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    • Grumpy Owl

      While I don't give a jot about the Eurovision Song Contest, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was rigged for Israel to win, just to stoke up even more tensions and division.
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    • Skotfreezy

      Hope all is well with everyone... it's been a while since I've logged on, what's new?

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    • Mr Crabtree  »  Fluke

      That's no fluke is it? We're both following each other now, I hope that we don't go around and around in circles and disappear up our own rectums, that would be a real pain in the arse🥴 I was followed around WH Smiths today, I merely asked the young lady if they had a crime section in their book displays, she said yes and I replied 'good, I want to steal a book'!🤫 From then on, until I left the shop, every time I turned around she was in the vicinity 'tidying up' the shelves near me!🥴
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    • Mr Crabtree

      I wonder if it's just me seeing conspiracies everywhere I look, but two of my wife's friends were discussing 'EASTENDERS' and saying how it's all death and destruction lately and they think nothing good ever seems to happen these days!  I said that this was deliberate because 'soaps' were a big part of life for a lot of people and where would you find a better platform to spread despondency than on these sort of 'programmes'? Same at Christmas, put lovely Christmassy songs on the 'Idiot's Lantern, build up good cheer, then smash it down again with ads about cancer, homelessness, children being abused etc! The powers that be want to keep you, and your morale in a very low state of existence, the subdued are the easiest to control! I said to one of them, 'you've got one son about to lose his home and his kids, a daughter who keeps having fainting fits and nobody can find out why, and another son who's tried to commit suicide several times, surely to fuck you have enough drama in you own life without tuning into TV soaps and hospital programmes'? 'Why would you do that'? Her reply was 'it gets me away from reality for a short while'!
      Fucking BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!🫣
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    • Fluke

      Anyone else think UK should bring back the nee-nawww for emergency vehicles? I hear it sometimes on ambulances in London and I think fire brigade. But it seems to be dying. Next they'll be replacing the bobby traditional tall hat. 
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