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31-03-2012, 03:28 AM
Can't wrap my heads around this news broadcast in mainstream headline all over in US now....

Apparently, Mega million has crossed 500 Million dollars and half of Americans are queuing up for tickets...It may not be strange for you..However, I'm from a third world country India, 90% of people here are very poor compared to developed country but even they know lottery is a scam.

I feel sad, mad and funny at the same time :(:mad::D.....Don't they know by this time, its all fake and America is a one big psychotic empire hell bent on destroying your soul..What makes them think Lottery results will not be rigged like everything else in their life...

I can't find a dumber humans than Americans at the moment considering they have everything to wake up now...I could understand, if this came from Africa or poor countries but why would more than half of Americans run after a scam...It should become obvious after you are fooled 10000 times that something is not right...but it seems no matter what we do to wake them up..they become more dumber and sheeps...

I'm sorry for all woke up Americans, I can feel your pain....I don't know what more can you guys do to wake fellow Americans up...I'm 10,000 miles away from you and i woke up after reading you guys information regarding 911, flouride, illuminati, freemason etc etc stuff...


Read it if you don't want to go mad :)..Its the main stream headline news now...

World record $640 million lottery drawing set for Friday night


Americans bet nearly $1.5B to win record jackpot

http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hAmD9uf-ppXqpdys3H0kc1RJmVLA?docId=dd1eb376f3fd4e0783a46cb 3a9faf60a

Mega Millions jackpot swells to $640 million


Mega Millions: 5-hour waits as players flood 'lucky' store


I hope no one in DI forum bought into this scam :D

31-03-2012, 06:49 AM
dude america is being used as the strong arm AND the dumbass petri dish TO set the example for the rest of the world. thats all, its the model for the cabal. its the hollywood center of brainwashing the world. look, mtv culture has reached your country!

hating them is useless. i live amongest them and they are a sad sad bunch. if anything i feel sorry for them. they re well to do and STILL depressed inside.
atleast in poor countries ppl have a nice meal and they have real friends and they go on. over here...psht its garbage man. fucking garbage empty souls.

now there are plenty of good ppl around, thats how i dont go postal, but for the general masses...think walmart. fat sorry and dead already. i try to have compassion for them. i hope some sucker wins it. all they will do is be fucked over by their own friends and drama and drama and then he will jump out of a window high on pricey cocain. ok its not that bad but it really is.

31-03-2012, 06:52 AM
it does however make me think theyre planning this MASS distraction for a something, ah those fucks.

31-03-2012, 07:00 AM
While I dont agree with spending tons of money for lottery tickets each week, I am truly awake to the scams going on BUT people do actually win the lottery, it is not all a scam.

Even in Europe people win, my ex girlfriend won what came to 6000 dollars on a scratch off ticket all because she decided to spend a shilling (back when Austria had schillings) on a ticket. While its better to not spend so much but totally ok to spend a buck now and then.

I am totally poor, virtually on the doll as you call in in the UK but I spend a few bucks each week on a ticket, mostly because I need surgery I cant afford that is not covered by my state insurance and even if I hit the second prize i would have enough for the surgery. But I never spend more than a few dollars a week. As they say You cant win if you dont play.

BUT I know in the next few weeks people are going to be going crazy buying tickets, even people that dont normally buy tickets. Its going to be a feeding frenzy. I hope someone Poor and on state assistance wins.

31-03-2012, 07:08 AM
i never believed in the lottery, mainly cuz i never won :P it doesnt seem that difficult to have a system in place to track every ticket sold, then simply have the program choose a set of numbers that hasnt been issued to a ticket and make the nightly broadcast for the "winning numbers." have a jackpot winner whenever you want, meanwhile people donate dollars and dollars week after week.

my personal opinion aside, the lottery was implemented here in california back in the 80s. one of the big selling points for voters, yup was voted for, was that the money went to education, specifically the public school system and state colleges/universities.

of this fridays 600mil w/e jackpot, 100mil would go to education. this makes up part of the 1.2 billion the govt expects to get in revenue for the year, so its already part of the budget, not a bonus on top of the budget so how much of a dent does this make in our budget for public education, k-12 is roughly 40billion.

ive heard relatively similar numbers here and there, but for reference http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/03/mega-millions-additional-lotto-revenue-aids-education-budgets-.html

31-03-2012, 07:12 AM
i did check the numbers for tonights drawing btw; i do have a set of 'lucky numbers', birthdays and such that if i did play i would pick, i think most ppl play random draws.

thank goodness i didnt win, would prolly shoot myself for not playing.

and to the above poster, scratchers can be a diff story, ive won bits of coin here and there from scratchers, 6k is a nice take for sure, but really a drop in the bucket for the level that people purchase tickets to actually winning a multi state jackpot

31-03-2012, 07:48 AM
So you think the lottery is a scam in a way that they choose who win/manipulate the numbers?

I dont know how it is in America, but here in Germany the lottery pays out 50% of the money spent for tickets. The other 50% goes straight into their pockets. So you can call that a scam. But it is well known. Its like when you go to the casino you know that your expected value playing roulette is negative.

But i dont believe its rigged. They dont manipulate the numbers. they dont even need to. They make legal millions from the lottery every week.

