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04-04-2009, 04:45 AM
The real title is Deadly Plutonic Window & Cult but David will get a kick out this one...


Dear Readers;

I have decided to let the entire world know about a prediction I made on Jon Rappaport radio show back in 1997 when I was living in San Diego, California. During these days, the well-established Truth Seeker Company employed people such as David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Jordan Maxwell and myself to name a few. All of us somehow made our name and expertise known to the entire world and everyone of us were guests to famous Coast-To-Coast radio hosts such as George Noory and Art Bell and numerous television networks.

My relationship with those high profile gifted speakers is still going strong, especially with David Icke in the UK, while Jordan Maxwell was the closest of all but seems to; as with Jon Rappaport fade away with time.

Back in March 1997 John had a very successful radio show and he asked me to do a segment with him and I gladly accepted his offer. I found Jon to be very logical, even cynical to the point where I was wondering how to get this down to earth guy to remotely grasp my world…I could strongly feel, when we were all together in a meeting that he had a *problem to recognize my spiritual expertise. Nothing surprising when people hastily assume anything without any solid investigations and Jon wanted to make a point for himself and everyone else to see I guess. I felt the mental challenge would come sooner or later but my wisdom is real and I am now as I was then, very confident in my abilities to always perform right and, with time turn the most skeptical person into a believer. I felt that Jon wanted confirmation and this is why he invited me on his show that day. Incidentally Jon did not know that he was to be a very powerful *channel I would use later on in my career to prove my claim to the rest of the world with my UNARGUABLE, printed and on the air (as I did with George Noory so many times) prediction of the biggest mass suicides in the nation's history.

But surprisingly enough, John is also a very spiritual man and his questions were simple, to the point helping his audience understand the complexity of my work. I really think to this day Jon wanted a solid proof of my ability and his serious wake up was to happen a few days later... Jon and I became friends and we planned a night out with his wife and Brigitte in Delmar. But what is REALLY EXTRAORDINARY is that Brigitte; *my ex wife and I, were driving back from North County that fateful evening of March 27th and we were just about to cross through what was then; the very small community of Rancho Santa Fe.

We were to join Jon and his wife waiting for us in Delmar in a restaurant when I saw right above us two police helicopters flying in circle and very low. Brigitte asked me to drive slow fearing a roadblock ahead of us and wondering what the fuss was all about. I told her Hun we are right into a Deadly Plutonic Window and I bet you anything that a murder or some sort of drama or a killing took place right around here. Little did I know that I was watching FIRST SEAT my own prediction unfolding of the worse mass suicide in the US history.

Do not join a cult! Read more here - www.drturi.com/daily.php

We arrived a bit late to the restaurant where Jon and his wife were impatiently waiting for us and as we enjoyed cool drinks we all were watching the drama unfolding on television. That very same night Jon really realized *when I reminded him of my prediction, that I was real but as always in this case he needed more proof of my predictive gift and gave me the benefit of the doubt probably thinking I was either very lucky or it was only an unfortunate coincidence.

Not that George needs any confirmation of my ability but back then George did not know me that well and I wanted to RE-connect with Jon and asked him (see dated emails exchanged) for a favor and privately mention this particular prediction to George. Jon has always been keen to help anyone he feels has intelligence and deserving and I fit the case. But sad enough he did not say a word because it is very hard to double task when you are on the air with George and 20 million listeners.

The main reason why I wanted to bring this *story of the past up to date, is because it involves a Deadly Plutonic Window and I am trying to make a very important point to the Police and ALL the Elites of Law Enforcement Agency. I understand that we are all busy thus I have to help them and do THEIR investigative home work and also collect what ever my previous undeniable track record of predictions has to offer so they can read the facts themselves and give much more attention to all my future Deadly Plutonic windows dates found at www.drturi.com/newsletter/

Now ON to the facts hoping for more endorsements from all the readers who have over the years realized my true potential and total dedication to help save lives.

Jon Rappoport - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am glad to announce that have right now two high profile smart and curious Police persona involved in this research and I am collecting your feedback, please think how much time and effort I put for you and society and I am only asking you to help me with your honest feedback in your endorsements.

