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  2. Begging? They're our European brothers and sisters. Let me guess, we should send all dough and support to "Greatest Ally" instead?
  3. No better place to talk sheep dip than oz, so here's Dr Peter McCullough following up with this tweet with the details click to get informed.
  4. I loved Kim on Big Brother and watched just to see her. She was calling everyone out for what they were and I loved it! She was then however bullied mercilessly after it and I think had a breakdown. Philip Shitfield was the ringleader.
  5. Well well well, so predictable, Deny Deny Deny BQQM, the bleedin obvious. What say you sprog? got any more vacuous words to lead around a question that is so easily answered, yeah thought not. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12138567/Ministers-prepare-sue-Covid-inquiry-demand-Boris-Johnsons-censored-messages.html Ministers given two more days to hand over Boris Johnson's un-censored WhatsApp conversations and diaries from his time in power to Covid Inquiry - but they claim they don't have them
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  7. So I understand why I can't just buy it? - They look after my health! I always knew
  8. It could work to kill cancer because cancer is by many considered 'fungal infection'... Just thinking loud - but some other antifungal drugs had similar properties...
  9. You don't have to believe in germs but when they will get you you eventually could try Invermectin drops for bunnies...
  10. And what do you say about being deliberately poisoned by the infiltration unit currently occupying OUR Parliament acting under the influence and kontrol of a foreign power that does not speak nor serve Britannia and her peoples to deliberately promote the idea, and the only way out of the convid mess, enacted three and a half years ago that put, We, the people of Britannia under a menticide operation for just over one and a half years for the experimental injections to be the only exit strategy because, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Nicotine, Anti-depressants, Anti-histamines, Z-stack and a whole host of other substances that was deliberately withheld from either the use of, or the knowledge of, that was safe and effective as a medicine that blocked the actions of the toxin that was made to be deliberately ingested in the first instance, because if a medicine exists then it is for that medicine to be used to counter the disease being suffered and illegal to use an injected vaccine if one exists, and by the way while your pissing and moaning about it why don't you correctly identify what exactly is in the experimental injections and its true purpose, until then i shall be seeking and using the a fore mentioned medicines as a first line of defense rather than what the menticidal fukwits that currently fraudcast its nonsense and wants us all dead or enslaved, any further thoughts? And just for good measure, fuk the government, you're a bunch of murdering traitors and when found guilty by judge and jury then off to the gallows you go, PUBLICLY!!! SNAP!!! Care to join me in this call, since you know so much?
  11. @allymisfit. What type of arthritis do you have?
  12. A lot of those blue checkmark history accounts are. They spread one-sided atrocity propaganda. I'll just watch the History Channel If I want twisted takes from subversives .
  13. I think he is speaking the truth, the fact he has exposed the delivery mechanism on a light aircraft that he flies means the same is true with large commercial/military aircraft that has also been exposed further back in this thread, you need look no further than Vietnam and what was done there for absolute proof that the will to spray anything into the atmosphere is very real, with respect to what he says about the genocide of a whole population is also true, your thinking is along the lines that when this extremely toxic substance is sprayed into the atmosphere it would affect everyone including the lunatics that made it all possible and you are thinking high level dispersal, but instead you should think about low level dispersal at tree top height like what they did in Vietnam, then it becomes a local event as it precipitates down from that height, if the spraying that was done in Vietnam, or anywhere for that matter was not contained locally, then everyone on the planet would already be dead and we would not be having a detailed exchange as we are about the amount of psychopaths that are now in charge of the mental institution that i affectionately call, planet stupid, John Anthony West is absolutely correct in his observations that the loonies really are running the loony bin, sad really.
  14. >Bruce calls GOP voters low IQ >Dinesh says no, another group that is the base of the Dem party is low IQ and gets called racist. It's all so tiresome. "Probably the best display of double think I’ve seen on here. Maybe ever. Bravo." https://twitter.com/LionsSpectre/status/1663265400539467777
  15. This video is 38 mins long and I've watched all of it .... The guy is 100% credable and very courageous ... There are two stories being told in this video .. The first story is this funeral director and others finding dead people with their arteries full of spagetti like white growths .. this is not a time delay effect from the vaccine , but occours fairly immediatly within no more than 30 days of being jabbed , it kills you and disproportionatly kills younger people, The second story covers the attemps by the authorities to kill this whistleblower using the medical system ... very scary and very worth watching.
  16. Illegal immigrant says the West is ran by **** and the Russians and Chinese are coming for us.
  17. Nope Just wanting the truth And as said there was NO need to take anything And ALL those who pushed Ivermectin Are grifters and cult influencers But people refuse to see the fcking obvious Symptoms can be the body expelling toxins why would you administer TOXIC drugs to prevent that ? Infection , https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/196271 Is mainly BS CONTAGION has never been reliably demonstrated using natural exposure routes ALL their bs experiments involve the by passing natural exposure
  18. This might help https://www.verywellhealth.com/foods-that-help-fight-arthritis-5087840
  19. Ivermectin is not toxic haha You sound hysterical.
  20. NOPE, there is evidence emerging about the TOXIC ivermectin there are several more videos on this subject on his channel And regardless of it being toxic, or harmful why would you take something for a NON-EXISTENT THREAT? IMO you would have to be STUPID https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/grapefruit-genocide:c?r=3yvJX7q5zDqNPNvsAfy461sSwSZ12x66
  21. I do not trust this person because their Stories have inconsistencies and also they have no evidence to back up some of their claims like boat invaders being a UN ARMY ? Really, the UN doesn't have an army, its a collaboration of several member states that operate under the UN badge So these white deposits have they been scientifically evaluated at several labs ? Thought not https://davidicke.com/2023/05/30/he-was-full-of-some-white-growth-funeral-director-john-olooney-exposes-whats-inside-the-bodies-of-the-vaccinated/
  22. Yeah good question. I believe that the really old stuff, the deep rooted programs may still have a 'groove' much like an operating system which functions on pathways and from data. But in my personal 'reality' I am seeing old beliefs changing and even some of the pathways changing as I keep working on raising my frequency which is outside the old frequencies. Again I am not expressing this very well . Perhaps the truly deep, long held pathways will always exist to a degree, especially if these were compounded many times throughout ones life making these grooves deeper and more automatic. In saying that though, I am noticing changes that I could have only dreamed about 10 years ago. It doesn't change the fact that I do believe we could still be in a prison of sorts, or a simulation created by a crazy and evil AI or Alien being. I have spent a long time healing programs/beliefs/conclusions/trauma from my childhood. Some would say, they were the lessons I needed (and came here to learn), but a part of me doubts that these lessons would need to be learnt at all, and especially for a kid to go through that to then spend half their life undoing it all. But then perhaps this whole thing really is just a computer simulation, supported by things like astrology which is simply data/the rules of the program/coding. Perhaps you are starting to experience the mathematics behind it all.
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