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  2. Everything will soon go down the drain here, until the big blow. Have you already prepared for your death? For the greatest enemy is invisible (the sacrilege against heaven and earth) and no one registers it. A woman in the crowd said to him (Jesus), "Hail to the body that bore you and to the breasts that fed you." He said to her, "Hail to those who have heard the word of the Father (and) have truly heeded it. For there will be days (when) you will say, 'Hail to the womb that did not conceive and to the breasts that did not give milk.'" (Nag Hammadi, Gospel of Thomas 79 (p.47,3
  3. The virus story again, is purely based on an assumption, a BELIEF SYSTEM. Just as there are people who believe in a GOD from the outside. That every virus is man made and creates a terrible disease. Apparently all viruses are not made from nature, but from a lab. Even now with Covid -19. First it came from a bat, now it is made in a lab? Nice tried, but again, where are the papers of the isolation of Covid-19? I have asked this to officials in my country, as many others did in their countries but the question is ignored. They don't have any doumentation of the isolation of these clamed 'viruse
  4. I think my son's partner and her family may have influenced my son. I really don't know. He didn't want to talk to me about his or my views during the most draconian lockdown in Spain. We were not allowed to leave our homes for six weeks. Only for food or medicines. The ruling socialist party adopted Franco's Guardia Civil brutality everywhere. No difference between left nor right now. I sent the video of a woman who I suggest may have had mental health problems climbing naked on top of a police car in Torremolinos April 2020 to 25 of my nearest and dearest. The police beat her l
  5. Presenting; "The Plasmodial Painter"
  6. Woke up to a white sky and mist rolling in. Probably used HAARP to spoil my sun. Bastards
  7. This is the only way, and I mean ONLY way that some people are going to kickback. I've said it a few times on here that while people are not affected financially they will do nothing to question what's going on, hit them in the pocket and then we might see some action.
  8. Read the book, then you will know how the media has been working since it existed... and what power it has over people's brains. Enslaved-Brain-Consciousness-Control-Behaviour-Control (2001) https://www.amazon.de/Versklavte-Gehirne-Bewusstseinskontrolle-Verhaltensbeeinflussung-Gehring/dp/3935095120/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=versklavte+Gehirne&qid=1623673656&sr=8-1 And this book is very enlightening in terms of what frequencies are, how humans work and what everything is based on.... (2001) https://www.amazon.de/Haarp-M
  9. I'm so frightened of my daughter falling out with me over it that I've only urged her to research and let her know the basics of why I'm against what's going on. She's getting married this year and I feel sure she'll go along with what her partner does. It's ripping my heart out.
  10. But sadly, the reason they'll wake up is because when companies whose business has suffered are now required to find money to cover the wage bill a lot of employees will be out on their ears and a lot more businesses will go into liquidation. This is going to cause tremendous hardship to many families. It'll be horrible.
  11. This is so true. I alienated my adult son last April/May 2020 and we haven't yet healed. 90% of my family and friends still believe the Government, media and Sage. I tried to alleviate their fears last year, but they didn't want to know. I'm not angry, but I now just talk about Covid with the small number of my circle "who get it" or others who are neutral.
  12. Yes, this is the result of brainwashing by media...and the modulated frequencies therein...Where do you start when you want to fully enslave and take over a race???? Through the children is the easiest and most effective, because they have no memory of what it was like before, even in terms of freedom!
  13. Yes, and we are not far from it.... The frequencies (microwaves/radio waves) are killing more people (and animals) every day than Covid will ever create, but people don't want to believe it because they are fully addicted to this cyber drug... And because they have not understood that they themselves are frequency (as all life is frequency) and they themselves emit frequencies, just not artificial ones like this technology! They do not notice how they themselves are overlaid by the artificial frequencies and fall into disharmonious frequencies which make them ill...I do not even want to
