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New members and guests - please read before starting a new topic here!

This announcement is no longer active

Grumpy Owl

Welcome to the forums! Before starting a new topic here, please be sure that you have had a browse or searched through the forum first.


There may well already be a topic covering the subject you wish to post about, in which case add your post to that discussion there.


Multiple topics on the same subject just dilutes the discussion.


Moderators and admins reserve the right to 'merge' your new topic with an existing one.


Please note that due to an influx of new sign-ups from spammers, trolls, or those otherwise looking to cause disruption or spread disinformation/misinformation, all new members first few posts will require approval by a moderator/admin before becoming publicly visible here.


Please also ensure you have read through the following important topics first:



And of course, once you've signed up and joined in, why not give us a brief introduction or just say 'hello' in this topic:


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