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29-06-2014 until 29-06-2020
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Rule Breaches

Please read the Forum and Communication Guidelines, Terms and Conditions and Rules and Etiquette before you post

Rule Breaches

Moderators will normally warn a user first if they have done something which is against our rules. That should give the member a clear indication of what is and isn't acceptable behavior, so that it doesn't happen again.

However, if a member steps way over the line, or ignores a warning, then a Moderator can issue points against that members account. Repeated abuse of the forum (20 active points) will see a member’s account temporarily suspended (“On Warning”) and the member will not have posting privileges during this “On Warning” period (explained below).

After Points have expired, posting rights will be restored, however the forum retains a record of a members past points and if any time in the future a member over-steps the line again, moderators will either issue further points (this time non-expiring permanent points), or will place the members account into “On Warning” (equal to 20 points) where it will remain pending a review by a Forum Advisor who depending on the nature of the abuse, may decide to permanently ban this member.

The following is a list of reasons for which you may receive a Warning or Guideline Breach:

Insulted Other Member(s)
Provocative Trolling
Disruptive Spamming
Posting Copyrighted Material
Posting Pornography
Trivial One Word Post
Advertisements Not Allowed
Hijacking Threads
Criticising Moderation on the Forum
Threatening another member
Threatening a Moderator
Overtly Aggressive/Argumentative behavior
Custom Notices (Moderator discretion)

If a member ignores a moderator warning they will be given points as follows:

First time rule breaches are worth 3 points and the points expire in 3 days.
Subsequent breaches are worth 5 points and expire in 5 days.
Repeated abuse breaches are worth 10 points and expire in 10 days.

Account Restrictions and Banning:

Once a member has accumulated 20 active points, their account will be placed into “On Warning” and the member will be restricted from posting on the forum for a period of time to be decided by a Forum Advisor or the Forum Manager. The posting restriction period will last for a period of no less than 10 days and no more than 30 days - depending on the nature of the abuse - and the member will be notified of this decision.

In the case of gross misconduct, repeated and/or offensive abuses, a Forum Advisor has the right to permanently ban a user at his/her discretion, or issue non-expiring permanent points. Once 20 permanent points have been issued the member will be permanently banned.

The Administrators of this site reserve the right to issue custom rule breaches. In extreme circumstances we reserve the right to permanently ban anybody at our discretion and without notice. This may happen for a number of reasons, including; the member is a known spammer, a previously banned user, posts or PMs hostile threats, posts another persons personal details on the threads, abuse of the forum using multiple user accounts, using other members IDs to abusing the forum, or if the member has a known posting history of abuse on this or other forums.

We also reserve the right without warning to mark an account as “Inactive” in order to temporarily prevent posting should such a need arise. This may happen in the case of drunk and disorderly behavior or any other unforeseen circumstance whereby a Moderator may see the need to take preventative action in order to avert a permanent banning. Members will stay “Inactive” pending a review of the circumstance that necessitated such action. This review will take place within 48 hours.

Please read the Forum and Communication Guidelines, Terms and Conditions and Rules and Etiquette CAREFULLY, as we do not like giving out points. If you do not feel you can agree to comply with our Terms and Conditions then it may not be worth your while applying for membership.
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