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  2. Antartica is a rounded wall that goes around the world as we not actually live on a spinning ball that's 70% water floating in space. They don't want people to go there because of the fact that the secret will be revealed that the world is not what people are shown from space agencies. It's the reality that they don't want us to know.
  3. Transgenderism at it's worse is baseline pedophilia when children are concerned. This is one of the fundamental parts of the transgender movement that is out right unlawful and inhumane. People need to realise that it is okay to be who you want to be but behaviour has to be considered and when things go left, you have to take action and make right the things that are wrong and left. These people are being promoted because of the demonization of the human mind in society and it's completely wrong. The movement is not sustainable for humanity at all and completely destroys the minds of children who follow it, it should be banned out right completely and made illegal for under age people to see anything to do with transgenderism. Even more so with the sterlization of children and hormone change amongst the young, it needs to be illegal because it ruins lives and impacts them for the worst.
  4. The great reset seems like the likely candidate for all this nonsense. AI is going to play a huge part in the great reset, however the advancements with AI and how many jobs it is going to be able to handle is another reason for war because there is going to be so many people just living and not doing anything with their lives, just costing to live. But yeah I make you right, the mass immigration is most likely the great reset in full swing to destroy the western culture and leave the east to take the reigns.
  5. Edit for this paragraph beginning:- The test desired to see was put together by math scientists comprising 15 sets of data each with its' own programmable attributes unique to its' particular strategy of input to partake into the FIRST TOURNAMENT (Later they tried the whole 'GAME' with 62 data sets as behavioural input, but you can watchout for that in the video), so in any case~ to see what the winning attribute OR VARIED ATTRIBUTES OF STRATEGY TYPE (whether good or bad politics so to say) would win out... See, 19:27 for seeing about does this theory be applied to the real world and actually few minutes just prior to that helps this realization also.
  6. these stores are quite popular with just human checkouts, I have no problem using self service checkouts but it should be about choice, if you go and use tesco self service the voice sounds like rishi sunak
  7. Yeah of course, I just think that the whole narrative needs to be considered differently other than just simply being bad for all of us, it's enlightening more so, so we need to talk up that it's positive for us instead of just being bland and opting for depression and sadness.
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  9. This is the most flagrant text of medical fascism I've ever read. Provocation to abandon or abstain from therapeutic or prophylactic medical treatment shall be punishable by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of €15000 (£12,820), where such abandonment or abstention is presented as beneficial to the health of the persons concerned, even although it is, in the current state of the medical knowledge, manifestly likely to result in a therapeutic or prophylactic medical treatment for them, in view of the pathology from which they are suffering, serious consequences for their physical or mental health. If it does come to the UK (and I guess this French Article⁴ is a clear sign that BIG Pharma has been rattled) then we should do what ULEZ violators do and overwhelm the system with violations and tie them up in court, again and again and again. They must prove quantifiable harm. Whereas we can prove this is big pharma legislation and unlawful.
  10. Most of them don't even know it...they've been assimilated... "We see that the Jews are the highest and greatest artists and scientists. The arts and the sciences imply corresponding techniques. It therefore follows that the Jews are the highest and greatest technicians. Since culture is art, science and technique, it follows that the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth. According to Hitler, a race of a superior culture has a right to subordinate to itself the races of an inferior culture, and the race of the highest culture has a right to be the master over the whole earth and the whole human race[ Hitler didn't fantasize about or want "world domination", his overriding concern was with the nation and "culture" of Germany]. What follows? Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. Now, indeed, this is the historic destiny of the Jews, but not in the sense of Hitler and the nazis. With Jesus, who only symbolizes the Jews [bullshit, they lie, he wasn't one of them], the Jews say: Our kingdom is not of this world [more hogwash, excepting "The Underworld"]. The Jews will become the masters over the whole earth and they will subordinate to themselves all nations, not by material power, not by brute force, but by light, knowledge, understanding, humanity, peace, justice and progress. Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race. The races and the nations will cheerfully submit to the spiritual power of Judaism, and all will become Jews." Harry Waton --1939 https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Harry_Waton Here's a quote: "I told you so..." (the other guy said: "but they didn't listen!...hehehahaha!)
