View Full Version : would you BELIEVE this topic list on topix foums?

10-08-2008, 03:41 PM
These are all on the first page of discussions.

>>To our awesome american allied soldiers, and veterans
>>[poll]how many people have YOU killed?
>>Proove theres a god
>>[poll]which race do YOU want gone??
>>[poll]Why every american should care about china!
>>The russians are coming!
>>white men need to be deported out of the country!
>>[poll] do you believe in god?
>>american soldiers rock 2
>>why should jesus love me?
>>[poll]do we have the right to be angry at satan and demons?
>>[poll]why do white people not like blacks?
>>get prepared NOW for WAR!
>>bush is a hero
>>keep your KIDS away from the BIBLE!
>>BOMB shelters. do you have one?
>>would jesus give a good rim job?
>>[poll]what does america owe blacks?
>>white people are strange
>>what do you think of jesus christ?
>>attack the christians
>>[poll]why are asians smarter than white people?
>>[poll]who is more evil, men or women?
>>why do white women think us black women are jelous of them?
>>who said blacks arent racist?
>>jehovas' witness are true disciples of jesus
>>[poll]why do most white women prefer black men?
>>blacks and white should not mix
>>why black people hate white people
>>patriots, soldiers, americans.
>>look, its simple, "blacks" should live in africa

it fills me with such dispair to see all of these hate and outright propaganda threads.
i firmly believe alot of the starters of the hate threads are the same people.

all of the "american soldiers rock" type forums, are filled with "girls" chanting all day about how they love "men in combat boots"

theres a forum "was 9/11 a conspiracy" which is filled with shills.
certain names have been posting there for nearly a year, everyday, trying to nullify any truth movement.

then you have the countless racist and religious topics, which, i thought we were over with 30 years ago -_-

10-08-2008, 06:21 PM
utterly disgusting.... I can not believe that people with such ignorance exited..:mad::mad:

10-08-2008, 06:27 PM

i know we should express love and peace and all the other stuff....but man there are some people out there that just need a good kick in the fucking head. Bunch of fuckwits. How long before the global twat brigade wakes up?...man you could hit them over the head with a brick and they still wouldnt bat an eyelid. I had a guy the other day say to me "god bless america!"...jesus christ I just didnt know where to start. I just fucked off without saying anything. Some people are just too far gone.

peace and love ;)

10-08-2008, 08:35 PM
i know, guys, it is so dis heartening.

we've got to remember though that alot of these threads are intentionally created.
and they do not reflect the view of the majority.

however, we all know that the majority are like sheep.

and, when the majority look at a board like this, then they become confused and dissillusioned.

and that is the AIM of a board like this.
to confuse and complicate....... peoples minds.