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Heads who've found the truth or who strive to gain truthfull knowledge, who have an upbringing or extensive background inside Hip Hop culture.
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10:04 AM
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04:12 PM
Be part of the ever growing DI FORUM RADIO PROJECT!!!
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12:24 AM
All forum members in Kent or close by feel free to join.
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12:13 AM
A place for like-minded 'truthers' from Wales, with the aim of starting our own truth group in an effort to stop the new world order. Please also see this thread http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=67350 Peace and Love.
22 2 10 0
10:02 AM
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For anyone who has doubts about anything mentioned on this forum. A plce to discuss and critique theories without abuse and ridicule.
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A free meet up to share survival tips and live in the wild. This is an invite only group - PM wazaaap for an invite.
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10:54 AM
Dharma spirituality is the most ancient expression of spirituality known to humanity. This group is dedicated to intelligent and friendly discussions on Dharma philosophy, spirituality, literature, history, practice, and the practical implementation of the Dharma ideal in our current age, context, and freedom struggle. Topics include: Dharma, Yoga, meditation, Vedic literature, Bhagavad Gita, reincarnation and karma, "Hinduism", the connections between Dharma & Paganism, pre-Abrahamic spirituality, Natural Law, Vedanta, Dharma-Nationalism, self-realization, enlightenment, Dharma politics, natural health, and many other fascinating topics. Visit www.dharmacentral.com for more information
7 2 2 0
06:37 AM
for fans of henry david thoreau
6 1 1 0
07:04 AM
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