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just a BIG thank you David :-) We all love you
212 16 78 45
01:33 AM
Bringing together all healers from all corners of the known universe to respectfully, without intimidation, and with liberty, to exchange ideas concerning medicine of the mind, body, and spirit. The ultimate goal being to come together to help heal all the world's creatures, especially Humanity. Every beneficial specialty of any age or knowledge level is welcome to join in.
45 4 22 3
04:06 PM
For Truth seekers. (in Spanish) www.shinydemise.com
4 0 0 0
Experiences and Thoughts on cosmic Activities
18 2 9 0
09:29 PM
A place to prove the Shapeshifting Reptilians are here. Post anything you have.
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A group for UK dwellers to congregate and yammer!
5 1 3 5
05:17 AM
Kapow is the future. It is your future. Who is Kapow? You are Kapow. Kapow is you.
10 1 40 4
10:59 AM
show your pictures. if you dont gat any check it closly agen maby u find something we would like to see it.
3 1 1 5
05:12 AM
This is the group for people actively contributing to freeing hypnotised minds under the NWO spell (through non-voilent resistance and non-compliance). Making Documentaries, writing books, sending out emails/newsletters, Music, Art, distributing flyers/leaflets or just word or mouth... THE TIME FOR DISCUSSION IS OVER ITS TIME TO SPREAD THE WORD AND FLOOD THE MAINSTREAM!!! MULTIPLE FLYERS CAN BE FOUND IN THE PICTURE SECTION BELOW >>>
236 7 182 48
01:58 AM
The time is now! - Users can submit information & we can come together & collaborate on the best way to get the masses interested, and therefore educated in such a way that the NWO agenda will be infiltrated by the initiation of becoming the media; Post facts about false-flag UFO invasion plans, Fluoride and other additives, the Federal reserve & Free energy; These 4 things alone, if known by the majority would SAVE humanity!
12 3 5 0
01:16 PM
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