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The 19th July…... We are planning on arriving at 9am making a stand in numbers as they grow through the day. We are trying to encourage people to bring evidence that the pandemic is a fraud….freedom of information requests showing testing cycles, stuff of this nature We all have them or have seen them, the covid forum on here has been a great source for me over the year, lets use this evidence.


We are also encouraging people to have in an envelope….. written in Biro or printed out…………………… I do not consent to the coronavirus act. Acts and statutes cannot become law without the consent of the governed. To end this evil act we the people do not consent.

If you can link evidence to print off from your page this would be huge for the people. Thank you.

the idea is to have a huge number of people to stare down the government then all hand in our letters and/or evidence to the police on the day. how big would this be if we managed to get huge numbers on board


we have links to the pack on this page to help


the power if we could encourage just 10,000 people to hand over a document suggesting fraud in a folder marked evidence of a fraudulent pandemic. this would be huge. Scotland yard is 2 mins around the corner. envelopes of family members saying we do do not consent…..again a big symbol. the key to this, is a gauge….if people up and down the country cant have time off work to try and attend this day, then we know its going to be a tough battle ahead we need to encourage these people to make the decision of their own accord and free will to make this statement of intent and discontent. This terrorist organisation needs to go. We start with the coronavirus act then use the awakened to try and instill real change for the better of humanity.


Starting with all petitions that reach 100 000 votes have to be voted on by the public with no media interference. Huge task, impossible task, we know this, but we must try.


We are supporting Sexton and hoping to use this former police man to encourage other police men and woman to start standing up and speaking out.


will it work...we do not know. we will try. Keep banging our heads against the walls untill we see cracks in the foundation.





Please stand with us! Unite with us. Free men and woman standing up for the rights of future generations!


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Wish I could make it to this one. I’ll see you on the 24th, my brothers and sisters 💪. Give ‘em hell- or should I say heaven?

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Posted (edited)

How did it go??


Any good on the 19th to fulfill what the initiative had drven so heartedly for? :) 


Maybe the event was too close to the 24th but heyho, parliament got a double whammy of us in that case... You know he 24th being the weekend (a Saturday) as opposed to a Monday, I suppose more people will go to the 24th event this coming Saturday!? 🤔


Is that right people? 



Absolutely loved the. RUMBLE video plea, and it should be used again and again 🤩 with just an over dub on the date as the only thing, ready for any next event... 

Great From The Heart Presentation rooting for the 19th! (as has now gone) 



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