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tescos organic
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Default a simple explanation of 'chemtrails'.

please consider this.....

back in the 70's, 80's and early 90's a lot of planes used 'turbojet' engines.
like these, note the size of the engine.

these were very noisy and pretty uneconomical, but only produced vapour trails over a relatively small range of altitudes and conditions,
this was evident in the skies at the time, planes left small, or no trails most of the time, and only rarely left lingering, spreading trails.

since the 80's the airline industry has literally exploded, the number of planes flying, new airports built and new routes flown has doubled, trebled or even quadrupled.
during the 90's a new type of engine was introduced, the high bypass 'turbo fan' engine, like these.

see how much bigger they are compared with the older ones? it's a totally different design. these are much quieter and more economical than the old turbojet engines, but can produce huge, lingering trails over a much wider range of altitudes and atmospheric conditions because of the way they are designed to work.

add the huge increase in air travel together with the bigger trails generated by the new engines and you get what we see today, huge, lingering trails, spreading and joining to cover the sky in a milky, man-made mess, something we never got in the old days, (and yes, i am old enough to remember, i'm nearly 50, and have been interested in aviation and the weather since early childhood).

there is no global chemtrail conspiracy, no secret fleet of hundreds of tanker-sprayers, no secret airports, no secret additives to jet fuel, (consider the chemistry), no secret tanks on civil planes, no holographic drones with cloaking devices, or drones with hologram projectors to make them look like civil airliners.....

it's just that there are many, many more planes up there, flying to many, many more places, using engines that make bigger trails over a wide range of conditions.

apparently, the public prefer cheaper flights and quieter airports to blue skies.....

all we need to do is to lobby the airline industry/Gvmt. to get planes to fly lower, so they fly below the area of the atmosphere conducive to trails. the airline industry don't want this though, flying lower makes the planes use slightly more fuel, and so will reduce their profits. they employ 'shills' to join forums like this one, and build 'chemtrail' websites to try and keep the people who, if they had the correct info, would be working towards getting the planes lower.
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What a load of shill like nonsense. When are you going to stop spouting this contrail rubbish/propaganda and see reality?
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tescos organic
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
What a load of shill like nonsense. When are you going to stop spouting this contrail rubbish/propaganda and see reality?
that is the reality.

lets hear your opinion of what's going on up there then.....

i thought the idea now, as suggested by the MOD team, was to cut out the silly name calling and post adult comments... maybe you missed that....
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and since this has already been posted here, I see no point in starting another thread about it.
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