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Default Zahi Hawass and Egypt Conspiracy

Huge Coverup of the Hall of Records being discovered in Egypt. First, both Hawass and Egypt's government tried to coverup the caves found underneath the Giza plateau but now sources are claiming they are covering up the Hall of Records discovery. Huge conspiracy?

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When scientific and geological experts find evidence that runs contrary to long–accepted beliefs, they find themselves banned from further investigations.

One such disagreement resulted in the banning from Giza, of Boston University geologist, Dr Robert Schoch. His team’s stunning scientific survey conservatively dated the Sphinx far beyond the Dynastic times, to an absolute latest date of 4,500 BCE, when the last heavy rain period ended, but the monument’s severe rain weathering suggested it was more likely to be thousands of years older still.

The first person to point out what caused this weathering had been French mathematician R A Schwaller who, between 1937 and 1952, had been studying advanced mathematics in ancient Egypt. Schoch, RM & West, J A. Redating the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

As he was ‘only a mathematician’, Egyptologists ‘knew better’ and chose to ignore his observations. When Schoch came along, they had to take notice of a geologist, but to minimise the amount of evidence he could use to support his argument, they refused him a licence to investigate further. Numerous other licences have been refused or revoked by the Supreme Council of Antiquities, which fears that the orthodox history of ancient Egypt will be turned upon its head.

Dr. Schoch’s geological evidence was not all that fell foul of the wrath of Dr Hawass and his Supreme Council. In 1991, seismic readings were taken by geophysicist Dr Dobecki, of what appeared to be a regularly–shaped man–made chamber, beneath the paws of the Sphinx. Dobecki, T & Schoch, R. “Seismic Investigation in the Vicinity of the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt ” The authorities used a weak excuse to end the work, claiming that vibration, caused by drilling bore holes into the ground — essential for their tests — was endangering the structure, a structure which had managed to survive numerous earthquakes over thousands of years without coming to harm. A second team, from the University of Florida and the Schor Foundation, carried out further tests, which discovered at least nine more chambers or tunnels, all housing metal contents. Hancock, G & Bauval, R. The Message of the Sphinx This team also has not been allowed to continue the research.

The authorities said that the ban was because of ‘irregularities’. They then explained that the reason for the seismic scans, was not to look for the legendary Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx, as had been supposed, but to find out whether the ground was safe for tourists to walk on. The excuse sounds barely plausible and arouses speculation that the Supreme Council of Antiquities wants to take advantage of the technology and skills of foreign investigators to find out if there is something under the Sphinx, but doesn’t want anyone foreign to know what it is that they found.

If one accepts the findings of these reputable researchers, this subterranean discovery is especially significant to the story of the Egyptian religious revolution. Other underground chambers have been found some 200 metres from the Sphinx. Dr Hawass states that an upper chamber, 10 metres below the surface, contained the remains of several aristocrats and that it is dated to around 500 BCE; the lower chamber is flooded, with a raised central stone island, which is reminiscent of the Osireion temple at Abydos, a structure which some believe to be, possibly, the oldest structure in Egypt. In this lower water–filled chamber is a shaft, which seems to travel in the direction of the nearby Sphinx. This shaft is unusual as it narrows to a tiny bore, requiring a fibre–optic camera to probe it. So far no public announcement has been made about whether this work has been done, or what might have been found.

Dr Zahi Hawass is now retired, but there is no reason to expect his successor will want the truth to be revealed. It is not in the interests of the Egyptians to reveal that the builders of these monuments were not Egyptian, or even Arabs, no matter who they might have been. It all becomes just another small part of The Greatest Lie Ever Told.

WH Uffington
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Originally Posted by whuff View Post
Dr Zahi Hawass is now retired
Thank God for that. Total buffoon.

Surely the authorities must have already secretly drilled into that chamber from somewhere else and raided it of anything of value by now.

One day it will be officially excavated and all we'll see is an empty, non-descript, 'naturally-occuring' cave.
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Sadly, I feel that even worse, they may have destroyed what was there.

WH Uffington
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Zahi Hawass is the classic case of an old Arab man who is too proud for his own good. This doesn't surprise me one bit after living in the middle east. Don't get me wrong Arab people are great, I met some of the nicest people in the world in the middle east, but their pride damages them. It is a shame when people will destroy and cover things up just to appear "right" about everything.
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