I am a man of the truth and you can only appreciate the TRUTH, I have nothing to hide when it comes to exposing or dealing with the truth. I hope many of you can appreciate my honest and direct approach to life because I am totally dedicated to help not only the police but also all my readers who have learned to trust my God given gift. Wonderful George Noory *and so many others professional broadcasters from all over the world, aware of not is/are an intrinsic part of my mission to free the world from ignorance and fears and bring back God's celestial will as he intended us to use, outside of too many deceptive religious doctrines.


Note I may not be in the schedule just yet but Tom confirmed it. Note also that George answered this email positively acknowledging my request and I take this as an OK to publish the truth about another of my countless unarguable predictions and my adventure with Jon Rappaport. George is like Jon and I, a public person where privacy is cherished but so easily lost and I sincerely hope they will perceive in this newsletter the powerful drive to make a point and gather more trust from the police or skeptics alike. When lives are on the line in the name of ignorance, I will do all in my power to reach your mind and your heart and this can ONLY be accomplished through a fervent, passionate and entertaining style of communication.

Lastly George and the Police Chiefs received two attachments giving them the full printed proof of my prediction, these pictures will be available to my VIP only in the near future.

----- Original Message -----
From: Dr. Turi
To: George Noory
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 6:06 PM
Subject: Rancho Santa Fe Mass Suicide

Hi George with your permission during your show I will mention George Rappaport, I am sure you know him well but before saying anything on the air I wanted you to read the fact! Back in 1997 I did a show with him and predicted the Rancho Santa Fe Mass suicide to the day and read the section of my book on his show on the air...A few days later it happened! Please confirm its OK for me to do so because this took place within a Plutonic Window involving death, drama and the police. The attachment is the full prediction to the day, printed a year earlier in my book Moon Power...The other attachment I will email you has the printed dates...

Talk soon


----- Original Message -----
From: "Jon Rappoport" To:
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 1:12 PM
Subject: RE: Hi John

> Hi----
> You'll have to jog my memory Louis. I do recall that you predicted the Rancho Santa Fe mass suicide to the day and then I met you for supper the night it happened, but remind me what form your prediction took on the radio show.
> Best, Jon

>Thanks John:

>From: "Dr. Turi"
>Subject: Hi John
>Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 12:53:40 -0700

> I was doing a show with you at the Truth Seeker in San Diego back in (March 1997) >then you asked me to make predictions and I read a section of my book. (See >attachment) a week later, on the very night I was driving through Rancho Santa Fe with >Brigitte on the way to a restaurant to meet you and your wife for diner and we all
>watched my prediction taking place on TV.

>Heavens Gate Cult member March 27, 1997.

>Thank bro for your help...


>From: "Dr. Turi"
>Subject: Hi John
>Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 12:53:40 -0700
>Hi John. Louis here.
>How are you doing? I need your endorsement about the prediction I did on your show (Santa Fe mass suicide). I have a close relationship with George since he witnessed my accuracy with my predictions of Katrina and Ophelias etc. so if you remember mention it to him.> Well my career is going great and life is good.
>Talk to me
>Your friend Louis

A surprise appearance by Dr. Turi

(The modern day Nostradamus)

Dr. Turi, as usual, with his uncanny ability and precision, discussed future
Predictions (with dates) and events that everyone needs to be cognizant of.
He announced his return to Coast to Coast AM on Monday, April 6 and even
offered a reading for The Veritas Show.

Check Coast To Coast Preview taped 4/2/2009 with Mel Fabregas
"Veritas Show"


Previous show with Mel

Mel Website - www.veritasshow.com/
Email Mel - mel@manticore.com


To all the courageous souls involved in the Law Enforcement please join us at www.drturi.com/newsletter/ to get the FREE "2009 Dragon Dates Windows". Due to the tremendous amount of telephone calls and emails anticipated following this show and for the next few days we are requesting you to sign up to Dr. Turi's FREE Newsletter and get all the information discussed on the George Noory show.

