View Full Version : New propulsion units - the z engine

13-01-2009, 02:06 AM
i was speaking to someone the other day, he works in quantum something or other research and is pretty keen in his chosen field, aeronautics and space flight.

He introduced me to the z engine, or at least the concept of it. We were talking, initially, about aliens and space travel and how feasible it was to create a power source or engine capable of traveling great distance such as from one galaxy to the other and I asked if he thought that that was possible.

We discussed it for a while and then he said something that really made me think, he said ‘you know we haven’t really come that far in terms of vehicle travel, even the most advanced engines work on the same basic principle as the sail of a boat. We haven’t evolved that much in terms of travel really. Rockets use the same concept of creating a force that pushes against another force, which is the same concept as a sail uses the wind to propel a ship forwards. One force, the wind, pushes against another force, the sail and movement occurs. The internal combustion engine works exactly like that, one force pushes against another force to propel the pistons up and down and that energy is then transferred to the wheels.’

And I found that pretty amazing. My friend was probably dumbing down his explanation in order for my intellect to keep up, but I can see the point he was getting at.

He asked me if I had ever heard of the z engine, which works on the concept of anti-gravity to create propulsion. I can’t seem to find much on the inmterweb about it, but he was saying that conspiracy theorists in his own field (nuclear science has their own conspiracy theorists?) theorize that NASA are in the final stages of developing an engine capable of zero gravity propulsion. Apparently it is about the size of an aircraft hanger – and this is just the ‘spark plug!’

We also talked about the 'strings of donuts' seen in the American skies and whether they were evidence of the Aurora, and he seemed to suggest that the Aurora was a very real thing and even that the brits had something very similar.

So what do you guys here know about, if anything, the z engine? Not sure if this is the same thing as a zero point engine or not?

And indeed if it is true, what would its uses be? Could it be an evac ship for the illuminati?