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    • novymir

      Only those that are fearful and weak(consciously or not) look to so-called "authorities" to protect them and keep them "safe". Them that are strong and confidant have no use for external "protection", and have no use for any worldly authorities anywhere to stop anyone from "harming" them.
      IN Truth; I've NEVER been a "victim". And I've NEVER been a perpetrator. 
      I alone am responsible for my "safety" or unsafe condition or situation. And that depends entirely on my relationship with Truth. That is the only "authority" that I recognize or submit to, and I am a part of It.
      What is "responsibility" then? Who can take more "responsibility" than that? There is nothing outside myself that could do me harm unless I put it there or asked for it...projected it, wittingly or unwittingly...that's where it came from....me.  Ultimately I am "responsible". Then, where is THE POWER?   Out there?    "Them"? 
       Everything else can kiss my...
      I'll die before I respect or submit to liars ever again. I'm leaving anyways, and won't be back. 
      And that is a Miracle.
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    • Fluke

      Just had a letter through from the UK army asking me to join, men aged between 18-35. Do you think if I claim getting shot at gives me anxiety they'll let me off conscription? I'd rather stay at home and be a house wife.
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    • Dawn Richardson

      Rumble meeting with the scientists.. was very interesting.. higher vibration and meditation, is what we need to get us all the right road..
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    • Mr Crabtree

      I wonder if all these missing women believed to have fallen into the water, Nicola Bulley, Gaynor Lord, Clare Marshall, and now 80 year old Gloria Clarke, missing since New Year's Eve and feared to have fallen in the River Tees, are in some way being used to push the C.C.T.V. narrative? If we had more cameras everyone would be a lot safer scenario🤔
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    • Skotfreezy

      London Real is streaming David Icke: 8 Banned on rumble right now. If anyone is interested here's the link. He's been streaming all interviews he did with David the last couple of days.
      ROSE/ICKE 8: BANNED (rumble.com)
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