Sharing Emails:

To the Police Chief;

Dear Sir: I am writing you about Dr. Turi. My life has changed for the better since I started listening and learning from Dr. Turi 2 years ago. I first heard him on Coast 2 Coast radio program. From the very first time I heard him something clicked in me. I knew he was sharing and educating us, the masses. He was telling us how it really is. In my soul I knew he was right. Ever since then I have been a VIP member and also read his books and receive Moon Power. I follow Moon Power every day and have educated my family about him. I believe so strongly in what he is doing. I don't make an appointment, a doctors' visit, even my court dates without following him. I have not be let down once. He tells you how to get thru what is coming your way, be it good or bad. There is no flying without making reservations during the new moon or you could be in trouble. I promise you that if you give Dr. Turi a chance and you listen and follow his advice, you will not regret it. What do you have to loose? You have everything to gain. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You and your fellow officers will not regret that this great wise man is in your life. What a blessing and a gift he is to us all. My brother is a former police officer. I know what you go thru on a daily basis. Don't let this gift of Dr. Turi slip by you and your men. You will be amazed how much better your lives will be all around, not just on the job. His educating you and your force will be a blessing to the rest of us also. For a better world and understanding,

DT – Thank you so much Jody, I am so glad you took some of your time to help me and the police, I need more people like you and Cheryl and I am collecting all of them, so please reader I dedicate my self to give you my best every single day, PLEASE take just a little moment from your life for this crucial cause. I am thanking you in advance…once more use dr.turi@cox.net and thank you for doing your part.

Please forward this note to the Police Chief Dr. Turi.

Please take the time to check out Dr. Turi and what he is about. I have been reading his books, VIP newsletter, and personal requests for a number of years now. This man is phenomenal. All you have to do is follow his newsletter for a while and you will understand that he knows what he is talking about. Allow him to lecture and you will gain so much and save lives at the same time. What is there to lose? FYI I am a 70-year-old woman, married, has children, and grandchildren and worked in the Real Estate industry until I retired. I am a very down to earth person, and have had a successful life.

Thank you for your consideration.

DT – Thank you so much Cheryl I am so glad you took some of your time to help me and the police, I need more people to do what you did Cheryl and I am collecting all of them, so please reader I dedicate my self to give you my best every single day, PLEASE take just a little moment from your life for this crucial cause. I am thanking you in advance…once more use dr.turi@cox.net and thank you for doing your part.

So do you think a nuclear device will go off somewhere in the world during Obama's reign? Also, congratulations on your return to coast. I have emailed them a few times and I will be listening. Kudos to Noory for listening to his audience as we listen to him!

Cwwren – az

DT – hello my friend, I can only translate the Cosmic Code and foresee what could happen if ignorance of God' signs keep blinding the President or his advisers…Let's hope for the best…

Holly wrote on your Wall:

"Just in case no-one has told you this lately....thank you for what you do! :)"

DT - Thank you Hun


You mentioning the other day "It is all written in the stars" being me peace. Have to admit I know my will is free, but also much of me is written at the moment of my birth. Before then really. Grace must exist, or I would be dead. I watch so many who never get a second chance. I have 9 lives. I should be dead. My life should be a mess. Universe has saved me over and over and over and over. Despite my ignorance and stupidity, I am alive. Alive and WELL! I am open to the universe. I believe... there is point to me being here. I have fulfilled in ways I don't know already. But still, I feel something ahead. I can feel it. Told God if this is all there is, just kill me. Said, "I want to be more, I want to see more. Want to Experience life, not just live it, want to be of service and thrive doing it (Sur-thriving)" And a few other things that are not so global so not worth mention.

I am still alive, God didn't kill me. :)


DT – Indeed Grace must be because like you I should be dead so many times…In my case for sure my Dragon's Head (luck) in Aries (danger/violent death) did the job!

Blessings my friend.

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I remember the Truthseeker Foundation TV interviews David did with Rappaport. They're pretty good and Jon is a respectful host. He was a bit up his own arse though.:D Maybe he's mellowed with age.