View Full Version : How the CIA and the US government are making money

08-04-2012, 02:42 AM
As you know, some of the not-so-clear fixed incomes of the US government have been (for years…) the money laundering practiced by the CIA and the DOD (department of defense), everybody knows that! Now and unknown by many the new way they have to get an extra money (really dirty extra money) is with the MCS (mind control system) used in betting scams (games!).

How do they do that? Check out this link:


See the sketch (outline) of the woman, with this kind of technology (used in some countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.) they have the possibility of controlling human (and animal) movements and many things more, actually whatever! Believe it or not the US government is making tons of money using this system in players and animals (horse and dog races) so it is not strange at all that you see a lot of online betting sites as:


Of course, there are so many betting sites that you can not even imagine how big the business is! So remember, when you see your favourite soccer, NBA or poker match you will probably say:

1- What the hell is going on with these guys? They play like shit or in slow motion, what a mountain of mistakes they are making!

2- This poker player is not the same anymore, he is very predictable because the other challenger “always knows his cards”

Due to this be careful with the USA team during the next Olympiads 2012, they are so incredible… scamming people with this waves and virus system,

My best regards, Milton Edy Martorella

Note: if you want google my name and see that I was deported from USA when I had a confrontation with the US security system to control its population.