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It was one of the most sensational, highly controversial, articles ever published in an American magazine. 'I Remember Lemuria' by Richard S. Shaver was published in the March, 1945 issue of Amazing Stories magazine, a Ziff-Davis publication. Life magazine tagged the Shaver Mystery as 'the
most celebrated rumpus that rocked the science-fiction world' because author Richard Shaver claimed
the story was fact, not fiction.

Life said: '... The Shaver Mystery concerned a race of mal-formed subhuman creatures called deros (from detrimental robots) who inhabited a vast system of underground cities all over the world. The original name of their habitat was Lemuria, and they had once been slaves of the Lemurian master race. But the master race had long since disappeared from the earth, leaving the ignorant and malicious deros in control of the great cities and wonderful machines it had built. Since then the deros occupied themselves mainly in persecuting the human race who lived on the crust of the earth above them.

The deros were responsible for much of the evil in the world. Catastrophes, from shipwrecks to sprained ankles, were attributable to their influence. They often appeared on the surface of the earth and were sufficiently human in appearance to pass unnoticed in a crowd. But they performed most of their harassment by telepathy, rays, and other remote control devices from their subterranean homes.
Their underground cities communicated with the surface through various caves which were extremely dangerous for human beings to enter.'

The Atlans and Titans fled because the caves were cut off from the sun. Healthful rays were necessary
for zest, vitality, and a normal life. As the abandoned group wandered through the caverns, they
evolved down into degenerate, idiotic midgets. Shaver says these bestial creatures are the 'dero.'
Totally without goodness, they're evil demonic creatures.
Another, less populous group, are the 'teros.' They managed to ward off menial and physical
degeneration through beneficial nutrients, chemicals, and ray machines. Despite their best technical
and medical research, teros age quickly. They usually die by the lime they reach 50 years of age. The
tero are advanced thinkers, dedicated to good, and they are ruled by benign leaders.
If the tero are smarter, shouldn't they have out-witted the deadly dero?

The dero are the devil-men, a fast-growing race which de-light in attacking, capturing, and torturing the tero. The tero have been scattered through the caves and caverns. They are often forced to hide from the devilish deros. The forces of evil rule much of the interior.

What makes the dero so dangerous?

When the Atlans and Titans flew to another planet, they left their marvellous machines. The dero are the heirs to some of the most advanced technology in the universe. This equipment was created by people who were virtually immortal; therefore, their machines were built to last for thousands of years. The deros use these machines and technical systems to attack surface homo sapiens and the

What types of machines have been taken over by the dero?
Some of the most advanced equipment known to humanity. A partial list includes:
Flying machines: Several years before the first modern flying saucer was sighted by Kenneth Arnold
on the west coast, Shaver described these vehicles as being abandoned by the elder race that migrated to the stars.

Ray machines: Telaug and vision ray machines can penetrate cavern walls and bring in views of the
surface world. These vision units allow the devilish deros to see what people are doing at any time, at any place, in the surface world.

Projection Ray machines: These machines project weird, fantastic images and thoughts into the
minds of innocent victims, victims often selected at random by the demented dero.

Tractor Ray Beams: A train is speeding across the surface of the world. In the dark recesses of his
cavern, a dero focuses a tractor beam on a railroad switch. The track is opened; the train is derailed. The dero can instantly change highway traffic signals, sabotage industrial machinery, and ruin complex devices. Have you ever had a machine or object that refused to work, then performed marvellously when the repairman arrived? A dero may have been amusing himself. Tractor Ray machines are used to throw open manhole covers, loosen a single step on a stairway, or sabotage a vital part on a speeding automobile.

Surgical Ray cannons: The dero enjoys projects of the most terrible nature. These devices were originally created to perform delicate surgical operations. Today, the dero focuses these instruments on a person to slice a delicate, essential nerve. Surgical rays are beamed on a single individual's head until the juices of his brain bubble and boil furiously.

Mental machines: These horrible devices create realistic illusions, nightmares, strange dreams, and
compulsive behaviour in a victim. Many murderers have informed the police that I just got a sudden urge to kill.' Were they actually the target of a vicious dero mental machine? Richard Shaver stated that the cavern people have been bequeathed death rays, gigantic machines for excavating caves, powerful weapons, and fleets of vehicles for driving through the caverns. He also said that some deros enjoy driving modern automobiles from the surface world. Is it possible that stolen cars are driven down into the tunnels? Fortunately, not all of the people in the caverns are dedicated to evil purposes.

