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Piers Corbyn for mayor of London (Let London Live!) Election rally; 3rd of April 1pm; Speakers corner, Hyde park, London   Join us as Piers speaks at speakers corner campaigning to become mayor of London
Expect other groups to show up as well (including the usual greedy jealous little diddums infiltrators that want to steel the entire show to them selfs)
Let hope we get the 50,000 turn out that we had on the last one two weeks ago
Please note: As Piers is standing for Mayor of London, this is a political campaign and we are exempt from corona-virus regulations


Save Our Rights, A Stand in the Park, StandUpX, Official Voice (organisers behind Saturday's protest) and the Great Re-Opening are collaborating for the next big demonstration to be held in London on 24th April. Location to be confirmed.

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