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  2. The zio propaganda flick? The dystopian aspects might be relevant, the way it inverts reality isn't though. V For Vendetta: Reality Inverted https://nwioqeqkdf.blogspot.com/2015/04/v-for-vendetta-reality-inverted.html
  3. Personally I think time is a construct of the brain and only appears as a linear progression so we can make sense of what is happening at any given moment, the only thing that exists in time is the now . Also time is perceived differently by different people, say tennis players trying to return a serve or motor cycle racers doing over 300km per hour that have a split second to break at the end of the straight. People would put that down to reaction time but I have listened to a few interviews where they indicate time is perceived faster to give the appearance that things are traveling slower. If you have ever been in an accident, what ever that may be , things to me seems to slow down and something that might happen in a couple of seconds seems to take longer and gives you a chance to react, getting you out of a sticky spot. Try this, if you own a watch with a second hand look at the face of the watch and notice the movement as it measures the seconds as they pass by , now look away from the watch for 2-3 seconds then quickly look back at the second hand , it always looks like it takes longer to make the first movement then it settles back to it's normal rhythm, that is a trick of the brain making a second seem longer I haven't read any literature on the subject ,just my personal observations
  4. The mask rules will help to bump more off. Many of the elderly will be frightened because of the BBC COVID terror and will wear them, will not want to be seen not wearing a mask as they fear of being looked at or told off, even though they are entitled not to wear them beacause of health conditions and safety issues.
  5. Thanks for sharing this inspirational writing, I enjoyed your perspectives and I'm most impressed with being able to write so eloquently in a different language. Just to share my current perspectives and to try to stretch my thoughts. I would add that: All negativity comes from Fear, it initially manifests as negative emotion then causes mental conflict such as stress, anxiety, jealousy, hatred etc and can eventually manifest as a physical malady. Knowledge of Self is the ultimate purpose in life and we gain more light as we begin to know who we really are.. I agree, consciousness is increased through the conflicts we experience and gradually being able to discern new levels and stages of reality, eventually we reach an understanding of how these stages affect our being and ultimate connection to all that is... Yet we are each totally unique, there is a lot of pressure on us in society to follow the herd, identify with groups, to try to make us develop a hive mind, rather than consider our individual expression of experiencing all-that-is from a new perspective.
  6. Carbon monoxide is FAR more dangerous, everyone knows that. I just wanted to point out that they are not the same. What do you mean conplan original document? And why are you saying I don't think it's important? Just because I know the difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide doesn't imply anything other than exactly that.
  7. So...saw this post on the discord server I frequent, posted by a surgeon, a bit of emotional blackmail clearly aimed at folks like me that are opposed to being muzzled... ...I have yet to respond but might do later.
  8. The Chinese will not take over governments, just businesses and economy... and they'll sell you a 50-pack of bespoke paper masks for 10 pence with free delivery...
  9. No reactions left, but I hear you. Not sure who said that, but it's bang on.
  10. Cowell - When I'm fully recovered, will I still be able to dedicate my life to finding extraordinary talent and will the people still love me? Doctor - Of course Simon Simon - That's fantastic Doc because I all I could find up till now were jobless, celebrity wannabees ...and the majority of people with an IQ over 60 hate my fucking guts.
  11. Lord help us all. Rothschild, Israeli, Chinese, Russian, Communist, Marxist nazi state is taking place right now
  12. anyone else noticed cases rising according to the uk worldometer site? the lowest being 545 on july 8th (using the 7 day averages) maybe a indication of a second lockdown due to fake numbers increasing is imminent?
  13. you can see this in our education system as well. been a massive movement away from manufacturing, engineering and even the arts etc in this country, to non value adding vacuous and soul destroying jobs......I suggest possibly all part of the plan
  14. God help us all, the gestapo is real and they will come for us. Lord have mercy. Food rations, entering homes without warrants, "quarantine centres" (death camps)
  15. Hi, I’m Cassie, delighted to be on this forum. I came here because of Covid and all the BS that surrounds it. I know a few people (mostly family) who are aware of the alternative agenda, but mostly my friends are still in slumberland! It’s just nice to have a forum with like minded people.
  16. The stakes are much higher now. LBC's owner's, Global will of course be linked in to one of the big six media companies in the States. Earthling Carl used to be a laugh because he told the producer he agreed with the presenter, made a speech, waited for the comeback then waded in with what he really wanted to say. Fogerty and Nawaaz were caught a few times and didn't like it. Most presenters are nothing more than corporate whores now.
  17. The economy crashing.... There are two economies.. The fake economy - involves the bank etc simply printing money when they feel like it The real economy - real production and trading of goods etc The latter is currently being destroyed so that everyone has to live in the former. The fake economy. Will the fake economy crash? Well it's already crashed and defunct, based on no substance at all, and they will crash it at any time it suits them so they can buy stock at low prices and sell at high prices. I think part of this plan is to get everyone dependent on this fake economy.. just my 2 cents.
  18. Confirmed on the UK Column news yesterday that the Government order stays in place for a 12 month period, after that they can then simply reinstate it for another 12 months... essentially a rolling mandate until "the vaccine" arrives...
  19. @seclorum this video should go viral. Thank you
  20. They will be here until the vaccine is rolled out.
  21. Your guidelines are all fine and dandy if you happen to come from a nice middle class family, work in a bank and have been sheltered throughout your life from all forms of state abuse. I've read a few books now on the dark side of Britain and wonder why these people don't lash out more. The thousands of female children who were drugged and gang raped by Pakistani Muslims for example. which had the police arresting victims (for being drunk and their fathers for complaining.) If you don't follow Crimebodge's channel on, YT you should. Personally, I wouldn't give the police the steam of my urine in most cases. Here, a 21 year old is guilty of uncouth behavior by sticking her finger up at this policeman. He should understand that most people detest the police now because a lot of them love being aggressive with the public because they can get away with it. There were two of them FGS. I've seen two police detain six or seven people in London. Judging by the boyfriend's dress style, they look more hippy than hyper. Half the police out on the streets are just brain dead thugs now like this guy. She probably said she was exempt while showing the finger just because of his aggressive attitude knowing that she was in the right. As for laughing during the TV interview....immaturity, and excitement at being on national TV and global internet. I hope both officers are booted out. The female could have intervened but as usual with female police officers, they only rush in (with their mouths) as soon as any situation is controlled. Absolutely useless !
  22. Today
  23. Seem to be an updated list here.... https://www.worldnomads.com/travel-safety/worldwide/worldwide-travel-alerts
  24. This article did the rounds a while back and it needs to be pointed out - the 64,000 is total deaths (caused by anything) in January, which is around 20,000 excess deaths if you accept that 1,500 people die on average per day. So it's possible at least 20,000 died from flu, which is still a huge figure for one month when compared with the 40-odd thousand over several months that they say have passed from flu this year. The MSM were clearly told not to run with the story that year and risk scuppering the big plans for 2020.
  25. This is a really good video... out of likes but recommend people watch this!
  26. Not yet, although I ordered on 25/07 but I thought it was only out from tomorrow.
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