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  2. Or any 'satellites.' There should be absolutely no problem showing ships and planes moving in all directions around our supposed sphere.
  3. From how clearly we could watch the Sun get smaller as it receded from the camera into the distance. Galileo did nothing of the sort and his telescope was 'light years' behind the camera that I am using today. Only if he had on of these! And I caught another gorgeous sunset last night. It watches best when you cue up the Beatles, Fool on the hill.
  4. I like Tommy Rubinstein. I like anybody who has the guts to stand up to authority and put himself about. I thought the PanoDrama doc was class with only one fault. He should have led John Sweeney on a lot longer. In the EDL days, there were quite a few Israeli flags and there was this one woman called Roberta Moore who was always there giving it large. In December of 2018 at the UKIP event in Whitehall there were still a couple of those flags waving around. I was there wondering who paid for all those stage events in Whitehall. He always kept thanking Daniel Pipes and the Middle E
  5. I am not going to respond to all the non sequiters, the straw man tactics or anything having to do with the incorrect facts we assumed were true as children, but it is worth mentioning that I just pointed out above the response you provided that this is simply not true. In other words, everything certainly does not fall down! From above: Why do air bubbles rise through water? Why does water fall through air? Except when it is heated? Why do anvils float in mercury? And why do some helium balloons after time simply float perfectly in the mi
  6. "One anti-Semite is too many" This country is so fucked. Why do they all virtual signal the Jew, who can do no wrong? Mad house. Truth is antisemitic!
  7. Good video! He said the same as I did a couple of months ago to some guy who was looking for advice on relocating to Mexico only he said a little more diplomatically. What do these people expect to find? When someone asks for advice on relocating to another country to escape the Covid chaos, you can pretty much bet that they have little knowledge of travelling to foreign countries other than a package holiday or perhaps even backpacking in safe countries where millions of other Westerners are seen regularly. My point was the same in that if you think running away to a country (especially
  8. There is no covid. 5G is a real threat, not a phony virus.
  9. Weird! This is the kinda stuff that happens to me too. What's going on, I'd love to know lol!
  10. Ok. You should be able to move to Norway then. You can camp ANYWHERE in Norway as long as you are more than about 400m form a road or whatever. Don't know the rules for Finland. Moving in with the Sami still seems like the best bet for you.
  11. There we are then, This Is Tiresome. You keep them low vibrations to yourself. I'll keep mine high thanks
  12. Ah .. here comes the NWO that's the inevitable result of your ideas. Yes oh so much compassion ... love they fucking neighbour ... we are all equal now let's take control of all world Government and shuv it down your throat ... so nice we'll be all friends in Disney, now BIG BROTHER will make Disney world like it or not. Collective action good for insects ... like ants in anthill ... Not good for normal human who is not an insect. 2 kinds of humans. Normal-man and insect-man .... always wrestling.
  13. Yeah this is arsekissy to state but sorry to other very great members here who I forgot to name - (not flattering myself that u care) but, .... yep you Oddsnsods,kj35, Enigmatic,morpheus, orangealert, MR H, Mr E, ,zark, jonesthepost, golden retreiver, fuckbillygts,truthspoon,coldrum,fluke,heartspirit,Jack,andyJ,peter, stormgrden, allymissft,screamingeagle, and all the rest of the gooduns I forgot - you know who you are - RESPEC to you ....the ones who can take a difference of opinion - come back nicely and not get all cunty and butthurt about it!
  14. Explaining the statistics. Southpark - Pandemic Special-mc-mc-mc.mp4
  15. One thing I find somewhat concerning now is that guys like David Icke and Max Igan are now effectively preaching to the converted. The likelihood of them reaching new people was so much higher on a platform like you tube. Most of the masses don't really use the smaller sites like bit chute. So... I'm struggling to see a way around that. Perhaps it's a case of, if someone isn't 'awake' and seeing the awfulness of what the government are rolling out now, they're not going to...
  16. Most think covid is real. but many of us are awake and know the hoax. Hospitals empty Bogus tests Gates salivating at vaccines made up numbers all a scam
  17. Once more than one had broken I lost all trust in them. I did a lot of reading with partners and IMO the plain copper coil is the best and safest option. The coil laced with slow release hormones is an absolute nightmare..
  18. Especially when it contains an immigration policy consistent with international norms and best practices. I agree, to good to be true.
  19. For those that dont know, why my story will be well told in the future even when people try to cover it up here. ET's (non parasite aliens) can live 500 years plus, and how many are going to be around 100 years from now?? 200??? 300??? 400??? 450??? So, it will be well repeated!!! I have no concerns there. It may be the BIGGEST story they have to tell, "oh I met her!!!" 200-400 years from now!! lol jk We is that rare though!! Rarer then diamonds!
  20. Sounds like Brian Rose has been branching out. They're asking for money and I'm always suspicious when money is asked for. I could be overly paranoid with that stance, but I feel as soon as you're asking for people to put their hands in their pockets that it's a scam. Just my take though dude.
  21. Your comment: 'My God ... is that as far as you got ?' It seems that you mistake me for being in some kind of race to prove to you that I have reached a certain level of awareness that YOU feel have arrived upon in the present situation. 1. Stop blaming people Okay - it's no-ones fault is it? Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr? 2. Stop dreaming some other leader is gonna be better Why a leader? What's your fixation with a LEADER??? Why not the collective 'us' Ethel, Bob, Rita and Sue too? You sound fixated upon a leader? It sounds like you are the sort of perso
  22. And then the UN have to come in to restore law and order.....with foreign troops on American soil... Which is what the patriots had prophesised for so long....
  23. Today
  24. Guiltiness (talkin' 'bout guiltiness) Pressed on their conscience. Oh yeah. And they live their lives (they live their lives) On false pretence everyday - Each and everyday. Yeah These are the big fish Who always try to eat down the small fish, Just the small fish. I tell you what: they would do anything To materialize their every wish. Oh yeah-eah-eah-eah.
  25. First time I’ve posted but an avid reader for years. HELP! I’m a paramedic of over 30 years the last few years I’ve been working in a large call centre giving clinical advice. We a have now been told masks are mandatory even if we are not patient facing. I have been refusing on the stance of a hidden disability and have now been sent to occupational health. As far as I understand this lunacy the government advice is still 1 metre with mitigation’s, if this is correct I can manage, i travel to work by underground and have yet to wear a mask, but I have had my picture taken twice by other c
  26. so words are spells... spell ing damn this is mind blowing! thanks for vid @Beaujangles
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