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Bringing together all healers from all corners of the known universe to respectfully, without intimidation, and with liberty, to exchange ideas concerning medicine of the mind, body, and spirit. The ultimate goal being to come together to help heal all the world's creatures, especially Humanity. Every beneficial specialty of any age or knowledge level is welcome to join in.
45 4 22 3
04:06 PM
Dharma spirituality is the most ancient expression of spirituality known to humanity. This group is dedicated to intelligent and friendly discussions on Dharma philosophy, spirituality, literature, history, practice, and the practical implementation of the Dharma ideal in our current age, context, and freedom struggle. Topics include: Dharma, Yoga, meditation, Vedic literature, Bhagavad Gita, reincarnation and karma, "Hinduism", the connections between Dharma & Paganism, pre-Abrahamic spirituality, Natural Law, Vedanta, Dharma-Nationalism, self-realization, enlightenment, Dharma politics, natural health, and many other fascinating topics. Visit www.dharmacentral.com for more information
7 2 2 0
06:37 AM
This is the group for people actively contributing to freeing hypnotised minds under the NWO spell (through non-voilent resistance and non-compliance). Making Documentaries, writing books, sending out emails/newsletters, Music, Art, distributing flyers/leaflets or just word or mouth... THE TIME FOR DISCUSSION IS OVER ITS TIME TO SPREAD THE WORD AND FLOOD THE MAINSTREAM!!! MULTIPLE FLYERS CAN BE FOUND IN THE PICTURE SECTION BELOW >>>
236 7 182 48
01:58 AM
RFID Resistance and Educational Group.
8 3 3 5
12:29 AM
a group focusing on the NWO plans for South Africa. Saffas, non-saffas, expats all welcome.
7 2 5 14
07:01 PM
For all those frustrated souls who give there all in everyday life and get let down, screwed over, caught out and generally pissed on regardless of how hard you try.
12 2 3 13
08:27 PM
Be part of the ever growing DI FORUM RADIO PROJECT!!!
21 1 5 0
12:24 AM
Straight up no-BS. They are great for sci-fi (as we've seen for thousands of years), but sorry mate, ain't buyin' it. =)
7 2 2 24
01:06 AM
Most people on the Forum are actually quite nice, pleasant and helpful people who you can have a decent conversation with. However, some are only here to spread their negativity and be rude at any given opportunity. This group is intended as a warning heads for fellow forumers so they can learn who to avoid like the plague.
8 2 4 13
04:13 PM
Witnessing about God's miracles
3 1 4 7
01:40 AM
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