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London - Unite For Freedom

Event details


Details of organisations attending will be posted as and when.. 

As with exact location and time. 

The day is the most important part at the moment. 

Saturday 20th March 

Keep it free and MARCH in March. 




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Just now, Edgecrusher said:

I'm seeing photos of bricks being left in roadworks in Trafalgar Square... Just sayin'.

Anyway - good luck people. Probably won't even be any of you lot throwing them but if they start getting thrown then you're being played.


Show the photos?

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These are from a Telegram group I'm on, so if they're not real or from another time, then apologies. But just wanted to tell people as gotta' be streetwise.

Not on here to spoil anything.

2021-03-20 11.29.00.jpg

2021-03-20 11.28.55.jpg

2021-03-20 11.28.32.jpg

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10 hours ago, Basket Case said:


How was your day ? 



Fab mate....went through to york, my daughter made me and the wife a sign.  It was a bit flower power rather than a numbered march, but shared info, then we drove through to manchester........fab honestly. York interests me, tho got some contacts and the next time theres something there im gunna speak,but, they just lack a figurhead n iv never done owt like it before but i think i could fill the whole if i prepare for it. a couple of mad flower power women did a dance for freedom, and a decent number of people stopped took masks off, allowed there children to dance, it was great. Then me n the wife got back in car went to manchester, brilliant. Bradford next.......could be huge and be great to stand with the asian community.

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On 3/20/2021 at 2:26 PM, Basket Case said:



Looking at the turnout it's almost as if the those opposing covid measures aren't just a fringe rabble of conspiracy theorists after all!

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