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  2. I guess the one on the right could be chocolate milk in a blood bag.
  3. It most likely is, but most likely doesn't guarantee it is. Theres alot of misinformation flying about I would rather be 100 percent rather than wrong or as close to. I just think if it was one vax and one not you would have put the labels in view so as to leave no confusion. It leaves it to guess work rather than clearing it up which wouldn't have taken much time to do.
  4. Liver disease on the rise since covid! i wonder why……? https://www.20min.ch/video/schwere-lebererkrankungen-nehmen-zu-383960699938
  5. I assume it is two different blood samples taken from two different people, one vaccinated and the other not.
  6. On closer inspection there is something attached to them with labels but it would have been better if those labels were in view. Anything of a personal note on it like who's it was could be blacked out but it would have been nice to have read what was on the labels rather than left guessing what was in the bags eg weather one is graphene or weather something else is in there making it look that colour.
  7. What else would it be? Maybe it has not been labelled yet?
  8. I only ask because if it was legit bags wouldn't at least one be labled (the healthy one)
  9. Going to the hospital unvaccinated is a death sentence.
  10. Not necessarily. There are positive angelic light beings in the astral light dimension which can occasionally interact with us, usually only in deep sleep or we may remember them if we hear them on the verge of waking/sleeping, the sub-liminal state. I have heard many useful 'inputs' from time to time......so did a friend of mine..... It may be that somewhere down the line you may run into problems because you did not get your 'e-tag'. I do not know of course..... but I think it highly unlikely that communication towers were implanting this idea in your mind.... it is possible of course...but I think following the road of believing 'communication towers' are beaming thoughts into your mind is irrational and dangerous for your mental health. Even if it were true..... it would be more healthy to ignore it and pretend it wasn't. Then you would naturally block these signals in any case.... if you believed it was true... then you would be more receptive to the signals and unable to mentally shield yourself. In any case, it most likely isn't true. The astral word is full of spirits and entities which are continually trying to trigger us and drain energy...some are good however... a lot of our extraneous thoughts actually come from here. Regular Zen meditation will allow you to block these and give you much more control over your own mind and what you choose to think about and focus on.
  11. Is it meant to be blood in the 2 bags?
  12. I received a wonderful message from one of my teachers today, part of which I will share here hopefully to inspire. "It is of utmost importance to never let fear dictate or even affect your action. The success of their strategy depends on fear. Thus, never-ceasing fear mongering. Ultimately we all need to be ready and willing to stand alone against tyranny. We are with you, standing alone, but together."
  13. This is just a guess - maybe the black one on the right has graphene in it?
  14. Today
  15. Please ask your relative to get a D-dimer test. This is a test that checks the blood to see if there are mini clots forming.
  16. Tea lady be round in a minute with sandwiches. Meanwhile in a different universe.
  17. Need to get those kids jabbed and the refugee kids enrolled in the system. A real BOGOF appointment.
  18. Pity the old forum from 2012-14 isn't still part of this one, as the incredibly detailed and thorough Savile thread(s) on there had plenty of non-mainstream info and contemporary evidence. Anders (RIP) and other diligent people put hundreds of hours into uncovering all kinds of links and examples of what went on. But this is for the Child Abuse sub-forum, really.
  19. Free yo mind,!!,,,,and yo ass will follow..!!!..
  20. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9996687/Unvaccinated-mother-55-daughter-32-die-Covid.html bit fishy if you ask me
  21. The only thing I never liked was it came after his death (maybe before but I never heard of that). So his side was never heard but I still believe he was at it. At the BBC it does seem like you have to be part of a cult and in there degrees it is said to be what you have to do at a certain degree so I wouldn't rule out most if not all have been at it or taken part in some kind of human sacrifice but I could be wrong on that. Im open to be proven wrong on that but not sure how it could be proved or disproved. The NHS staff got a pass on that just like how there going to get a pass on these jabs. I'm sure there's a health and safety law that says your be prosecuted if you act negligent towards patients people in your care.
  22. That would mean everybody who works at the BBC is a sex offender. Clearly that cannot be true, but that would be the logic of what you say, so your logic is specious. I agree that the evidence against him seems thin and there are lots of obvious flaws in the narrative that hardly anybody discusses.
  23. . RT offered him £85 000.00 to stop revealing the truth!
  24. https://www.truthspoon.com/p/the-search-for-beauty-is.html What is love? Love is a form of attention. Love takes the attention from ones own personal inner problems and gives one something to focus on outside of the self. But what happens when attention goes outward? The material world expands and grows as the all knowing inner being reaches out into the void. The reality is short lived because true love requires timeless understanding and a still mind. Within a human relationship these things are unobtainable in this world which by definition is constantly in flux and full of a thousand distractions. There are financial pressures, communication failures, misunderstandings. It is easier to find love in yourself and keep it there than it is to search for it in someone by reaching across the void to another consciousness. Why reach across the void at all? So we all reach out of ourselves because we feel dissatisfied with our own inner beings, and we seek to expand our inner light into the darkened void. The consequence of this is human reproduction, which is actually a form of entropy, or widening chaos. Materially, having children is natural, from a spiritual perspective however it is not. Reproduction is the consequence of our failure to find God, it is a consequence of a spiritual hunger for completeness which we think the material world can solve for us. But it cannot, it can only offer the temporary excitement of desire followed by a slow loss of the self at the expense of assuming a role as head of a family. We fracture and divide ourselves. And so from the original harmony we have ‘difference’, we have tribalism, peoples, nations, conflicts, wars which are inevitable when different universes occupy the same world. Reproduction is shattering the hologram into a thousand more holograms. Marriages are not easy and often fail because eventually we realise that we can never really find love outside of ourselves, except as a kind of dozing domesticity, but if we really look into ourselves we will realise that what we were looking for was inside us all along.
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