View Full Version : What electrical gadgets should we buy?

tom bombadil
07-08-2008, 11:12 PM
If the world went ga-ga tomorrow, then which devices could we buy today that would make our lives easyer. The things this thread is about is for home-use stuff and not the workshop.

There is an asumption that you have electricity on a small scale.

I will start the ball rolling with.

1) Light bulbs for the house.

2) Basic DVD player/recorder (more than one as the things might break down)

3) Basic CD player

4) Good quality amplifier

5) Solid state cam-corder

6) Tons of blank DVD's

7) Headphones

8) Speakers

9) Spare wires for all connections

10) All of my music collection put on to CD in a format that can be read by Player

11) A CRT telly-vision. The older type tube tv's will last longer

12) A few LCD tvs, packed away, for later on

13) A wind-up radio

14) A wind-up torch