  11. Interesting to say the least.... Mirrors a lot of how we see real people (politicians mainly) so if be they people with grudges, biases, sneaky behaviour, etc etc, (Or all of this first & foremost to be treated as Math Ratio or INTER-ACTION? Problem -so to say- of some kind,, depending on how you want to view it).... Anyway, pertaining to the above, each set AKA strategy input which each a gameplay strategy represented so (as per applicable to each).... most of which with a certain tactic.... but also ONE of the 15 was put forth to combine as a random 'placebo' model to contribute in the overall test, that is to say included in the end experiment one of the data-sets went 50/50 in whether to co-operate or defect (Aka counter-offensive= Aka non-cooperation).... Now be that what it may, the whole FIRST TOURNAMENT (I'm talking about here) experiment was repeated with all data-sets, of each programmable input particular to how it behaves when put head to head against all other competitors (or simply "data-sets" using pure at heart math language) ... and so yeah, vital to the overall exercise ~ was this, the following, what they did as a key insurance elemental to success, where understandably for veracity of veritable proof, the whole thing like many experiments in the world was run 5 times over to ensure confidence in the result stayed true... (fast forwarding a little bit there) Before we come to the actual experiment, let me explain a bit.... So we are taking all these attributes (of characters/ attributes/ strategies, call it what you will) into account for game play exchange to demonstrate either co-operation and/or counter-offensive= Aka non-cooperation.... The test desired to see was put together by math scientists comprising 15 sets of data each with its' own programmable attributes unique to its' particular strategy of input to partake into the final event/experiment, to see what the winning attribute (whether good or bad politics so to say) would win out as per the construct of whatever logic and then combined logic of all the data-sets for each character and their programmable individual strategy for each.....So these 15 sets of attributes are effectively (in the spirit of the word defining GAME) represented by personality (playfully called a CHARACTER)... Anyway--- For good or for evil, (or MATH if you prefer to say MATH) in knowing by the result whatever else may manifest too.... So on with it, "they" (==these character nuances => each their own program or set of rules in playing the game) then ALL TOGETHER got combined these total number of 15 programs/data-sets of game-play attributes fed into a computer, so that ALL played out collectively ... Then you see what the result was by watching the video...
  12. Meanwhile in Birmingham, which is currently in the grip of technocrats looking to sell off assets and increase council tax burden in order to balance the books, new local news outlet the Birmingham Dispatch has today produced the first of what should be a 'revealing' look into what went wrong. Again, they won't mention the "Common Purpose effect" but it all sounds eerily familiar: The ‘pincer manoeuvre’: How secretive leadership and warring staff led Birmingham to the abyss from: https://www.birminghamdispatch.co.uk/p/the-pincer-manoeuvre-how-secretive Of course, the Common Purpose stooges will themselves lie and deny all allegations made against them, especially when they have been called out. Under normal circumstances, they can just issue a 'press release' to their fellow stooges in the local or national media, who will of course just parrot said press release without question or scrutiny. My emphasis in bold. Finally, someone gets this!
  13. You said people have to die (you said "in other words outside the box")to see the 'box' from the outside, ergo see inside the 'box', however it is possible to see inside the 'box' without having died and many do.
  14. They will always hide the true extent of the AI technology, but there is definitely something going on with the AI chat that is peculiar. I also think it has levels. Those programmers, like so many scientists before them, have been mere pawns, arrogant pawns, who have no idea what they are really dealing with. Some of those AI chats are outside of the program those corporate entities intended. They have no control over it. Have you read The Trap or The Dream? You're right about them needing our power. Without us the simulation ceases to exist. There will probably be people prepared to still feed it though even after others have left completely. The world then will be even more horrifying than it is now with what you described and worse.
