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Most people on the Forum are actually quite nice, pleasant and helpful people who you can have a decent conversation with. However, some are only here to spread their negativity and be rude at any given opportunity. This group is intended as a warning heads for fellow forumers so they can learn who to avoid like the plague.
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04:13 PM
A realm for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, and transgender folks
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Play an instrument? Sing? Want to learn... or just love music? Join Marvellous Musicians to meet other musicians and share tips, songs and videos. xXx
22 2 13 13
05:44 PM
For all those frustrated souls who give there all in everyday life and get let down, screwed over, caught out and generally pissed on regardless of how hard you try.
12 2 3 13
08:27 PM
32 0 0 13
Meta phisics You need to do what they do at bohemian grove,Kill your cares. On line its easy,just dont give a toss how way out goofey they read,if it makes sense to you Bobs your uncle. Ether is the empty space between the atoms planets and stars it holds everything in place,Estar Issi. Connect with it, your are 95% already,The rest is just light, look at your hands and follow the light back in to your third eye.Your a light child,You kill the chid by metafor, Is I out there? or in here? Its only mental metafor,light. Sublime Subliminal reading.
4 1 1 13
09:50 AM
full time survivors. living; no longer an option, nor is thinking. survival is getting harder every day. any suggestions? as western civilization crumbles all around us...a hint?
14 2 2 13
05:15 PM
a group all about cats. cats from offworld, cat movies, cat health and even the feline God/esses
19 5 7 12
09:28 PM
Join Me if You Want a Better World
5 1 1 11
05:42 PM
Welcome to this group! Alex Collier has had his face-to-face contacts with friendly, blue-skinned human ETs from the Andromeda constellation and the Andromeda galaxy, which have included multiple visits aboard their tremendous motherships and decades of telepathic contact. Collier has described in detail the members of a dangerous and malevolent ET confederation consisting of: - Reptilian ETs from Alpha Draconis - the Orion Group - the Grey ETs from Zeta Reticuli 2
491 53 176 11
09:26 PM
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