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London - Unite For Freedom

Details of organisations attending will be posted as and when.. 

As with exact location and time. 

The day is the most important part at the moment. 

Saturday 20th March 

Keep it free and MARCH in March. 



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me and my wife will be attending.......................ABOUT FUCKING TIME.............really difficult for us as wev not been on social media for about 12 years to know the whens and wheres of these things.....fantastic its on here..............we live in Ferrybridge near Leeds so any advice on how to get there  and or where to park or whatever please let me know. 


Thank you so much




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i,ll be there..expect to be attacked by old bill..they,ll have their orders to break heads as usual but leave any counter demos alone..BRING IT ON!

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Hi. Im on the Isle of Wight myself, missed the last two protests as had no way to get there myself.


I have bike now, but am still Learner and have had no experience riding on mainland, and cant legally ride on motorways anyway. I would feel in way too deep to suddenly try and ride on the mainland to London with no experience, so is there anyone else in the Isle of Wight who I could also join? Ill pay towards petrol money and just as a way to say thanks if this could be arranged? 👍

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On 2/27/2021 at 2:19 PM, Basket Case said:

From DI news today  🥰 
Get out onto the streets and be SEEN...




Fucking bastards.. 

I'll upload to Bitchute later and repost. 




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