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10-04-2007, 11:39 PM
The Jesuits, the Vatican, the Black Pope...

Masterminds of 9-11?

No! Don't fall for the deception!


The Vatican is not the mastermind to the world's corruption!

The pilots of the planes who attacked the USS Liberty were Israelis, not Jesuits. Take a look yourself: USSLiberty.org

The "dancing Arabs" on 9-11 turned out to be Israelis with Arab clothing, not Jesuits with Arab clothing.

The "art students" that were picked up after 9-11 were Israeli Jews, not Italian Catholics.

The landlord of the World Trade Center is Jewish, not Catholic, and so are most all of the people pushing the Black Pope nonsense and trying to cover up the demolition of the towers.

The television, newspapers, and magazines that are suppressing evidence of these crimes are Jewish, not Italian or Catholic.

There are lots of reasons to believe Zionists are the problem:

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Don't believe David Icke when he claims that Jesuis are controling the Zionists. It's a lie. Adam Weishaupt (founder of Illuminati) pretended to be a good Catholic and even joined (infiltraded) Jesuit order. He was Jewish and I find that far more significant than him being a former 'Jesuit'. I have yet to see any solid evidence that Jesuits are behind anything at all. On the contrary just about every evil in the last 200 years was orchesteraded by Jewish Zionists.

11-04-2007, 11:26 AM
Dell i am guessing you are simply misinformed rather than malisciously spreading lies about the truth.

Don't believe David Icke when he claims that Jesuis are controling the Zionists. It's a lie. Adam Weishaupt (founder of Illuminati) pretended to be a good Catholic and even joined (infiltraded) Jesuit order. He was Jewish and I find that far more significant than him being a former 'Jesuit'.

Well Adam Weishaupt was actually a professor of Canon Law, a trained Jesuit and lecturer at Ingolstadt University, a Roman Catholic and Jesuit stronghold in Europe in the 18th century, he taught the fundamental basis of Roman Catholic Empire; Canon law.

Weishaupt's father, George, dies. He is turned over to his liberal godfather, Baron Johann Adam Ickstatt (1702-1776), curator of the University of Ingolstadt and a member of the Privy Council. [VS, CG]

While growing up Weishaupt was educated by the Jesuits and was "accorded free range in the private library of his godfather, the boy's questioning spirit was deeply impressed by the brilliant though pretentious works of the French 'philosophers' with which the shelves were plentifully stocked." [VS] He studies law, economics, politics, history and philosophy; voraciously devouring every book which he came across. [VS]

Weishaupt graduates from the University of Ingolstadt. He serves for four years as a tutor and catechist. [VS]

Weishaupt is appointed as professor of civil law at the University of Ingolstadt. [CE]

Pope Clement XIV dissolves the Jesuit Order.

Weishaupt becomes the first layman to occupy the chair of canon law; the prestigious position had been held by a Jesuit for the previous 90 years. [VS, CE]

Weishaupt marries, against the wishes of Ickstatt. [VS]

Weishaupt is promoted to dean of the faculty of law. [VS]

Source (http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Illuminati.htm)

Posting some DBS links to support your anti semitic views is a lost cause my friend, Mr Smyth has again and again been out debated by scholars such as Eric John Phelps, the man may portrey certain zionist peoples as being at the forefront of pushing this agenda, and they may well be but the basis of the evil doctrines we see unfolding are to be found in the Holy ROman Empire, the Roman Catholic heirarchy, S.J and in the pages of History.

11-04-2007, 03:12 PM
as zionism is fraudlent creation drawing on the babylonian talmud, as the state of israel was design of uk(british israel/rothschild)/usa/vatican. then i guess who controls who is matter of debate. the head of the nwo is the vatican, the jesus/sol invictus/mithras antichrist religion is their creation ( constantine, council of nicea), the sects of wahabbi are masonic creations. both zionism and wahabbism are designed to fulfill the role of the last two opposing factions of a global religous war. pike pointed this out in his letter to mazzini. the vatican is the spiritual centre of the nwo. the vatican library has the lost books, the true books of enoch etc. after all what better way to hide evil than to use the supposedly good vatican as its cover, who would expect it to be the hq of the nwo. why do you think the vatican own the temple mount, why do you think the vatican await the rebuilding of the third temple, why do think the vaitican once installed will overturn common/case law and replace everything with canonical law. a return to the dark ages, the vatican at its former apex of control is what they want. a time when printing was banned, and the people were not alllowed to read the bible, martin luther, reformation etc. even the protestant church and catholic church will unite, babylon the mother of all harlots.read the two babylons by alexander hislop, great book.