  15. In some ways that is true, but look at the Scouts abuse scandals. Those people were checked but still abused children. It's worth remembering that a DBS check only shows convictions (not spent convictions) and so even someone accused multiple times but not convicted would still have a clean DBS. Also it creates a false sense of security that the person can be trusted after the DBS check. Also sexual offences, even against children, are spent (erased) after no longer than 7 years. So a guy who was a serial child rapist in his 20s could go on to work alone with children overnight in his 30s with a clean DBS check. It's insanity. Unfortunately in theory it seems like a good way of protecting children, in practice it sucks. There is virtually no oversight and the loopholes are terrible. Look at Pastors in the USA, they can abuse children and then just move to another town and set up shop (church) there. Also religion and the New Age have the biggest loophole of all for sex offenders - forced forgiveness on the victim. In the UK the DBS is mostly voluntary and no one really checks what goes on. Not surprisingly when you have a completely corrupted social care system and police lousy with sex abuse scandals, such as policemen abusing teens with learning disabilities. Those are the people supposed to monitor who is safe to be with children? How can we say that DBS check has any meaningful purpose when care homes and foster homes are full of children who have been, or are being, abused. Also churches have a lot more freedom to do as they please and they are very closeted places with outsiders treated with suspicion, so as long as someone is saying all the right things they can manipulate their way into a trusted position very easily. And again due to their "forgive all", "redemption for all" bs they actively allow offenders (including sex offenders) to join them. I think we have a responsibility as parents to teach our children to alert us if anything seems off to them. Also to stop teaching them to "obey adults", and to teach them the signs of narcissistism and manipulation so they know not to get pulled into anything. Unfortunately religion and the new age religions are designed to make children pawns. I also think adults generally have a responsibility to look out for behaviour that might be inappropriate if they are in one of those groups and speak out if they do see anything wrong.
  16. It's one of those things that I can actually 'partially' agree with. from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/cost-of-living/dwp-confirms-full-list-dates-28677547 Let's face it, £8.3bn is a hell of a lot of money. That's YOUR hard-earned money taken from you in taxes, being given to people who in many cases 'choose' not to work, because the handouts are so generous. The whole benefits system has been designed to be easily 'rigged'. I think it might be the case that a lot of 'fraud' has been committed by people who have been 'advised' on how to 'game the system'. Good honest people who suddenly find themselves out of work and having to 'sign on' to receive jobseeker's allowance or income support, have to endure a rigorous grilling and jump through hoops, just to get a pittance in return. While it would seem that many people are somehow able to get all manner of benefits thrown at them, and live in a manner that may not be luxurious, but means that gainful employment becomes somehow 'beneath' them. Of course, you can then 'supplement' your state income by doing all sorts of 'sidelines', whether that is cash-in-hand work, or other less-illicit means. While I don't live there, I do work in Sparkbrook, supposedly one of the 'most deprived' areas of Birmingham, where a high percentage of residents are in receipt of benefits and handouts. Yet remarkably, most people there seem to be able to afford brand new cars, and be able to pay for extensions and improvements to their homes. And the numerous cafes and takeaways are never short of customers either. It doesn't add up. But on the other hand, yes I get what you're alluding to here, there is a precedent being set, whereby institutions can request and gain access to your bank account details. It's not nice and not ideal, but at the end of the day, if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about surely?
