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EVENT SUGGESTION (Forum members check here)

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I started this thread so we can share our ideas & co-create. 


I put the date @ 10th June. 6:00 PM. So we have plenty of time to gather folks and share this. 


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we can always make more of these... another one in July. August. September.


edit: Date suggestion 10th of every month... if success - we could do two per month aswell.


Come on people! Let's Brainstorm! Co-create great things - and something wonderful will happen!

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There are different "meditation" techniques - for breathing and visualization. If you have some you like - share them.

For starters it can be helpful with guidelines - but being free with creativity works also.


For visualization I often just "see" light... 


And for breathing I just breath "normal" but consciously... but there is a technique that I find useful: The Quantum Pause.





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