I spend a few euros on tickets when the jackpot is very high. The way i see it is:

when i spent 10€ a month on lottery tickets that has no influence on my life. Having 10€ less a month doesnt change anything in my life.

On the other hand to win 50 million would have a big impact on my life.

I also think a lot of people are playing for the phantasy value. They buy a ticket and then imagine how it would be if they won. What stuff they would buy and so on. Thats fun.

31-03-2012, 08:03 AM
im not really certain if it is or not, got no proof either way, but remember when i was a wee lad someone mentioning how it was run by the 'mob', sort of how vegas came to be.

the first post was just my brain rambling on where if you were to rig the system, it doesnt seem that hard. everyone has to have their tickets purchased by a certain time, they can post results for how many winning combinations almost immediately after, so they know what the winning combinations are, and if you know what the winning combos are, then you know what the winning combos arent :P easy peasy.

and yah, the slogan out here on the west coast is "imagine what a buck could do". its not much, for 1 person, to play one ticket, and have that chance, and if not, oh well better luck next week. but people get crazy and will spend 10s of hundreds of dollars when it gets crazy like this, like they put out special commercials to play within your means and not use your rent or grocery money to buy tickets....so sad

30% or so goes to education, and then from your winnings left over you get taxed i believe about half. so govt takes its chunk as well. scammers :P

31-03-2012, 08:08 AM
heres the breakdown if someone were to win in new jersey

Gross Prize
Lump-sum cash: $462,000,000
- 25% Federal Tax
- $115,500,000

state tax - $49,896,000

Your net payout: $296,604,000

so ya, roughly half :P

btw this was using the lump sum rahter than annual payments orig amnt: 640mil

31-03-2012, 08:16 AM
here it is taxfree at least :)

or i think its the same. in the US they tax ~ 50% of your winning in germany they just take out 50% before.

i see your point but i dont really se the motive to do that. They get risk free legal millions every week without rigging anything. Sure, its good for them if the jackpot gets bigger because more people will buy tickets.

If im informed right the chance to win the mega million is one in 175 million.

With these odds it can easy happen that the pot is growing for a few months. normal variance.

but to give more info for speculation.


Israel's weekly state lottery draw at the weekend drew exactly the same six numbers as the draw 3 weeks earlier – an event statisticians said was a one in four trillion chance.

Three lucky punters, who also correctly guessed the 7th "strong number" each won 666,000, with more than 100 people sharing smaller prizes.

The numbers that rolled out during a live television broadcast were 36, 33, 32, 26, 14, 13, and the additional 'strong' number 2. It didn't take long for some viewers to notice that these numbers were exactly the same as those drawn in the September 21st draw.

Israeli radio station phone-ins were flooded with callers who suspected the draw was rigged.

The allegations were denied by officials from Mifal HaPayis, the national lottery company. "We are in the business of luck, and when it comes to chances and probabilities anything is possible, even the rare and infrequent, like in this case," said Dr Chaim Melamed, the statistics expert for Mifal HaPayis.

Following the remarkable coincidence the machines and coloured balls used in the draw were examined and no irregularities were found. The balls used for the draw are changed on a regular basis and, according to the lottery company, the last change of balls took place between the September 21st draw and the weekend sensation.

Yitzhak Melechson, a professor of statistics at the University of Tel Aviv, said that the incident of six numbers repeating themselves within a month is an event of once in 10,000 years.

31-03-2012, 08:29 AM
^-- extremely hard to believe having the same draw that soon, thats for sure.

but if it isnt rigged, every combination does have the exact same odds as every other combo to be the result, so it is possible.

ill just stick to my table and card games :cool:

31-03-2012, 10:51 AM
The winning numbers were pretty evil in a way.

23 shows up twice and 46 is included.

Even if I won, I would feel tainted knowing what I know now about the number 23. Or would feel obligated to give it all away.

31-03-2012, 03:03 PM
Well I spent my 2 dollars for a ticket, and I still got to check it, tho I know its not a winner.
As for it being a scam hmmmm no not really people do win I won the daily number a few times here and there back 20+ years ago when I played. The problem is when you when you think you can win more so you play more or spend more money.

Also Americans are not evil, we do give to the needy more then any other country, any disaster in the world Americans are right at the front to give money for aid, food, medical supplies. This is a nation of givers while most others just take. Oh and I can't help it the leaders suck at times.


31-03-2012, 03:27 PM
I only got 2 numbers :(



31-03-2012, 03:34 PM
I won 10 on the lottery this week.

31-03-2012, 03:37 PM
I guess thats better than winning 0 right?


31-03-2012, 03:49 PM
the hypocrisy is bewildering,

so many starving yet so much to give away.

31-03-2012, 03:57 PM
I guess thats better than winning 0 right?


it'll buy curry and chips and a coke for three nights :)

31-03-2012, 04:34 PM
I also think a lot of people are playing for the phantasy value. They buy a ticket and then imagine how it would be if they won. What stuff they would buy and so on. Thats fun.

that's what it's all about, just another addiction for many...

31-03-2012, 04:36 PM
The winning numbers were pretty evil in a way.

23 shows up twice and 46 is included.

Even if I won, I would feel tainted knowing what I know now about the number 23. Or would feel obligated to give it all away.

Evil? what?