-for-meat-supply/ Countries are purchasing vaccines in preparation for a bird flu pandemic https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/countries-are-purchasing-vaccines-in-preparation-for-a-bird-flu-pandemic/ When Cameras Fail During a Great Blackout, a Great Mayhem Ensues https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/when-cameras-fail-during-a-great-blackout-a-great-mayhem-ensues/ Labour Accused of “Gambling With Public Safety” as it Unveils Plan to Free Prisoners After Just 40% of Sentence https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/labour-accused-of-gambling-with-public-safety-as-it-unveils-plan-to-free-prisoners-after-just-40-of-sentence/ Trump appears to be SHOT in the ear and is left with blood strewn across his face during rally in Pennsylvania https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/trump-appears-to-be-shot-in-the-ear-and-is-left-with-blood-strewn-across-his-face-during-rally-in-pennsylvania/ Joel Skousen – Exposing The Deep State https://davidicke.com/2024/07/14/joel-skousen-exposing-the-deep-state/
  3. Some say the Fibonacci sequence is the numbers/codes/mathematical formula of all Life. I would agree with this, and I would say the origin of this frequency is from the lost state of Consciousness, where this sequence represents the lost state of Consciousness. But I was wrong. Consciousness was not lost, rather it was stuck in an illusion and didn’t know how to free itself from this place. Now when I close my eyes to see the Purple Eye of the Infinite, I see the “pupil” of this Eye free from its entrapped state. This mixture/ensnarled state of a presence of the Infinite and the illusion I saw as a living piece of “coral” that had to be fed to be kept alive because it was now a part of the illusion, and this place needs energy to survive. So it was never about rising above the sheer, raw stupidity of the Beast in the Analytical illusion. It was never about getting the upper hand over them and reclaiming our freedom. It was about freeing a presence of the Infinite/Consciousness that was stuck in this illusion. Why was the machine that is the illusion created, where we went from Thinking to surviving? Was it to keep this trapped Consciousness alive? When this journal first began I was given the name Kwinn in my sleep state. What this message was, was loyalty, where no matter what, I will never abandon you. That word Kwinn symbolized the message from the Infinite to this stuck presence within the illusion, where this “coral” looking entity would never be abandoned, hence the Purple circle that always surrounded it. What is written above I find remarkable. What a sad story, and what a relief that it is over.
  4. This fist pumping image was the sole intention. Its timeless. They’ll be venerating this image in 50 yrs time. A picture says a thousand words. How many meat headed simpletons will be getting empowered by this image? Next comes the retaliation acts by fanatics and hardcore supporters. Probably mosque shooters and democrat attacks. This is one big theatre, and we’re watching a Hollywood production. Politics in the old sense of the word no longer exists. Just play acting. Everyone knows the ones in full view have no power anyway. Look at starmer, he’s just following the WEF, UN, WHO script he was handed, the communist ideals he grew up with are now mainstream politics, it’s his time-perfect timing. Its all planned out, down to the tiniest detail. Like big sports, most of it is pre determined and fixed. They can’t afford for it not to be
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  6. you dont hate the fake news serial liars enough
  7. Shooter named as 20 year old Thomas Matthew Crooks (now dead)
  8. Good enough, patient enough, precise enough to get a weapon past security. Good enough, patient enough, precise enough to make a distant shot. NOT Good enough, NOT patient enough, NOT precise enough to make a lethal hit (missing by centimetres). NOT Good enough, NOT patient enough, NOT precise enough to follow up while target is dancing with his fist in the air?
  9. https://media.mercola.com/PDF/ExpertInterviewTranscripts/DrJosephMercola-DrMalcolmKendrick-TheClotThickensAddressingtheFoundationalCausesofHeartDisease.pdf
  10. That is a truly fascinating approach
  11. Okay, but what does that mean? They are going to attend wimbledon? What work is going to be done there, to justify the Billions they spend every year What great humanitarian deed is going to be done, to justify their existence, their expenses, their mansions and castles Or are they going to turn up and wave, then expect you to pay all of their massive bills - $10million for a tiara, $37million for new clothes, $53 for their latest holidays, $millions for champagne caviar five star hotels five star restaurants
  12. The west had to create a china for manufacturing to export inflation and keep costs down. Just like the need for AI. I don't think this means that the west is in collusion with China. That is an assumption. I do not share your confidence in being certain of their agenda. Firstly I'm not sure who they are meant to be. But even if you asked 3 different people on here what's the agenda with crypto you'd get 3 very different answers. I don't see any obvious agenda. Other than historically, if you give a government an inch they will take a mile, it's in their nature.
  13. I guess I'll just post this here. Thank you, Ms. Braverman for mentioning that "Progress" Flag is quite horrible and monstrous. What exactly we are "progressing" toward, I haven't a clue but if that flag is symbolic of the destination, I aint going there. I'm in US. My grasp of UK politics is sketchy but I know an buttugly flag when I see it and so do you! Thanks again. some cool flags
  14. Mr H


    What do you mean, they missed?
  15. If being fired upon any right minded person would duck down, you would not raise your head, stand upright, and look around if in the crosshairs
  16. British film where a woman gets a job at a cafe and becomes friends with the owners. They give her the red pill, tell her their theory of 9/11 and rise of the police state, then she tries to tell her boyfriend about what she's learned and he tells her she's crazy. She breaks up with him, he looks down at her job at the cafe, and at the end, the police shoot and kill the ex-boyfriend. Does anyone know the title of this movie? THANKS.
  17. Joe Biden has just this minute released a statement: "Terrible thing that carrot hefgh you know, the thing. Donald Trump and me have had our differgers, dingerfers....sorry....diff...I mean... inflation is down. Down I tell you. Don't listen to Trump. Anyway, it wasn't me that fired that bullet. Jill will tell you I was, I mean John, no it is Jill...anyway God bless America. Don't forget to vote Bison, Bidet...sorry...Obama sngf plop gnurg"
  18. The people at the top of the pyramid can take out anybody they want at any time, notwithstanding Divine protection. They remove their own further down the structure all the time. I think they'll take out Biden before anybody else.
  19. If you look at the main photo they are feeding us, the bullet must have come from an invisible midget on the stage - presuming that the 'one dead' is the 'shooter on the roof'. The story will change numerous times.
  20. Of course. The script will be full of symbolism once unpacked. You'll have the left and the right and the couldn't care less and the Q folk at each others' throats - mainly via words on screens but dividing in their psyches. I catch myself getting annoyed at the clown left (particularly places like Reddit, Facebook, mainstream media) even though I know it's all bollocks. I've even found myself defending Trump until I come to my senses and remember the bigger picture. They are very good at what they do. Trump derangement syndrome is every bit as real as left derangement syndrome. I react to clown world all the time even if only for a fleeting moment.
  21. Shot HEARD around the world JA > June It has begun Manipulative Synchronicity Machine cornered, no way out Seth Rich The Flood
  22. just an ammeter trying to shoot Trump dead did not succeed, if they really wanted him dead, then there were plenty of opportunities to kill him practically at his golf course plenty of trees, put something in his food, you name it.
  23. It must be to his right hand side as it was his right ear that was hit. Some guy was shot in back of head but it’s not in any video (yet). Apparently five shots were heard to be fired. Of course it could just be one shot and the other ‘shots’ were echoes. The one magic bullet could have hit donald trumps ear before turning left and hitting the bystander before taking a sharp left again and hitting the shooter in the head.
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