What is a stim machine?
Shaver wrote of a pleasure stimulation machine which was used to revitalize sexual nature. Shaver claimed to have had a stim machine played on him during his visits to the caverns. '... a powerful augmentation of woman-life; to a hundred powers of natural love,' he wrote. There are no words to describe what this apparatus did for life'
Unfortunately, many of these stim machines have been captured by roving bands of deros. These complex mechanisms are used to create varied degrees of sexual intensity. The deros, who are totally degenerate, may spend their entire lives in a stim ray sex orgy. This debauchery can be heightened to such a degree, and prolonged for so many years, that the dero is deformed. They are transformed into
even more frightening, more monstrous creatures. Perhaps a stim machine is addictive.

Interesting in deed.


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never heard of them but here is what i found:


Dwelling in underground tunnels the 'Deros' are thought to be an extremely unpleasant and violent race of subterranean beings. Also known as the 'Saaminym' the name Deros is derived from the words 'Detrimental' and 'Robot'. The Deros are believed to be descendants of a highly advanced extraterrestrial race that migrated to earth many thousands of years ago and are thought by some to be responsible for the legends of trolls and leprechauns.

The Deros are believed to have colonised both the surface and the interior of the Earth and despite being the descendants of a highly advanced alien race the Deros are believed to have deteriorated both physically and mentally, and have become a race of hideous, moronic and evil creatures.

The Deros are believed to influence the behaviours of mankind by firing deletrious rays towards the surface from their underground lairs, these rays are thought to be responsible for most of the wars and violence suffered by mankind. The Deros are at war with another race of subterranean aliens known as the 'Teros', the Deros and the Teros are both descendants of the same original alien race to colonise Earth but the Teros attempt to help mankind and thwart the Deros in their attempts to destroy us.

The Deros are thought to harbour a strong dislike for the human race due to the fact that the Deros still believe that the Earth belongs to them, and that one day it will again.

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They are taking there time claiming it back.I think the film City of Ember had some truth to it.

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Know I understand why HITLER was searching for the Hollow Earth, and he GOt all the Technology from them, and the World War 2 to regain that Technology,


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Shaver Mystery - YouTube

michael christopher
13-06-2009, 12:57 AM
Sounds like a variation on the reptilian myth.

Maybe one day people will stop blaming rays fired from monsters deep inside the earth as the cause of the world's misfortune, and then we can really get down to business.

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The Shaver Mystery is awesome! Richard Shaver was an auto worker who started getting telepathic messages from the Deros. He wrote it all down and Ray Palmer published it in a series of sci-fi pulp magazines. I have some publications relating to it.

michael christopher
13-06-2009, 01:03 AM
The Shaver Mystery is awesome! Richard Shaver was an auto worker who started getting telepathic messages from the Deros. He wrote it all down and Ray Palmer published it in a series of sci-fi pulp magazines. I have some publications relating to it.

Why is he the only guy who has ever gotten messages from these deros? Why aren't they mentioned in any ancient literature at all, or any ancient myths?

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This reminds me of the Asian version of Dwarfs who are said to live underground. Like the European version, they're said to be short and technologically advanced. The major difference is many are thought to be easily angered and hateful toward humans. If I'm not mistaken, the European version is fairly neutral.
Many Asian families, particularly families in the Philippines actually do blessing ceremonies for newly built homes with offerings, in hopes they don't anger the Dwarfs. Many things in the past were blamed on them. Things from sudden illness, collapsing homes, random acts of violence, etc.

Dwarfs also populate many popular video games today, and most are technologically advanced. During my time playing world of warcraft, I noticed a lot of myth and lore. In that game there's a mystical Titan race that goes around shaping the cosmos. They created humans, Dwarves, Giants, and Gnomes. The Dwarfs were great shapers and crafters, and the Gnomes were great thinkers and inventors. The gnomes were pushed out of their home by machines that went haywire, and unleashed a race of disfigured Titan mistakes called Troggs, from the depths of the earth to do their bidding. The Gnomes live with the Dwarfs now, and are friendly and help with the progression of humans. It's amazing how deep the mythology really goes in games today.

Usually myths start with some level of truth to them. Maybe the myths about dwarfs and their underground cities have something to them, maybe they don't. It is intriguing how close the similarities are though.