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25-07-2007, 08:07 AM
This books great even if you aren't new to this sort if info..


25-07-2007, 01:53 PM
I thought this was an interesting passage from the book, page 82....

The Plan

"Average people are relatively nonpolarized in that they do not go
out of their way to manipulate or help others. They wish only to
live a comfortable life and are not interested in learning higher
truths if these do not cater to their convenience. They are orderly
inhabitants of the energy farm, neither threat to the negative
forces nor of critical consequence to the positive forces.

Then there are people born with the potential to make a dif-
ference. They show a natural curiosity for higher truths, develop a
desire in life to help others, and are endowed with maturity and
abilities that seem more advanced than heredity or social pro-
gramming alone can explain. These are the helper souls
mentioned earlier. More accurately they are superhuman souls
who have volunteered to incarnate back into regular physical bod-
ies to help bust receptive humans out of the Control System.
They are advanced beings born into the Control System to help
bring it down from the inside.*

Helper souls serve an important purpose in the divine plan to
counter the negative alien agenda. To the higher positive forces
they are like brave paratroopers agreeing to parachute into enemy
territory on a dangerous mission of liberation. As mentioned, one
risk they face is forgetting who they are when they arrive. Being
born as a human infant is extremely traumatizing and the years of
social conditioning that follow effectively suppress their higher
abilities and memories. Should they survive the gauntlet with
enough of themselves intact, they then stand a chance of accom-
plishing what they came here to do.

If you are unsure whether you are a helper soul, it doesn’t
really matter because you can choose to live like one regardless.
All you have to do is think, feel, speak, and act from the highest
place within you, to identify and follow those interests originat-
ing from the real you (higher self), to remove the mask of fears
and lowly desires grafted onto you since birth by the Control Sys-
tem. It is by millions of people doing this that pressure builds
against the walls of this prison until cracks appear and widen into
passages allowing escape. That sounds dramatic, but in practical
terms it means that higher souls who stay true to themselves in-
spire confidence in others and show them the way toward
transcending this physical world. It comes down to maintaining
an optimistic attitude that acknowledges and sidesteps pitfalls,
making choices based on intuition and wisdom instead of social
expectation, and serving the spiritual empowerment of others ac-
cording to ability and circumstance."

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Thanks for the link. It looks good.:)

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I read it, and it's great.