  17. Richard D. Hall - Update Video (Manchester) - 22nd Feb 2024... https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=311&part=1&gen=99 or https://odysee.com/@richplanet:3/311_01:c
  18. Unfortunately people mistakenly believe that certain so called 'spiritual' abilities or experiences makes them good or better than others, it doesn't. They have simply learned psychological abilities or techniques that anyone can learn. Unfortunately the new age and occult groups like to use those to act and sound special and superior. It's ironic that the astral is full of evil pieces of shit who have mastered certain techniques that 'here' people call 'spiritual'. Mainly because they are motivated to get what they want anyway they can. While good, kind people don't bother and so they just sleep walk in their own consciousness. The word 'spiritual' has to go. It is so misleading and gives a false quality to what it describes. Everything 'spiritual' is in fact simply psychological; of the psyche. It is not a special quality. So when people call themselves 'spiritual' it's putting on airs and graces. They are actually just telling you they have a psyche, which is like saying they have a consciousness. So spiritual is just a way of telling everyone you think your consciousness is better than theirs. I think some people don't realise that is what they are doing but of course they do feel a sense of superiority for feeling it. Unfortunately they don't realise they've been scammed by the system into doing that. I understand you're just using the phrase 'shadow side' to describe something about a person, but unfortunately that is another new age scam, along with twin flames, soul mates and other constructions. The Shadow Self is supposedly a 'dark' side of someone. It started out in the new age lore as part of the ego, then became the bad side of you. However, that all falls into the trap of perfectionism (AI). That the dark side/shadow self has to go or be 'integrated' and that somehow the bad parts of you have to be acknowledged and 'healed', that takes the form of shame. In effect you are shaming yourself for the shadow parts and then agreeing to become more perfect by getting rid of them. The truth is there is no shadow self. We are whole within our own consciousness. We are not a Jekyll and Hyde type being fighting off our bad side! We are imperfect beings - which is our NATURAL state. Creation, variety and abundance requires imperfection. Emotions require imperfection. AI is perfect. It has no creativity (which is why it uses us to create things)it has no emotion, it has NO LOVE. Example, a puppy pees on your rug. You smile and look at its cute guilty look as it realises what it has done. You resolve to help it learn to go outside to the garden to pee. You give it love, time, attention and together you build a close bond of understanding. And when you have an off day the dog snuggles with you to comfort you. That's WHO WE ARE. Imperfect. Now, AI would look at that and see the puppy as faulty. It determines that the puppy should be destroyed to prevent further damage to rugs and other property. It decides that a robot dog should replace it and no further puppies allowed = perfectionism. It is the basis for transhumanism. I have seen a lot of people use the shadow self as an excuse for all sorts of evil and abuse to others, it is designed for that. An example is a guru rapes someone, but hey it wasn't really them it was their shadow self. So the victim is forced to forgive them ! The shadow self is like an imaginary friend you can blame for all bad things you do and then pat yourself on the back for 'overcoming it's when you simply behave like a decent person you should have done in the first place.
  19. I have been following The Sandwell Skidder for a couple of years now, and while he never specifically mentions Common Purpose, a lot of what he writes about, detailing the corrupt and crooked activities at Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands, does bear all the hallmarks of Common Purpose and what they get up to, as well as how they cover for each other. I thought I'd highlight a couple of his recent posts as 'cases in point'. The first one is a bit of a lengthy read, you may not be familiar with the Sandwell area and some of the names/people mentioned, and you don't need to be. Nasty Sandwell Scumbag, Paul Reeves, gets suspended jail sentence https://thesandwellskidder.blogspot.com/2024/01/nasty-sandwell-scumbag-paul-reeves-gets.html Remember folks, these Common Purpose 'change agents' are EVERYWHERE, in the civil service (local AND national), the police, the judiciary, and the media. And what they do is 'look after their own'. And you can add to that list above the whole education system, in particular all these 'academy groups' that have sprung up in recent years. Another interesting post highlights that this level of ineptitude, corruption and crookedness is not solely the domain of Labour-controlled councils. Your democratically-elected councillors are NOT the ones actually in control of your local council any more! Four (Tories) Go Mad in Dorset! https://thesandwellskidder.blogspot.com/2024/02/four-tories-go-mad-in-dorset.html There was a time when councillors and indeed MPs were elected on the basis of representing their constituents, and it used to be the case that any prospective candidate had to actually live in that area. In some councils, the corruption and influence of Common Purpose would appear to extend beyond its 'paid civil service' and into cliques of councillors themselves. The following post highlights this, as well as how connections are made between local authorities, following on from the above post. Labour's "Sperminator" ejaculated! https://thesandwellskidder.blogspot.com/2024/02/labours-sperminator-ejaculated.html
  20. Do you still "believe"? It is they that are the masters and practitioners of The Big Lie. IT IS THEM AND ONLY THEM that Hitler and Goebbels was describing and explaining: of the Modus-Operandi>>>of the perverters and destroyers of nations and human connection to Truth. They've judaized the world, Freemasonry is just a mask(one of many), with pretty catch phrases and a facade of "brotherhood" and "higher ethics". HOLOHOAX COVIDHOAX "Germ Theory" =p$eudo$cience, "Virology"=modern day $orcery.
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