  14. Im not italian(although i have watched the sopranos) so this translation may be off but blame google hehe The information reported in the tweet mentioned is false. We have never reported any opinion from the Inter medical staff regarding Christian Eriksen's condition. Please remove the content from the tweet author, otherwise we will be forced to take action. RS
  15. I didn't know where to post this. I think there should be a separate forum category for Royalty and the Crown. This is a qucik post, and I will add other information later, but I believe David Attenborough and Jacob Rothschild are closley connected with the Climate Change Agenda. Order of Merit Eligibility and appointment All citizens of the Commonwealth realms are eligible for appointment to the Order of Merit. There may be, however, only 24 living individuals in the order at any given time, not including honorary
  16. Today
  17. What scares him is the same as lots of us - the alienation from our grown up kids etc. who don't see things the way we do and don't believe they're in danger. The more who speak out the better in my view. Good on him.
  18. You're repeating yourself.. Then why wait this long to present contrary information..? A TRANSLATION of the Tweet would be very helpful for the forum members BTW.. BC :0)
  19. Ive been playing this one lately banging tune and also starts off and ends with a sample from one of David Ickes speeches
  20. There was a lack of understanding of the poorest people suffering in society due to the Covid Scam from Eric Clapton, but he is an influential figure and that interview will wake up some of his fans. In his words "Van Morrison is fearless" with new anti Covid songs. It's time for Eric Clapton to be fearless too.
  21. Max Igan's latest from the Crowhouse:
  22. THE SECRET WAR https://www.bitchute.com/video/hvO0TesAoTzH/ Christian Eriksen Heart Attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2wDvaPjh_k WHAT’S COMING IN 3 YEARS FOR VAXXINATED? https://philosophers-stone.info/2021/06/12/whats-coming-in-3-years-for-vaxxinated-batmans-great-grandfather-founded-skull-and-bones/ VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 5/28/2021 http://vaersanalysis.byethost3.com/2021/06/04/weekly-summary-5-28-2021/?i=1 Skull and crossbones sign given to unvaccinated in rural India https://www.re
  23. COVID was brought out so that you can connect even faster and more intensively with the machine (keyword digitalisation) that keeps you under mind control, and exchange your memories piece by piece. What you don't notice... and in addition, a new test could be started with the laboratory rats to see whether the mind control through mRNA and radio frequencies in combination progresses even faster, (this is called genetic engineering = chemistry + microwaves, this is how it was already done with the plants) in order to turn you into biorobots of the AI. After all, everything
  24. Its a classic 'distraction' tactic that Doris uses. He wears something like that so that you don't focus on what he does. He plays the buffoon but he is very much aware of what he is doing. Its an act
  25. Here: From now on do your own research before spreading harmful fake news instead of asking someone to do the quick search for you. As I said earlier, it gives the normies easy ammunition. As for sharing stuff in good faith... Well that’s the same for the aforementioned normies believing everything the government tells them. Both are as bad as each other. Too much fake info gets spread in the alternative media. it’s not an attack on you. We need to do our due diligence in regards to researching facts/breaking stories.
  26. Hey everybody, apparently the common cold is due to return, bang on cue the old switch-a-roo. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iwTjkoVevZc
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  • 34 What is the Wider Agenda Behind Covid-19?

    1. 1. What do you think is the wider agenda behind Covid-19? Please select all that you think may apply.

      • I believe the virus is real and that there is no other agenda
      • Depopulation
      • It is for the profit of the pharmaceutical companies
      • 5G cover story
      • The culling of the elderly
      • Global reset
      • Transhumanism and fusion with AI
      • The prelude to an alien invasion (either fake or real)
      • A mass occult / Satanic ritual
      • It's a distraction whilst the deep state is taken down
      • To change human behaviour / interactions
      • A Chinese plot against the rest of the world
      • A slippery slope to zero carbon measures
      • To set the stage for a major cyber attack (Cyber Polygon)
      • Other (please specify)

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